Saturday, January 2, 2016


Here's a little pick ya up coffee to perk you up☺   So funny to me because I'm absolutely not a coffee drinker.  It's hot chocolate or tea (which is a learning acquired taste for me) but with enough stevia in it.  It's manageable.. I almost feel like an adult then.  You know it's what I'm aiming for.  

So on to the card:  I used an embossing folder for the background and then this cute little stamp set from a.muse  it came with a die  and as you can see I'm still learning how to die cut straight on the stamped image.  I don't have a magnetic board so I tape the dies to the paper, but they never stay in place.. I've even tried cutting first and then stamping.. any helpful advice would be much appreciated in this matter.  Oh.. I almost forgot about the cute little brad heart.  Notice how the red shiny paper behind the sentiment looks different I let it be.. but it's the same paper on the mug.. I just put it in in an embossing folder to give it a more textured look.  Hope you have a great day.

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  1. Now I'm intrigued PJ - what is stevia? I drink tea most of the time and my hubby only drinks green tea. Now that takes some getting used to !!!

    With regards to die cutting your stamped images I tape mine down too but find you just have to be very careful putting on the top plate as that's when it can move if you're not careful. Barbxx

    1. thank you for the great advice with the dies☺ Stevia is a sugar substitute .. all natural and nothing else added it to it but a little fiber.. I really like it.. it's intensely sweet so a little goes a long way :) I like it better then the other products out there.. a lot of those actually have a sugar in them.. so you have to watch that carefully if you're a diabetic.. any ways. .no expert on the stuff. Just enjoy it.


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