Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello  So here it is the match-
box project
I think it is so cute.  Right down to the little brad for the drawer handle.  I plan on putting a few treats inside.  On the right you can see it folds flat,  and on the left it pops up for viewing.  Below are a couple more views of this little box.  I'm so proud of how cute it turned out.  I had to guesstimate on the size of everything, but in the end I am one very pleased stamper. 

The little drawer is just the sweetest.. that will soon be filled with the sweet treats.


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Hello Friends☺
My card today is one of my favorite themes.  I love all things cabin  moose and pinetree(ish).   I have often thought it would have been so much fun to have a bed and breakfast lodge with my husband, but things as they are now with me, that just won't happen, at least not yet.  I'm still hoping for a miracle in healing♥

So I used the pine trees from a stampin up set, and the border was one HUGE stamp, that I found online, and being it was a very reasonable deal I just had to get it.  I cut the middle out.  I think next time I might try to put a window frame over it so it appears like you're looking outside, and add some color to the tree bark. 

I like taking pictures of my cards now.  I think it helps me to look at them from a different perspective not just the stamper but the observer. 

Things are a bit gloomy out the window today.  not much activity in the side yard.  Not fun when it rains here in January, we will have to put on the icebugs (shoes)to get around.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016


 Welcome back Friends, Fellow Stampers, and Blog Buddies☺

Makes my heart happy to extend a warm welcome to another new member>Thank you for following my blog♥  

My daughter brought to my attention  that my blog was growing each day  in followers according to the calendar date, so for the past few days, for example: on the 26th of Jan.  I had 26 on the 27th day you guessed it 27.  How extremely cool is that?   What a way to start the year, my gosh just think if it went like this all the way to the end of the year.  What an amazing Blessing.. I truly couldn't believe it when #29 joined last evening.. My heart did a leap for joy.  Now today I'm looking for #30.. who will be 30.. haha.. I sound like an auctioneer.  anyways I just wanted to share that sweet story with ya all
I have 3 cards today.   The first one features the "lone" pine tree.  I like the layout of this card, however you'll notice the little brads are uneven.. gives it a bit of character.   Can't go wrong with character. 

Next we have the little camper, I tried to practice coloring again.  I had a cute sentiment that said "getting Hitched"  but didn't have a need to use that yet.. so pulled out the cool digs.   A few things about this card. At first glance I was going to turn it into a Packer camper in support of the football team, but I opted to be more neutral, so everybody could appreciate it.  also I must add how much I truly enjoy that little brad.  I think it ties it all together nicely.

And lastly we have the old fashioned wood stove.  I like the background. I used an embossing folder to give it that weaved basket look.  My Big Grandma had a wood burning stove like this and when I was a child I use to love to lift the plates to look in on the fire.  I remember fondly how cozy and peaceful it always felt in her home.  Another thing at Big Grandma's home was the "party line" phone, omgosh, being a city kid I had no idea people had to share a phone line, you'd pick it up and someone was already talking on the other end, and being a child, you know it.  I listened in a time or two.  Until the grown ups caught me, they put an end to my little eavesdropping and in a not pleasant way.  Lesson learned, but memory stored.  haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and walking down memory lane with me.  
Do you buy stamps for memory sake?
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*After a night's rest and some time pondering my blog,  I wanted to add this little note:  Please know that I don't think of you as numbers on my blog, even if I have only one person following I am humbled and grateful that you care enough to let me show you my cards.  THANK YOU.
I wanted to clear that up, since I noticed someone decided to un-follow me, and that's perfectly ok.  I just don't want my friends thinking I think of them as nothing more then a "blog number" because that is not true.  I shall do my best to talk only of cards and things.. no more "statistics" 
Hugs and Stamping Smiles to you all☺

Friday, January 29, 2016


Hello Friends, fellow Stampers, and Blog Buddies ☺

Makes my heart happy to extend a warm welcome to another new member>Thank you for following my blog 

I really do check it  each day, I don't want to say each hour. that might sound a bit obsessive.  haha.   but it's true.  So it's an awesome surprise when I find a new friend following my blog.  I do a little happy dance in my head.  Let out a hip hip hooray of excitement, which scares the dog, and then finally I calm down.  So you see it does matter to me.  Like I always tell my family, it's the small things in life that matter the most. 

Onward to the cards.  today's I made this little purple one ↑ above,  because I was thinking of my daughter.   Sometimes the kids just need to hear that mama cares and loves them even when they are all grown up and moved out on their own.  I really like the placement of the brads on this card.  I came across this sketch design and though it was fabulous, so I gave it a shot , a little trial and error along the way, since the ruler and I are not friends.

