Tuesday, October 30, 2018

CTS #295 Cupcake Party Birthday Backgrounds, Stampin Up

 Today I made this card for the challenge at:
I worked all day yesterday on a few cards for a customer from my etsy shop.   It was a joy to do so, because they are Christmas cards, my favorite to make, but it turns out she must have changed her mind.  Drats.   Oh well I will just add them to the collection I already have in the shop and hope for the best. 
So today I thought it is time for a challenge, and what a delightful sketch.

The two stamp sets featured in this card today are:
Stampin Up: Cupcake Party
Stampin Up: Birthday Backgrounds

I really painted on the clear wink of stella for the frosting on the cupcake, but no matter what angle I tried, it just doesn't show up well in the picture.  

Here are a few pictures of our floor in the bedroom.  YIKES❕  Always more surprises with this project.  Our patience is wearing as thin as our budget with this contractor.   Praying it gets done by Thanksgiving, that will be a miracle indeed.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

#tgifc183 Product Spotlight 1998 Stampin UP Lighthouse

 Happy Saturday afternoon.   I had such a lovely day yesterday, I felt a bit refreshed after all this house drama.  It was good to get out and get away.  We even went to a free zoo, however we didn't stay to long because I forgot my walking sticks, but it was still lovely, and I was able to sit and rest a bit too.  I will share a few pictures.   Surprisingly the animals were enjoying the cool temps, and quite active which was a lot of fun to watch.  

I made this card for the challenge at: TGIF   
I used an older stampin up set (1998) that I just bought called Lighthouse.   I really purchased it for the cute little boat (not on this card) and the seagull on the post, which is on the inside of this card.   
I pulled out my washi tape anchors and added it to the top and bottom and then tied it together with some lovely twine to match.   I really like that I embossed the background, just gives the card a bit of depth.  

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog.  I'm still not receiving email notifications from my blog.  *ugh.   But please know how much I appreciate you all, and I scroll down and look for new comments almost daily.  


🦁🐯Now for the pictures of my zoo trip yesterday🐻🐫

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Challenge #295 - Sketch Pressed Flowers, Wishing you Well Stampin UP

 I wanted to make one more card to submit to the challenge at: CAS Colours & Sketches
It's such a fabulous design, and so much fun to work with.  This time I went with more of a fall theme.   I stamped the horizontal lines with an image from Pressed Flowers from stampin up.  I chose to stamp it in two different colors to help highlight the orange in the rest of the card.  The wreath, bow, flowers, and sentiment are from a Stampin up set called Wishing you well.  I'm very pleased I purchased this set.  I LOVE that bow.  
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*By the Way.. My comments are still not working from blogger again, (sigh)  I have more problems with this and my emails then the average person,  I guess that makes me odd.  If anyone knows any helpful hints please let me know.  I try to go back to my blog and check my comments.. but it's difficult when days turn into weeks and I post everyday (or at least try to) So sorry if I have missed your comment.  Perhaps the best way to let me know is in the contact form in the right hand column.  Thank you kindly. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Challenge #295 - Sketch Winter Woods, Holly Berry Happiness, Tags & Trimmings Stamping up

 Well, I'm here today folks, so that's a blessing.  I'm trying to count my blessings and not my trials today, namely this house project.  So I'm not going to say to much about this dreary home renovation, except I will have an expert come in and check out the contractor's duct work, because it's not acceptable.    You can see pictures and such in my previous posts.  
Let's get to the card.  That's happy stuff to talk about.   I made this card for the challenge at: 

This is such a fabulous sketch to work with.  So many possibilities.  I went with a Christmas scene because I love making Christmas cards and listening to Christmas music, puts me in a happy mood.    I stamped the snowflakes on the blue and then began layering, I used some sparkly washi tape for my horizontal stripes and then stamped the trees and sponged over some white ink to give a snowy look, adding some wink of stella for extra glimmer.  
The stamp sets featured in today's card are:
Stampin Up: Winter Woods
Stamping Up: Holly Berry Happiness
Stampin Up: Tags & Trimmings

