Sunday, November 1, 2015


Swirling Leaves

Ideally I would have liked to emboss this card with leaves, but I just didn't have a folder with such a design.  (at least not yet)   I wanted to add a little more to this card, because I tend to forget the less is more policy... simple is sweet.  I had to step away from the embellishments and just say NO.  haha

I must mention this will be pinned to my pinterest board.
This will be picture number 300 over there.. so if you want to see more of my card designs go check it out. I have been pinning longer then blogging so the majority of my cards/boxes/tags are over there.

This month I will be working on some more Thanksgiving and fall themed cards.  Of course I'll probably get side tracked into some Christmas cards, especially since I've been watching the Hallmark Christmas specials ♥    

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Hope ya all had a super Sunday.

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