Monday, November 30, 2015


O Christmas Tree

Hello friends.  I don't know what to expect when growing a blog, so I am delighted so far with all the positive feedback and the followers.  I hope I haven't set my goal to high by trying to reach 50 by the end of January.  I guess there is no harm in aiming high.  I just need to stay humble and grateful for those who have chosen to come along on this journey with me.  It would probably be very beneficial if I knew what I was doing.. so between an out dated camera and my lack of computer skills, it's a bit sketchy.  However the cards are great.. eh?  and speaking of them.. this card didn't involve one rubber stamp (and I call myself a stamper) haha.. but I did emboss each layer and used a die to cut the tree.
 Lovely and fast.
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I sure appreciate it.
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☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Sunday, November 29, 2015

PPA277: A Sketch Challenge

PPA277 A sketch Challenge
I found another sketch challenge at: and I had to give it a try.   After my other Christmas card today, I thought it can't get any worse.    I need to re-post something so there it is. 
So much glitter paper and so little time.  and the funny thing is I never really ever used glitter paper until just a few weeks ago, and now it's in all my projects.    This was a super easy card to make it's the little bow that I struggled with, my fingers just can't seem to work with bows.  I think it turned out cute.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I'm trying to create an audience so if you would follow me I'd sure appreciate it, and please ask your friends too.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺ 


My Christmas card today didn't turn out very nice, and I posted it just because well, sometimes it goes like that.. you have a few good (creative days) and other times you don't.  But there was effort put into this card, it just seemed like everything was going wrong from smudging with my sponge across the words Merry Christmas.. to the fingerprints of ink under the very strategically place letters for the word JOY~now ya all know.

  At least the brads and little gold specks make me smile ☺

Also wanted to share a picture of this cute little nic nac  I got the other day with my daughter.  I thought is was so cute.  I was hoping it would fit in my little shelf but of course it didn't.. it's only like 2x2 inches. but I found a different place for it. 
 Of course I would.  

I appreciate you all stopping by my blog.
I have a question (few) for you:  Do all bloggers respond back to each comment?   Is that something I should keep trying to do?  Do those who comment go back to see if I replied.. just curious.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Christmas File Folder
Golly gee dear friends, I almost didn't get a card made to post on my blog.  YIKES!!  I'm so sorry I didn't respond to your comments yet on my other cards.. I will get at that straight away tomorrow.  I'm just exhausted today..(sometimes that happens with pain)  any ways I wanted to make sure to show case another card as to keep my blog garden watered so it will grow.  In this card I used a die to create the file folder look, and then used an embossing folder for the big dots background. My daughter found the cutest little brads which I attached to the bottom words.  I think it turned out cute.  I actually had no idea what I was going to do, I just knew I wanted to use that little brad, she picked out for me.  I think it's so adorable.  Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺
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Friday, November 27, 2015


Snow Globe Scene  SSC114
I'm so excited to put one more entry in the sketch challenge  at  All the participants are so very talented, I can't imagine having to choose a card.  My daughter gave me some of her nail glitter to use in my snow globe card and I think it worked grand.  Of course a little sparkle here and there is always a delightful thing.  It's been so much fun trying to make a fantastic card to submit for the challenge.

Now, on to some other news.. My blog only had 4 views today.  I imagine everyone was out shopping.  At least that is what I'm telling myself.  Hopefully I (we) can generate some more buzz about my blog.  I sure appreciate you all sharing it with your friends, family and fellow bloggers.   And to my audience members already.. I THANK YOU for your support.
Thank you for stopping by.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Sweet Stocking

I'm thankful to be part of the blog community.  
I am thankful for all the people who have chose to follow me on this journey of stamping and blogging.

Today's card is a simple and sweet little stocking.  I used an embossing folder for the white background and then got out my favorite glitter paper again to give it that little sparkle.  A bit of bakers twine and a tiny brad in the tag and it's all done.  Fabulous!