Now that I said how much I LOVE making Christmas cards, I have an idea for a thanksgiving one I'd like to try with this sketch too.  It's just such an easy design to work with.  That's AWESOME.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sketch #287~Close To My Heart, Many Thanks, Autumn Leaves

 Today I made this Autumn card for the challenge at:
I used a  set from close to my heart called Many Thanks.   It has such lovely whimsical leaves, and I love the font of the sentiment.   I also am loving the new stampin up corrugated embossing folder which is what I used for the background paper.    Well there is a lot of LOVE in that paragraph up there.  Cracks me up how I write, my brain and my fingers each have a mind of their own, hence nothing comes out like it should in my typing.  Any ways that's my card for today.  

*The Home Project:  Our heat registers.   Oh my gosh it's just one thing after another with this contractor.  So to get you up to speed, they had to put a huge beam in our basement because the floors where sinking and we are trying to level them.. which means when they jacked up the house with this beam, much plaster, dry wall and crown molding were cracked, (insert tears)  well now they put the beam right under my heat duct.  GRRRRR.. so the jerk says to me well perhaps you can rearrange your furniture to adapt to airflow.  OMGOSH>> that's just crazy.  So that big shell is what was in the wall, now he has a smashed tube coming up and can't fit the shell back in the wall.  That register heats two rooms.  It's an old home and that's how they did it, well contractor man says we may just not get heat in one of the rooms.. what is wrong with this man?   So many tears over this project, and it's all for me because of my legs/back.  So I would have level floors to walk on, but in the process this contractor has destroyed our home😞

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Monday, October 22, 2018

SSC190 FRAME IT~Candy Cane Season Stampin Up

 I made this card for the challenge at: Sunday Stamps
Another delightful bow in this stampin up set called candy cane season.  I Love the bows.  I went a bit crazy with layers on here.  I just couldn't seem to stop myself.   I found some lovely candy cane paper in my stash, then I used my new corrugated embossing folder for the white piece of paper, then I just starting building up and up.  I added a few different elements, the twine on the side panel, then the window box I turned that into a shaker card filled with red little sparkle sequins.  Then finally the candy cane and of course a pearl to top of that bow.  
It's a bit much but I don't think it's completely over done.  For sure not a one layer card.  😉

*home project:  Not much to report we did not have a good meeting with the contractor on Saturday.  He's very difficult to talk with.  No pictures to share because NOTHING got done. 
However on a happy note the floor store was able to order the flooring from Georgia and so Praise the LORD something has worked out, now let's just hope it's the correct one, and that it will be installed nicely when and if that time ever comes. 

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Challenge 381~Let it Snow~Snowmen Recollections Christmas Noel

 I usually make a  card for my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) however, today I'm just going to post a verse at the bottom of my blog.  A bit weary and tired out from all this home flooring project.   Ugh❕

I made this card to be submitted to the challenge at:

I used a new set I purchased from Michael's.   It is from recollections and called Christmas Noel.  It was an inexpensive little set, but stamps ok, even though they are a bit flimsy.  If you check out my previous post, scroll down, you will see a few of the other characters (images) also included in this set.  

Related image

I was particular drawn to this verse, especially where it says the uneven ground shall become level.  Perhaps that is because we are "trying" to level the floors in our old home.  

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

TMS#475 Christmas Plaid Winter Animals

 I made this card to be submitted to the challenge at: Tuesday Morning Sketches
I thought this was a difficult sketch, but I just purchased this little Christmas set at Michael's today and wanted to play with it.  I felt so blessed to be able to get out of this construction zone house and breathe fresh air and be out and about with my daughter.  
My husband and I also had to go out to the floor store again and ask about different flooring so we don't have to wait until the end of December to get it.  So we chose a different one, however there is limited supplies and it's in Georgia.  Please pray that we can get 950 square feet of it ordered on Monday before it sells out.  So much drama with this flooring, anyways the reason I'm sharing this is also because when we finished in the store we came outside to 2 inches of snow.  UGH... to soon for me. 

