Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sketch #314~Beautiful Bouquet, Hero Arts Stampin Up

 How fabulous is this?  Adding color to my text.   I can't say I'll always do it, but for some reason, perhaps because the weather is so gloomy outside, I just wanted to brighten things up here at my blog.   In fact that was the whole idea of my card too.  Being tomorrow is May Day, one of those forgotten little days.  With so much tradition and sweetness.   My mom use to make baskets so we could hang them on the neighbors doors, such a lovely thing to do.  So that's what inspired my card today.    I used my stampin up set Beautiful Bouquet to create this card along with some lovely decorative washi tape that just seemed happy. 😊  The sentiment was put together using letters from Hero Arts.  I must confess the "M' is actually and upside down "W", but let's just keep that between us.  I had quite the time stuffing my little flowers in there, but after about the 4th attempt, I finally just gave up.  You can only rip them off the paper so many times before things starting heading south.   

I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:

I stretched the sketch a bit so it would work with my May Day flowers.   

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Monday, April 29, 2019

FUSION - Tropical Fish, Fintastic Friends, Lawn Fawn

 My kids and I were just at petco last Thursday and I was thinking how much fun it was having an aquarium when they were growing up, and then reality hit me on how much work they are and how I'm  not capable anymore to do things like that.   So instead I made a cute card.   I used my Stamp set from Lawn Fawn called Fintastic Friends.    I stamped the bowls and then colored in the images, and when I was done I added a bit of glossy accents to make the water look real.   The sentiment was a challenge.  You see it is on a stamp which included two lines for it, so I stamped it and then cut it apart so it would fit the sketch better.
   I will submit this card to the challenge at:

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Challenge #318 - Sketch~ To thine own Shelf, Books

 Well I haven't played with this little stamp set for quite awhile and I thought the challenge at: CAS Colours and Sketches
provided the perfect opportunity.  So I will submit this card to that challenge.
The stamp set is called, To Thine Own Shelf.  I used a bit of washi tape on the side of my card, I thought it sort of tied in with the books.   Things were going lovely until I hit the bottom shelf.  And can you believe this  a  BIG mistake.. or should I say a big oops, so I had to layer a piece of paper down there for a cover up,  so much for my simple layered card.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

SSC203 NATURE'S BOUNTY~Gift of Love, Summer Silhouettes, Stampin Up

 The second card I made today I will submit to the challenge at: 
I chose to work with the bottom three colors, green, purple, and black.  With the neutral color being white.   

The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up: Gift of Love
Stampin Up: Summer Silhouettes 

I had a very interesting time trying to figure out what flower to use.   I'm not afraid to mix and mingle stamp sets, however I had my heart set on that little side image, but all the other flowers just seemed to overpower it.   So I stuck with the original flower that went with the set.    I like to try and get all my stamp sets to work together, but today it just didn't seem to happen. 

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CTS #319~Best Birds, Stampin Up

 Today I made this card for the challenge at:
The stamp set I chose to work with is from stampin up, Best Birds.   I had to cut down the size of my card stock so that the branch would span the width of the card.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.   

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Challenge #107~Dandelion Wishes, Bokeh Dots Stampin Up

Well, it's a bit chilly here in WI.  But I did manage to get a little outside time today.   My husband helped me get a nice toasty campfire going while he raked the yard and HP played.  

This evening I quickly made a card for the challenge at:
The theme for the challenge is "CAS"  

So I chose my stamps sets which included:
Stampin Up: Dandelion Wishes
Stampin Up: Bokeh Dots
I think the gray and black work well together for this layout.  I really had to restrain myself from not adding a sentiment under the bokeh dots, or for that matter even any embellishments.  Sometimes Less is more, and I'm still working on that concept.  I'm happy to say I left well enough alone.  

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I thought I'd include a picture of HP. 💗🐶

Friday, April 26, 2019

Christmas Card Throwdown~Guest Designer~Cross-Stitched Christmas, Stampin up Square Quilt Card

 I'm most excited to be the guest designer at:
Christmas Cards are my absolute favorite cards to make, but
with that being said, I also must admit that printed paper of any sorts is not any easy task for me.  But I wanted to rise to the challenge so I went all out.    I'm by no means a quilter or even for that fact much of a seamstress, however when I saw the word "papers"  I just felt like it meant a lot of paper for some reason.  I chose to make a square card so that cutting one inch squares for my paper quilting block would be a bit easier.  I found many little pieces of printed card stock and went to work.  After gluing them all down just where I wanted I ran it through my big shot with an embossing folder to give it an authentic quilted look.   Hence the reason the second picture, I added extra light so hopefully you could see the embossing on it.  So sticking with the idea of stitching and such I used my Stampin up, Cross-Stitched Christmas set for the tree.   I then added a strip of ribbon to tie it all together.  

Thank you so much for stopping by for visit.  
I hope my card inspired you to get creative with your printed paper.  I'm looking forward to seeing what ya come up with.