Thank you for stopping by. 
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015



I found this sketch challenge at  
so I thought I would give it a shot and try to make a card.  I used an embossing folder for the lines in the background and some pretty emerald green glitter paper for the word and the bottom of the card.  I wish my camera took better pictures.  The card really did turn out lovely, especially since I'm so tired from a long day, trying to  get ready for Thanksgiving and all...
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It's a little gloomy outside today where I live.. so what better way to cozy up then with a fireplace.  This was my first time using this embossing folder, so I have a lot to learn with it yet, and of course if I hadn't run out of white it would have been much better, but I still wanted to showcase it.  I think it will have great potential to be a beautiful card creation, I just need to play with it a bit more.

So GRAND NEWS!!  Please don't think of this as bragging on my part, it's all about you guys..  so THANK YOU for joining me. I'm just so happy to announce that I have 21 people in my (audience) followers.  So I need to set a new goal, since ya all have been so kind in helping me reach the last one.    This goal will be a bit harder to attain, do I dare even share it with ya.. WHY yes I must because     I need you all to help me share my blog and get the word out.
 My new goal will be:
 >> 50 audience members(followers) by Jan. 31, 2016  <<
I can't wait to see my little blog grow.  
THANK YOU for stopping by my blog.
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Global Design Project #GDP012

Hello everyone.. I am just jumping with joy today.  I have 17 followers!!! Yippee.. I totally exceeded my goal of 15 by December.  Thank you so much for being part of this journey with me.
Today's card I designed as part of a challenge at  This is so exciting.  I didn't have the exact colors they were asking for, but I did my best with what I had, and I think it turned out cute.  
Thank you for stopping by my blog. 
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Monday, November 23, 2015


PPA276 Sketch Challenge
Hello my friends, I wanted to post one more card on my blog today because  is having a sketch challenge.. and I'm so excited to have found out about it.. so I went to work.. crafting my own little spin on it.  I think it turned out sweet and sparkly ☺

As always thank you so much for stopping by my little blog.
Please share.. My goal is to reach 15 members by the end of  December.  
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.


Christ is Born
Pretty straight forward card skills here. Clean crisp edges,  overlayed with a piece of vellum to highlight the words.  Not something I usually do, but I had one piece of vellum left over from the previous window cards I had made.

I have the Christmas music playing softly in the background and I just want to stamp cards all day.  It truly is a great way of escape for me.   I call my little craft room, Pj's Playpen. You have to understand my craft room is very tiny. My desk barely fits in here. the sides have about a foot to spare on each end.  It use to be the porch of our old home before we enclosed it to make it more functional for us.. mostly me ☺  I have my Bible study desk and books on one side and my crafts on the other.  I feel blessed with my little area.

Where do you do your craft projects?
I'd love hear back from you.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Keep smiling and Keep Stamping.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Dashing through the snow
Oh my goodness, I feel very blessed to welcome yet another person to my list of followers.. Thank you for joining the journey.   

I also want to make a point to say that on Nov. 21, 2015 my blog hit an all time high of 118 pageviews.. so thank you so much for sharing.

 I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned that my blog reminds me of a garden.. I need to water it daily in order for it to grow.  So, hence the reason I'm posting new cards everyday.  I sure do appreciate the support and encouraging words.  Thank you

Today's card  has embossed mittens on top that I brushed ink over to highlight them, then I used mini punches and my "sparkle" paper to enhance them just a wee bit more.  I water colored the little sled and critters. I'm pretty please with the finished product :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Simple  Tree 
I had a super busy day, redesigning my blog.  I think it turned out lovely ♥  Looks much more professional.   So with spending the afternoon doing that my eyes got a bit blurry and my fingers a bit numb I had to make a quick little card to post.   So there it is the Simple Tree.  I had high hopes for this little plain shaker card, but it didn't turn out as I planned ..
☺ my cards never do, ☺
but it will have to be sufficient for today because I'm exhausted.   

