Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RRCB52~Christmas Truck

They have a delightful sketch challenge over at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  I hope you all get a chance to play along. I love seeing what others come up with.  I especially like this blog because it challenges us to use our older stamp sets.  So it's fun to bring out the favorites again.
Today, I used my Loads of Love Stampin up set from 2004.  I had some sparkly green paper left over and thought it would make a nice back drop with the green foil trees.  I was pretending the little man and woman in the truck are my husband and myself delivering gifts to our kids for Christmas.. oh how my imagination can "drive" me crazy.  πŸ˜‰ Did you notice the tires are stuck in the snow?  I couldn't choose what picture looked best.  So I put both in for the viewing. Thank you so much for visiting with me today.  I look forward to you stopping back.  I'd love to have you follow my blog,   that just really makes a gal happy.  

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Monday, November 28, 2016

SSC140 SKETCH TIME~Snowglobe

 I had one of those nights (again) where the pain wakes  a gal up, so I decided to put it to good use and make another card for the challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog . I had to post both pictures in hopes you could see the glitter background paper in one or the other.πŸ˜‰  It also felt like I needed a sentiment, so hence the add on there.   I used some mica flakes from stampin up for the inside of the snow globe, and a bit of glitter, not the wisest choice when you're tired.. I ended up with glitter everywhere including my eyes.  The stamp set is from mama elephant~Believe in Magic.   I have always been fascinated with snow globes and had quite a collection, but life has a way of saying to "much"  so I sold a few to which I now regret, ugh.    I wasn't sure if the bold red Christmas would be to much, but in the end I'm glad I went with some color.  I also like the sparkly twine around the base of the globe.  It brings all that glitter together marvelously.  

I wanted to share a picture of the other advent tree I made.  The first one on the right hand side I blogged about.. the other I made quite quickly and strayed away from the design.. My daughter liked it better.  She said it looks like a bunch of little Christmas presents.    Any ways the kids each have one now and it's fully loaded with candy for them. 
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Challenge #221 - Anything Goes~Winter Wonderland

 I'm not sure how I came across this lovely blog challenge, but when I found it, I new I wanted to give it a try.  It's my first time here at: Addicted to Stamps.  I mean the name alone sounds like my life.  haha.. any ways anything goes is the name of the game.. so here it is.  A delightful moose scene.. ice skates and all in this winter wonderland.  I thought the background plaid fit my little lumberjack moose perfectly.  A few flecks of snow flake glitter for some sparkle around the pond of ice.. and my very last silver snowflake brad to tie it all together.  
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Saturday, November 26, 2016


 When you're completely stressed out, and the inlaws are coming over for dinner and call to say they are a 30 minutes away.. what better time to get out some card stock and stamps.  I really needed to de-stress a bit, and cool my jets so to speak.  So I made a card for the sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog I just looked at it again and immediately thought Santa belt.  I think it turned out lovely with that shiny red card stock and glitter buckle.  I used my new sentiment  from  Sweet and Sassy Born This Day set.  I really love all the sentiments in this little package.    I also took a picture with the flash and thought if looked like velvety fur.. so had to share that snap shot too.   
I suppose I better give my dinner some attention.. don't want it burned or cold.  
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016



Monday, November 21, 2016

SSC140~Woodsy Christmas

Welcome to my take on the sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog  I started with a completely different idea, I wanted use my little cabin in the woods🌲 stamp, but I honestly don't know how to add color to it, besides just the one that I ink it up with.  I wish I was a seasoned stamper and knew the tricks of the trade.  Any ways switched my idea and went with this cute little Santa fox in the woods, so sticking to that theme, I was so happy to use my new little mini mason jar card holder.(it has a cute snow covered pine in the jar)   Although if you note the red glitter paper got a little boo boo on it, because of the card holder, so had to clip it on the inside.   
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There is a wonderfully fun  challenge at: Mojo Monday Blog.   ❆When I first saw the sketch, I immediately thought of Christmas for some reason, and I knew that's the direction I would head with it.    I used a little individual snowman stamp that I had purchased years ago, and the sentiment is from sweet -n- sassy.  I think it turned out cute. Not the traditional Christmas colors, but I do like purples and grays together.   Hope you like it too.
I'll probably get a lot of stamping done today, since the cold weather hit the pain intensified so I'll be indoors a bit more.  Thank Goodness for stamps and friends like YOU. 
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Do you ever just get in a stamping mode?  My desk turned into a paper mountain and scraps all over the floor, and I just kept plowing through it making these delightful cards. πŸŽ„  I mean seriously inky fingers and smudges.. I really should keep a box of handy wipes near by.   These cards are an odd size because I wanted to make cards to fit the abundance of long envelopes  I have collected over the years from when we use to do family pictures.  So that is why I came up with the one sided card.  Just a front no inside.   I plan on mailing these anonymously to people in our phone book this Christmas season.  I hope it will brighten their day.   

