Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This card I made for my son, who had surgery last week.  He shattered the bone in his hand and had to have pins put in it.  He is doing well.  It's just hard for him to take it easy,  He is a BMX bike rider that does the fancy tricks/stunts and such.  It's dangerous.. so we pray a lot, but he loves it, and we're so proud of him.   He grew up loving trains too.. and so fitting since we've always lived by the tracks and in this case train yard now.. any ways.. this little shirt I made for him I even tried to tie dye it the way he would like it.. I wish I could get one made for real for him.  He said he loved the card.  Also He got it today on the 19th.. which is symbolic to us because his birthday is the 19th of Sept.  and my kids like their dates.. so sweet.  
Thank you so much for visiting today.  
Keep Smiling 😊 Keep Stamping


  1. I'm so gla your son is doing better. Such a great card!! I'm sure he will love it! The train is so fitting for him as well!

  2. What a great and very appropriate card for your son PJ. I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. Having a hand injury must be very difficult. Barbxx


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