The Valentine card here to the right, 
was also another sketch design I found. 
 I like it as well.  I did a bit of coloring again, trying to get better, but I've decided I need to wear glasses or something
(that's my excusefor poor coloring skills. 

I sure do appreciate you stopping by.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016


A warm welcome to you fellow Stampers and Blog Buddies☺

I have another card today, you see I posted one earlier for a sketch challenge, but this one has a story.   
Notice the background is rippled.  Well it reminds me of an old washboard.  Then that took me on a rabbit trail of ideas, down a path of how difficult days gone by were for people, and how grateful I am to be living in such a time as this.  Thinking of the gals washing clothes like that had me thinking golly these girls rocked. and hence, you have the cute little sentiment."chicks rule"  I can just imagine  these darling little feathered friends rustling around at the women's feet as 
they worked/washed the laundry. 

 So in keeping with my all important feather friend theme.. I thought I'd post a picture of a lone little birdie taking a break at the feeder.

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Welcome fellow stampers and Blog Buddies☺  
Today I made a card for the challenge at:
I tried to stick as close as possible to the design sketch.  However you will note my little sunny face button didn't fit on the top left hand side.  All because I didn't plan ahead and stamp the image lower.  Shucks.  oh well it works lovely at the bottom as well.   And one more thing~ I really believe a picture is worth a thousand words.. haha. because literally the one word in my picture didn't have a "complete" stamped image~Can you find it? 
                             of course leave it to me to post it like this. 
 Well at least we can "pencil/marker" that in before sending it out.

Thank you for stopping by.

 I have another card I want to share.. just didn't want to post it in  same space as the challenge card.  Not sure if that matters in the rules and all. So you'll have to pop back over here to see it.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies and Fellow Card Creators.☺

Makes my heart happy to extend a warm welcome to another new member>Thank you for following my blog

Today's card features none other then the hermit crab.  Now I know some might not think they are so cute, but truly they are hilarious and have such personality.  My kids each had a few of these little shelled friends, we were fond of them. 

My first attempt at this card:  I had the little shell all decked out with brads, sequins etc. but I realized I way over did it so I stamped another image and cut it out and there you have it.  just 2 little sequins in the corner and a bit of twine. 

I also wanted to share another little "project" I was working on.  My dear friend stopped by with our  new Bible study books, and we have this little notebook that is to be our prayer journal.  We were to decorate it, personalize it. .and that is exactly what I did. 
what crafty gal don't love the opportunity to accessorize it with all sorts of embellishments and stamped images☺

 Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Hope you will come back again soon.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Welcome back Blog Buddies☺
Here are a few random cards I made today.    The first purple one on the left, was inspired by Valentine's day.  The other purple one was inspired by something I saw on pinterst.. and then just put my own little spin on it.   Now the middle one is extremely bright, This card stock came with a pack I purchased, and I had no idea what I'd do with it, being it is so intense, but it turned out lovely.  I must confess January Birthdays are hard for me to remember.  I'm not sure why.  I have a little Birthday date book, but  apparently I don't look at in in January, so that is why I'm so thankful for this "belated" birthday sentiment.    I ended up cutting out those little presents and embossing them for some detail.
I am pleased how they turned out.

We also got a few more inches of snow.. and  I thought I'd share a picture of that too.  Now I know why my little fur friends were all busy yesterday.. they were getting ready for the snow.  Well at least that's what I think.  

As you can see in the picture.  I'm truly blessed with a nice yard/privacy fence but if you look closely you will see we live next to a snowmobile junk yard, a train yard, 4 lanes of traffic and an excavating business just beyond that fence, .  But... all is peaceful in the side yard, just not quiet. haha

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Hello Blog Buddies☺
Tis me again, I entered a challenge at: Jingle Belles where we are to make a card with a Christmas tree.. so here is mine.  I used a couple embossing folders, and a die.  Punched out some mini little trees to glue on the top with the twine.  and Golly Gee I found the perfect place for the cute mini clothes pin and can you believe it had a tree.
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Hello Blog Buddies☺  
Today I decided to play along with the one layer card challenge at: Merry Monday.  I used two stamped images and just did a bit of coloring, added a wee bit of glitter to the card, my desk and of course all over myself.. ahh.. *sigh.. the joys of working with the sparkle glitter.. I shall be sporting glitter all day now.  