So what do you think of the new look on my blog?  
I'm hoping it will generate more followers.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
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Keep Smiling and Keeping Stamping!

Friday, November 20, 2015


Moose Snow Globe

I get the privilege of welcoming another person to the friends following my blog.  Yippee.. this makes me so happy.
So today's card showcases  3 of my favorite things.. Christmas, snow globes, and moose, all wrapped up in a marvelous display and topped off with one of my favorite Christmas lyrics.  I feel like I was describing a delicious dessert or something.. especially with the topped off part.  haha.. it's like the cherry on top of the whipped cream.. oh geez here I go again trailing off.. anyways  I hope you like the card.. let me know what you think.
I enjoy getting comments.

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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Snow Glove Shaker Card

This is a very exciting day for me.  I had three more people join my friends in following my blog.  That is so sweet.  Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support.  It means so much to me♥

Now, on to my snow globe shaker card. was a bit of a challenge trying to line up the gray paper over the white especially with all the foam tape and sequins.. sticking to everything but even though it's a bit uneven, I think it will be just fine.  I posted two pictures because with each little "shake" the sparkles landed in different spots and I wanted to show the stamp art work behind it.          

The other shaker card I made for Halloween I didn't add enough little sparkles and in this one I added a wee bit to much, you almost can't see the skyline.  Perhaps next time I will get it just right. (haha)
Live and Learn.. at least that's what I'm hoping for.  
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Snowman and Mittens 
This turned out better then I had imagined.  I chose a black piece of card stock for embossing the snowflake scene, because I knew there would be a lot of color in the scarf and hat, so I wanted to even things out a bit.. and it worked lovely... the mittens and tiny snowflakes add that little sparkle, and the brads work well on the snowman.    This is an older stamp set, but still so cute.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Comments are appreciated.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Snowman Tag 
This card started off with a tag idea.. and then of course like always, it turned into something else.   My thought process is always one of trial and error when it comes to card making.  I had another cute little tag stamped and after embossing the snowflakes on the card, I realized that the tags weren't going to work so I just stuck with the one little snowman.  I  used the sequins to bring out the red accent of the card and topped with a little pearl. I think it's a super simple idea.  
I hope you all noticed I put the friend list on top of my blog so that hopefully more will start following.  Apparently you need a gmail account to sign in and follow and I am hoping that you will do so.  Please help me reach my goal of 15 friends (followers) by the end of December.. sharing is caring so please pass my blog onto you creative friends.  
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Twin Trees
I think the caption says it all for this card.  I had a creative block moment, which made me rethink posting a card everyday.. but a quick look (well not so quick) over at pinterest and my love for stamping was rekindled and there ya have it.. a card for the day, keeps the creative block away ☺  

Looking forward to making more Christmas Cards tomorrow.  

Of course I first have to mail out my thanksgiving cards.. Can you believe next week it's here.. WOW!!  I must get those cards in the mail.  Hopefully you're on my mailing list.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Fabulous Flurry

This is my Christmas card for today.  I used my new snowflake set with the coordinating punch, and it turned out fabulous.   I added little pearls to a couple of the flakes, and then finished off with some mica flakes to make it look real official.. I love how the flash of the camera made the little flakes have that extra sparkle, kind of reminds me of a cartoon character that smiles.. that little white grin that has that twinkle. (can't ya just hear bling)☺

Thank you for stopping by my little stamping blog.
Hope you enjoy my cards.


