Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies☺
I was busy making a few Valentine's Day cards. Nothing to spectacular, but nevertheless made with Lve.
I used an older stampin up set and then the sheltering tree set for the middle card,  the last card on the right was only punches and an embossing folder.  
I didn't have much "traffic" on the blog today,  I wonder if that happens to other people too.  Perhaps it's because it's Monday and everybody is back to work.  I think I'm taking this blog a bit to serious. I will just keep stamping and posting pictures and try a few challenges here and there along the way.  That might help.

Check this out.  I got both squirrels racing up the tree to their nest this morning..  Golly gee these little fellas were active.. all 5 of them were out and about chasing through the side yard.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Stop by again please.

I want to warmly welcome a new member who is
 following my blog and thank her for choosing to do so.

☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺


  1. Hi PJ, sorry to be late visiting life's been taking over. Your three Valentine cards are lovely. I particularly like the middle one with the little hearts on the tree.

    Goodness you are feeding a family of five squirrels! I get two visit but don't thin they are related as they come from different directions and don't seem to like each other very much. Barbxx

  2. It's ok Barb, You're so sweet to apologize for a "late" visit. I'm just thrilled that you come by my blog, I look forward to it everyday(no pressure) The middle one is my favorite too. And yes my little squirrel family is quite an unusual bunch.. We have a black walnut tree in our yard.. the LOVE that.. I think that's the main reason they are here.. we have tons of rabbits too, hawks, eagles. for living where we do.. it's really amazing.


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