Looks like I lost a blog follower today, makes my πŸ’”heart sad,😒 but I understand there are so many amazing and creative blogs to follow.  I wish them wellness and happiness.   God Bless. 
But, it reminds me also how grateful I am to all of you who stick with me.  Thank you.
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

HSS Sketch Challenge #251~Merry Christmas Owl

When I saw the sketch challenge at: Hand Stamped Sentiments Blog I knew I wanted to play along.πŸ™‚ 

I used some designer paper for the background that I embossed with a diagonal stripe.  I chose the Cozy Critters, and Flurry of Wishes stampin up sets.  For the owl hat I used a Lawn Fawn stamp.    It came together quickly.  I like the sparkly green paper behind the branch.  

In sticking with birds I thought I'd share a picture of my feathered friends playing in the snow.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pretty Pine

This card is just way to many stripes for me.  In fact this is the second take on it.   I finally just decided to leave it as is.   I was so excited to have an oval die.  I see many projects with such a design but always had to improvise.  So feeling very blessed to have these, I hear they are on back order now.  phew.. I got them.   Not sure I should of added sequins to the tree along with little pearls, it's a bit much, sometimes I have such a hard time with less is more,, and also with patterned paper.  But nevertheless there it is.   
I also wanted to share a picture of this little birdie enjoying his popcorn treat.  I had the wonderful opportunity to get a picture of a blue jay, but by the time I got my camera he flew away.  Maybe next time. 
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Jingle Bells

Hope you're all having a fabulous day.   I'm enjoying this very unlikely weather we are having here in WI.  However, I did hear this weekend it will be changing as they predict snow⛄ in our future.   Drats.. right when I was getting use to be spoiled with dry pavement and not having to wear heavy clothes or boots.
Any ways, still stamping some Christmas cards here. I came up with this simple design.  I like how the sequins make things sparkle.
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Mazel Tov ~Good Things

 πŸŒ»Well I don't think I can ever top my last card.  However, as grand as I thought it was, it did not get nominated for the challenge pick.  I congratulate all the winners.  They did a fabulous job.  I'm ok with the results.  Just reminds me of school how as a student you study so hard and still fail the quiz.  That's how this last challenge felt for me for some reason.  I pulled out all I had.  Perhaps it was too much. Anyways trying to come back from that slump is a bit difficult.🐹

I made this card for my hubby today.  We are not Jewish, but we have been saying this since we saw a movie where they used this phrase.  In the movie it says it means.. "good things"  looking it up however it is more of a wedding congratulations.. any ways.  just made it so my guy would smile, and he did.  We've had a rough few days and this was just what the doctor ordered, that and a pizza. πŸ• I had and interesting time trying to take pictures today, the sun was just not cooperating with me,  so I had to prop my card on top of my boards for picture taking in hopes the shadows wouldn't show. 

Speaking of pictures I captured a rather spooky picture of the moon the other night.  I don't know how that happened.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Merry Monday #221 {Outdoor Fun!} ~Snowman

 This card took quite some time in the making.  My fingers were just not cooperating at all.  Perhaps because it's a snow scene they thought they were frozen.  Any ways this is definitely a labor of love for the challenge at:  Merry Monday Christmas Blog.  I also used a few different stamp sets mixing some old with the new, same with the dies. I  came across a cute winter scene on the pinterest board, and thought I should try something like this, it fits in well with the challenge.  When I think of snowmen, I think of kids and family, and the fun a family has building a man of snow, not to mention the snowball fights while constructing the masterpiece.  I think making cards is kind of like that too.   You start with a blank piece of paper like the fresh snow, and you build up from there.  The finished project might not be exactly what you had anticipated but it's yours and you made it.  So to all the snowmen builders and card makers let's carry on our creativity.   

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MOJO473~Winter Birthday

 I made another card for this great sketch challenge at: Mojo Monday Blog.  

I used the stampin up sets: It's a Celebration and Cozy Critters.   I also used the bow punch and an embossing folder.  I thought this would make a great winter Birthday card.  I always enjoy the googly eyes on the owls and other little critters that I stamp, just seems to bring them to life.  I couldn't decide which picture looked the best so as common to my indecisiveness I chose both☺  

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Monday, November 7, 2016

MOJO473.~ Happy New Year

Oh goodness, I was so excited to play with this stamp set.  I'm like a little kid on Christmas.  I love getting packages, especially stamps and books.  So today I put my new set to work for this challenge at: Mojo Monday Blog.   I used the Stampin Up set called It's a Celebration, and a punch also from stamping up, not sure the name, even though it was a flower punch I think it worked out lovely for a fireworks display here.  I really like how the glitter makes everything pop.  I used some sparkly twine to wrap around the card on the bottom.   This was a super fun sketch to work with.  
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I am enjoying this warmer then usual weather we are having here in WI.   Can you believe the temps.. 60's and sunny for Nov. 7th.  That's super grand ☺
It might not feel like Christmas winter weather outside but I'm stamping a few Holiday cards any ways.  Otherwise they won't get done.    I used stampin up images for this card, and mixed a few sets together.  
The next picture is of my little friend eating his bread for breakfast.  I think he is so cute how he holds it.  
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Festive Trees

This card showcases some of that new designer paper I purchased from target.   Plus some washi tape they sell there too.  I used Stampin up images and punches.  I really like how well put together it looks.
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Here is the cute little Santa matchbox I made.  I think it turned out super cute. 