That Ship has Sailed

A quick little story about how this card came about.
My sister  has this idea that my blog should be my business.
 Bless her heart ♥.  I keep saying it's a hobby.  Anyways she bought me this ledger paper that I could use for tracking business expenses and what not.  (it's the what not that got me)  So after she left I was looking at this paper thinking to myself.... hmmm..>>me thinking.. and then I lit up like a firecracker on the fourth of July ☺  I remembered I have the perfect stamp set to use here.. and BAM!! that's the card you see above.. it all worked out wonderfully.
Now~ back to my original plan of posting Christmas cards.. I just wanted to share that one with ya all.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
I'd love for you to share your comments with me and pass my blog onto your friends as well.  Thank you ☺

Saturday, November 14, 2015



We had a great day together stamping and when I say "we"  I mean my friend came down to my house and we tried a new window project.  It turned out wonderful. The pictures do not do it justice.  Behind the window there is room to add a tea light, so I also tried to take a picture of that too, which of course turn out not so well, but at least ya get the idea..

Snow Window with tealight .
Here is one more awesome snow window excited about his technique.  It's sure to be a great display for the holidays.

Now, I know it was going to be Christmas cards for quite sometime, but I wanted to share a few of the other cards  I finished  today.   A little something out of the ordinary, but my friend belongs to a paper pumpkin group and she had a few supplies she was willing to share with me, and hence these following master pieces were designed...

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Friday, November 13, 2015


Big Flake

Big Flake .. the title for this card cracks me up.. . perhaps the next card title will be called "a little flaky"  I'm having way to much fun with this.  Any ways I used my new stamp set and punch for this beauty.

It has a special fold that you will see better when I open it up.

Big Flake Inside 
So here is the inside of this card, it has a nice little surprise message
 behind the snowflake  with a  place to write your greeting. 

                   I really think this card turned out lovely♥
               Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.  
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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Ready, Set, Snow
Well, Christmas card making is officially here for me ☺  This is the first of many to come.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I must also share with you all that this is my first blog experience and I added a few little things to it.(all by myself)  I hope you like it.  Please sign up for my emails and also share with your friends.  Trying to grow a blog is serious blogging business.  haha... well, for me it's more of a hobby but nevertheless it's super fun.  I mean seriously, I even have a link directing ya all to my pinterest site where you will see all of my cards .. Please check it out.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Veterans Day Card
I was having a hard time coming up with a card idea today, creative block I suppose.   Any ways my sister mentioned that perhaps do a card in honor of Veterans Day.. and that my friends, is exactly what I did.  

Thank you to all the men and woman who have served our country in the armed forces.    We are one nation truly Blessed. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Awesome Acorns

Well, here I go again with the concept I just can't seem to understand.. which would be this:
less is more.. simple is sweet..

As ya all can see, I went a little overboard with my acorns I just couldn't seem to stop, and before I knew it they were all over the card, and right when I thought I couldn't add anymore to it. I remembered I had acorn buttons from years ago, well golly a girl just has to bring those out and add them to this special little card creation ☺ and the little orange glitter in the acorn is actually finger nail glitter.. worked fabulous!!

Hope ya all over having a Terrific Tuesday.

Would so enjoy it, if you would join my friends in following my little blog.
Thank YOU ☺

Monday, November 9, 2015


Leaf Collection
My goodness after the day I had, I really didn't think I would be able to come home from the clinic and pull this together..but Praise the LORD.. I did!! and not only that but I made 2 magnificent cards.   Awesome.. I think card making is therapeutic for me, at least that's how I justify it when I want to order a new set.                                   

The Forest Critters 
So in today's cards I just wanted to keep up with the whole Thanksgiving theme.  I imagine I only have a few more days left of this, because I will need to  put these cards in the mail so people will receive and enjoy them by Thanksgiving Day ☺   
Just a little side note, I'm not the best at grammar, so I apologize in advance for my run on sentences, and lack of or excessive punctuation.  Just wanted to get that out.  I feel much better for letting ya all know that. haha
Also, would you comment on which card you like better and why please? Thanks

  Thank you for stopping by my little blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Fallen Forest... Take 1
Fallen Forest ...Take 2

So excited to share my shaker card.  Although I should have added more of the sequins, and of course I thought it would be plenty until I was done and set the card up then they all fell below the leaf so that you could barely see them...ugh!