So back to my card, I even purchased those cute little snowflake brads, so I had to add one to this card too.  I stamped, colored and cut my little images out but they didn't seem to pop, so I glued them down on the green paper and trimmed around them again and that did the trick so they stood out a bit more.  I love the plaid DSP. 

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Friday, October 19, 2018

CTS #294 Candy Cane Season, Hung With Care, Stampin Up

 I will be submitting this card to the challenge at: 
I used two lovely stampin up sets to create this card:  Hung with care, and Candy Cane Season.   I wish that my brads were a bit more gold to match the ribbon, but I didn't have any in my stash so those ones had to do.  However, it kind of reminds me of real authentic pegs to hang the stockings on. 

I have to share some rather exciting news.  The card I made yesterday I put on a card group on facebook and I was so excited to see over 400 people liked it.  WOWZA❕ Never in a million years did I think I would get that kind of response.  Not many people are a fan of my cards, so I have been thrilled to see all the likes and comments.. You can see that card here, that is if you want to check it out.

*Home project update:  It's a disaster.  The contractor didn't even show up today, very frustrated with this whole process.  Living with concrete and sealer smells are horrible, and now our flooring we chose is back ordered, and won't be in until December.  Insert tears here.  I honestly am praying for a miracle.   I don't know how much more I can take, my body is in the most pain it's been in for a long time, I imagine the stress is causing nerve damage to flare up. 
You would think that 3 months in he would be further with the renovation of the floors, we only have a 900 square foot house.  grrrr.   Any ways here is a few pictures.
Image may contain: table and indoorImage may contain: table and indoorImage may contain: indoor

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

CAS Game #126 - Moonlight, Winter Woods, His Light Stamping Up

 I made this card for the challenge at: 
 I used my new stampin up set called Winter woods and His Light to create this lovely forest.  I saw something similar and new I wanted to try and make a winter wonderland scene myself.  So this is my version of it.   Not nearly as refined as others, but the best I could come up with.  I dragged my sponge across the bottom of the trees to blend it a little bit.  The moon is what I struggled with most, and after many tries,  and one HUGE mistake.. I had to move it over a bit.  I guess I shouldn't say mistake, it was a lovely little mishap that sent the card in a different direction, but it turned out.  

I want to offer my sincere sympathy to the family and friends of  Melissa Lane~Team Member at AAA Cards.  May God bring healing and comfort to those whose life she touched. 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sketch #286~Wishing You Well, Healing Hugs Stampin Up

 Last night I received my stampin up order.  I was most excited.  However, I was so exhausted from another day of breathing in sawdust and dirt that I opened the box looked through everything and waited until this morning to try out one of my new sets.  I am so blessed that hubby knows how much I enjoy stamping, and it's just cheaper then therapy.  Honestly it really does help me cope with pain and usually stress too, but this amount of stress going on in the house, I'm even having a hard time focusing, but no contractor yet, so the focus was a bit easier.    I made this card for a cousin who is having surgery today.   I'm delighted to be able to submit it to the challenge at:
For some reason, probably the way my brain is wired, I saw this sketch as a one layer card.  Well you know me, I get to stamping and cutting paper and before you know it, I've added a few background layers to help make the colors pop.  Then I tried to tame it down a bit and kept the wreath and bouquet quite simple.  I am absolutely thrilled with this stamp set, and it was one I was going to pass up until I saw a stamper explain how versatile this set is.  GOSH were they correct.   I'm happy I have it in my little colletction.  The stamp set I'm referring to is Stampin Up:  Wishing You well  The other stamp set featured in today's card is also from Stampin Up: Healing Hugs.

I hope all my blog buddies get a chance to play along with this fabulous sketch.  

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