 This of course was a trial run, so there needs to be some adjusting as to make the little white dots line up perfectly, and also to center Santa's buckle on the belt.  But for a first time run through I am very pleased.  I made it originally to hold candy and then I thought well gosh you could make an ornament out of it by adding a little scene on the inside..that was bit tricky to get everything to stay put.  But I think it turned out cute.  Another idea would be to recycle the store bought Christmas cards I receive and put that in the box for a background.  I think that would look lovely as well.    I was thinking about offering this as a class project to a few of my friends in the area.  I've not ever done that before.  Perhaps starting out with a card would be easier. 

What are your thoughts.
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Christmas Stockings

Well, I've been busy in the porch stamping away my days.  I couldn't wait to try out this set that I purchased off of ebay.  It's an older stampin up set with a matching punch.  I  usually don't  purchase designer paper because it's expensive, but the other day at target with my daughter, we spotted this deal in the dollar section: a pack of cute Christmas designer paper for 3 dollars.  I was so excited.  So I knew I wanted to give it a shot with these cute stockings.  Hope you are all doing well.  I can't believe it's already Nov. 7th.  Goodness gracious time is speeding up on me the closer we get to Christmas.  I really should keep making Christmas cards all year long.  
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Nail Art

 I think this card turned out fabulously.  There is no stamping involved, it is merely embossed. I just love the polished look it has. 
I also thought how fitting to celebrate your blessings as the card says. 

So with that, I would like to say how blessed we are by our children, without a doubt they are amazing people, with super special talents.  They both have a stunning ability in art.  As you can see in this picture my daughter is a nail artist. and yes those are her own beautiful nails and she does all the designs herself with brushes.   Our son is also an artist.  We have the kids work throughtout the whole house.  I think that's what makes it a home.

Hope you take a moment to celebrate your blessings.  
Thank you so much for stopping by.  
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Thanksgiving Sunrise

On this particular card the bronze paper which is embossed is then cut in half, giving me room to  stamp the bottom of the card with the fall tree image.  I also added some color by sponging a bit around the trees and ground.  I  scattered a few punched leaves to give 
it a bit more character.

 What do you think of this glorious sunrise?  Gosh I think it's just breathtaking.  I love mornings the peacefulness, the newness of a fresh start, the hope it offers. Drinking in the morning sunrise is like getting a cupful of grace. Undeserved and unlimited.  It abounds with gusto and promises as we anticipate what the day will entail.. I hope that you are blessed by the beauty and awe. 
As am I ☺

Thank you so much for spending sometime with me here at my blog. 
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

Thankful card and Ribbon Tubes

I think this card turned out lovely with it's crisp clean look.  The ribbon is not exactly straight, but  it is still charming.  

Talking about ribbon I have a little box full of scraps that drive me crazy, they get all knotted up.  So one day I thought why not recycle toilet paper tubes by using them to help keep my ribbon organized.  I had to share a few pictures of that too.

First is a picture of the wonderful ribbon boxes that help keep it organized while on their wheels.

This is what the mess looked like while I was in the midst of organizing. 

See how nicely it works for those scraps of ribbons. Love that they are a bit more tidy now. 
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Wooden Pumpkins

I found these delightful wooden pumpkins at the Michael's store and thought they were adorable. I knew right away they would look darling on a card.  Warning: I have a whole bag full, so I'm sure you will see many more cards with these cute little pumpkins. haha.
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NEW URL ADDRESS and Fall Cards

Well, you might all have known by now, that I changed my URL for my blog.  I had no idea the confusion this would cause me.  I have been noticing other bloggers match their blog name (title), so that is what I wanted to do too.  That way it would be one name for everything.   However, I entered a few challenges along the way and after I switched the URL. .it wouldn't let the judges get to my site.  grrrr~ so I kept the old URL to help redirect.  Not sure that worked but anyways I tried.  So now it looks like I have two blogs, but I don't.  The reason I started the victoryfirst blog was quite personal and I think I made 2 or 3 posts on it before discontinuing it, but it gave me a change to respond to other bloggers.  So in Oct. 2015 when I decided to start the card blog, I just went off of that old victoryfirst URL.. but after a year and a bit wiser I thought it best to change.  I hope I didn't lose any followers/friends in this process.   
Sorry for such a long story just wanted to keep ya updated.  

These are a few of the fall cards I've been working on for Thanksgiving.      
Thank you for spending time with me.  
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