Here is another picture of the card, in hopes that you will be able to see the depth behind the cut out leaf..I think it looks grand.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I'd love for you to leave a comment or question.  I'm trying to grow my little blog garden ☺ I will need your help, so please pass on helpful advice, and  also please share  my blog with others who enjoy card making.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Cup of Blessings
Today's card is a cute little mug, embellished with a lovely maple leaf brad, and a few bright orange sequins.   My plan when I started was to make it a shaker card, but then I got sidetracked and chose to use the sequins with the mini glue dots instead.  I think it turned out lovely.  Back to some nice bold colors.  I can't wait to start stamping for Christmas ☺
Thank you for stopping by my simple creative blog. 
A place where I  showcase my projects.  

Friday, November 6, 2015


Give Thanks

Here are a few of the pastel cards I have been working on..I think the above card with the acorns is by far my favorite in this bunch ☺ But, I pressed on and kept trying to deal with that pad of pastel papers I bought.   I don't want it to go to waste.

Grateful Heart

Thanksgiving Tree

The top edge of this card 
got a little ripped up with my cutting board.
 I didn't notice it until I was done  and took the picture. Shucks

The coloring is a little off, because of the lighting, but it's a soft gray and very light blue that almost looks like a hint of green could be in there.

This Thanksgiving Tree card was an easy card to put
together, and I like the bakers twine just to give it that extra little flair, and let's not forget the  brads.  Oh how brads do bring a bit of bling to the card.

Happy Friday

Thank you for 
Stopping by
my Blog.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Wacky Wreath
This card is very out of the box for me, the colors alone drive me a bit crazy.  I purchased this pad of pastel colors to try and get myself to expand my horizon....well all I can say is the lines are horizontal on the pattern paper, so that's my horizon.  (does that count?)  I prefer rich, deep, regal colors, and have a tendency to stick with what I like, but to be creative I need to explore my options.
 So there we have it. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Lone Leaf
My goodness I posed my card for it's picture.  (haha)  I added a little leaf foliage to the sides and snapped the picture outdoors of course to give it that real authentic autumn appearance.  Just imagine what I could do with a fancy camera.  (hint to my husband)
I punched out the little rectangle window for the words, and then ran the top layer through the big shot.  Stamped one little leaf and added a bow.  It's finished: simple and sweet.  

Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments/compliments .  
Hope ya all are having a great day.
As always, Thank you for stopping by my little corner in the blog world.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Smiling Scarecrow

Oh my goodness,  I came across this cute idea on pinterest, so I can't take credit for thinking up this one.  However, I did add my own (special) little touches to make it uniquely mine, a real one of a kind and I think it turned out fabulous.   It comes together quite quickly, and a gal just can't go wrong by adding the googly eyes. This little scarecrow.. really could scare the crows away..

Hope ya all are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Fall Fence

I'm very pleased with how this card turned out.  

The card stock I used for the background
 almost has a canvas like quality so when I used my embossing folder it really brought the
whole thing together.   I chose to not stamp anything on it just let the embossed image speak for itself.  I think it does a marvelous job at capturing all things fall and festive.
Hope ya all are off to a Marvelous Week.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Would so enjoy to have some feedback in the comment section.
Perhaps your thoughts/ideas/card inspirations.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Swirling Leaves

Ideally I would have liked to emboss this card with leaves, but I just didn't have a folder with such a design.  (at least not yet)   I wanted to add a little more to this card, because I tend to forget the less is more policy... simple is sweet.  I had to step away from the embellishments and just say NO.  haha

I must mention this will be pinned to my pinterest board.
This will be picture number 300 over there.. so if you want to see more of my card designs go check it out. I have been pinning longer then blogging so the majority of my cards/boxes/tags are over there.

This month I will be working on some more Thanksgiving and fall themed cards.  Of course I'll probably get side tracked into some Christmas cards, especially since I've been watching the Hallmark Christmas specials ♥    

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Hope ya all had a super Sunday.