 I put it in front of my little fence panel, but decided to get another picture for a  closer look

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Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies☺
I was busy making a few Valentine's Day cards. Nothing to spectacular, but nevertheless made with Lve.
I used an older stampin up set and then the sheltering tree set for the middle card,  the last card on the right was only punches and an embossing folder.  
I didn't have much "traffic" on the blog today,  I wonder if that happens to other people too.  Perhaps it's because it's Monday and everybody is back to work.  I think I'm taking this blog a bit to serious. I will just keep stamping and posting pictures and try a few challenges here and there along the way.  That might help.

Check this out.  I got both squirrels racing up the tree to their nest this morning..  Golly gee these little fellas were active.. all 5 of them were out and about chasing through the side yard.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Stop by again please.

I want to warmly welcome a new member who is
 following my blog and thank her for choosing to do so.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies☺
Today I have a few projects to share with you all.  
I also have a few little questions for you too.  
First let me start by saying please don't be upset with my poor grammar skills.  I just type what's on my mind and really pay no attention to the grammar.. so I ask you bear with me.  Thank You.   Also, I address you dear friends in the blog community as my "blog Buddies"  does that upset you?   Please know I mean it in a very endearing way.  

So onto the projects for today.  The first card today was so simple and turned out lovely.  I really can't believe how beautifully it all worked out.  That is just a single stamp that I had bought from the local craft store, I loved the sentiment, and I think it works well for this card.

Next are two Valentine's day cards.  I Like the one on the right best, just looks a bit more finished to me.  I used two punches to create that cute heart background

         To finish up today I made a cute candy box for  a "sweet" Valentine

Do you like the background in the pictures?  or 
Do you think I should just keep it simple white?
Thank you for stopping by. 
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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies ☺
Well here it is my project: The card case.  I made this for a friend, and also made a few cards for the inside too.    I think it turned out so cute.  I have a difficult time with measurements so just the fact I accomplished this is a HUGE deal for me.  I came across the template on where else.. you guessed it  pinterest.  and thought how awesome to give a stack of homemade cards as a gift  in a customized stamped little box too.  
So I wanted to share a few of the pictures.

Here we have the ribbon opening.. the woman on pinterest used a belly band.  I think that's what they call it.. but I thought a ribbon was handy.

On the left is the spine of the folder pocket box, I thought the sentiment I chose worked well here.                                                                                                                                                                                          
Next up is the whole folder opened with the inside pockets facing down so you could see the outside of the entire project.

I will group these two pictures together.. they show the inside of the box and the cards.

Overall, I think it turned out super sweet and all that work of trying to measure and stamping paid off .  I can't wait to give it as a gift. 

I also wanted to share some pictures of the tracks on my side yard.. my goodness those little critters have been busy, because those aren't HP tracks.. haha

Also, I captured another picture of my feathered friends. at the feeder.  and can you believe it she turned her back on me.. haha.. well at least that's what this one picture reminded me of.  

  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey in blog land, and for listening to me go on and on,  about things.  You Blog Buddies are the best

☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Friday, January 22, 2016


 Hello Blog Buddies☺
I was going to enter this card in the contest again.. but I just didn't think it was that "grand" and plus, even though they say you can enter as many times as you like I don't want to push my limit.     I used a stampin up set with coordinating punch, and added a few brads to make it sparkle and give it some character.  I also used an embossing folder for the background, much less extravagant then my card from yesterday.. if you didn't get a chance to see that you'll have to look back and take a peak.  I can't wait to post my blog for tomorrow.  I was working on the project all morning.   It's going to be so awesome, I hope you come back and check it out.  You don't want to miss it.

I couldn't decide what picture turned out best so I posted both here today (again)→

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies ☺
I have really been busy creating different cards with the design sketch at:

There is just so many possibilities.  So instead of sticking to the exact sketch with the circles I chose to try a few different shapes but the same layout.                  I think it turned out "lovely". It is helping me get a start on my valentines. 
When I step back and look at my card it seems a bit busy, but over all I'm pleased with the finished product.  I love adding the  embellishments to it, but those shiny little glitter specks are slippery as can be, make no doubt about it. I now have them everywhere.. after I first spilled them, then tried to clean them up and spilled them again. *sigh  it's so much fun (forgot to mention all the glue on my fingers) always very helpful while cleaning up glittery things. 

Well, the side yard is quiet today folks.. only one lonely little bird resting on the feeder, but she did pose nicely for her picture.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