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

FMS385~Springtime Stroll, Stampin Up

 Well, my son and I went on a bit of a wild goose chase,  They were burning fields south of our city, and so we went on a little adventure to take a gander.. (thought I'd stick with the goose terminology)   Anyways we were driving along a gravel road that eventually turned into a dirt road, and then a HUGE tractor was coming straight for us, however the closer we got he kindly pulled over so we could sneak by.  Mind you the field burning was a few fields away but we didn't want to cause trouble so we viewed from a distance.  The wind was blowing so hard that the smoke billows and dust from the fields all mingled together.   At that point I realized I need to get back to "city living"  or at least PAVED roads.. so my son pulls out his phone for GPS.. and tells me "you turn left after the next four fields"  I busted out laughing.. I'm like it looks like one giant field, you'll have to help me out son.  We made it folks, never was I so happy to be on the interstate again.  haha.  
Now for the card.  
The stamp set I chose to work with was:
Stampin Up: Springtime Stroll.
I thought it would work lovely for the sketch at:
I added a little glossy accents to the berries to make them pop.  I love how glossy they look, it's as if the watering can just gave the little plant a drink.  

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my ramblings.  Hope you liked the card.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

PP438~Beautiful Ride, So Hoppy Together, Stampin Up

 When I came across the  lovely paper piecing challenge at:  The Paper Players 
I knew I'd want to play along.  So I starting looking through my stash of stamps to see what would work for this fun challenge.  

I made two cards but I will be submitting the "Love-Bug" card.  
The stamp set is from,  Stampin Up: Beautiful Ride.  I even paper pieced the surf board.     I thought it quite fitting to use patterned paper with hearts being it's a "love-bug"  

The second card I made using the paper piecing technique  is with the stampin up set called, So hoppy Together.   Now this one was a bit tricky, because of his eyes.  I cut the eyes and tummy out of the background deep green card stock, but the eyes just looked unfinished, so I stamped him again on white card stock to cut out the eyes, now that was "fussy cutting" at it's finest.  haha.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sketch #313 Painted Seasons, Papillon Potpourri, Botanicals for You, Varied Vases Stampin Up,

 Welcome to card number two for today.   This one I will submit to the challenge at: 
For some reason I was determined to make this a one layer card, well except for the back drop card stock.  I was most excited in the direction things were going, that is until I realized I had not lined my little scallops up.  UGH❕  and after many trials and errors with the flowers I was not willing to try for a re-do card.  I'd come to far with this little darling.. Haha.. any ways I chalk it up as "it's not a hallmark"  

The stamp sets featured in this card today are:
Stamping Up: Painted Seasons
Stampin Up:  Papillon Potpourri 
Stampin Up:  Botanicals for You
Stampin Up: Varied Vases

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog and view my card.  
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#GDP186 ~Healing Hugs, Beauty Abounds, Stampin Up Country Flora embossing folder

 Hello~ Today I have made this lovely spring floral card for the challenge at: 

The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up:  Healing Hugs
Stamping Up: Beauty Abounds
I also used the country floral embossing folder from stamping up.   I added a bit of washi tape under the the banner.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog and view my card.  

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

FMS384~Beach Happy Stampin Up

 I made this card for the challenge at: 
I used my Stampin up, Beach Happy stamp set.  I chose to fussy cut the chair out, and ditch the umbrella for the shade of a palm tree instead.  I paper pieced the chair with a lovely scrap of yellow card stock, that just shows a bit of aging on it.  I think it works well for a comfy beach chair. 

I'm also including a picture of my Wizard of Oz legos.  You see these come in separate little unmarked packages, and my son found the last one for me and surprised me today with the LION.. I was blown away, because I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to get the last piece.  You have to really be patient while trying to figure out what is in the package since it's unmarked and you can't see inside.  So he feels the package with his fingers until he is pretty sure he knows what it is.  So many characters and different items in each one, so it's amazing he found the WHOLE set for me.  What a lovely thing for him to do.  I truly appreciate it.
Next up are a few of the pictures I took today while visiting the zoo down by our son.  I was so amazed that I could see this giraffe's teeth in this picture.
 This big orangutan  was happy just playing and eating what looked like some sort of leaf, I think he stopped to take a pose for me. 

The flamingos are always so delicate and interesting to me. 

 And lastly this little fella.. oh my gosh I feel like I can relate to him with the hair.  He just makes me smile.  😊

Now finally a few of the treat bags I made for our kiddos.  Not much but a little something.   

I wish you all a Blessed Easter. 
   Image result for Up from the grave he arose

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sketch #312~Basket Bunch Stampin Up

I am so super excited to say I received one more sale in my Etsy Shop, that brings the grand total up to 97 sales.  That is so awesome. Snoopy is doing the happy dance for me.  Image result for happy dance emoji
Along with the sale came a hunt for a stamp set I wanted to use to stamp the outside of the package I will be sending to my buyer.  Hence the picture of my little shelf area for my stamps.  UGH.. I still can't find it.  I know it's up there somewhere.    I am indeed blessed to have such a great deal of stamps, but when I can't find one in particular, I get a little frustrated for not being better organized.   However I'm chalking this up to: "still not done with the craft room"  😉
Now for the card today.  I made this for my dad, and what you see here is the second basket.  The first one was over full. Yikes I got carried away sticking the little Easter elements in it, and before I knew it, the whole thing was a mess.   So I carefully disassembled it to save a few of the items and try again.   And if you think this one is full you would have fallen off your craft chair at the sight of the other one.  YIKES❕  I even had gold twine wrapped around the middle piece, oh it was a sight my friends. 
The stamp set featured in this card today is:
Stampin Up: Basket Bunch
I will submit this card to the challenge at:

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