Friday, August 17, 2018

CTS #285~Southern Serenade, Hello Friend, STampin Up

 Well this card was definitely a challenge for me.  Oh my goodness.  It all started with a Stampin up set called Country Livin'  and brainstorm #1~ I was going to make a thank you note for my dad.  Well after much stamping, coloring, and cutting, it didn't seem to hold the shape of the sketch challenge I wished to enter.  So along came brainstorm #2  and out came Stampin up's Party Pandas, this has got to work I told myself, as I pulled out the happy panda with the party hat on, and some lovely balloon washi tape, but NOPE, disaster again.  (although I did keep the images I stamped and cut out)  Finally brainstorm #3 worked, after many and I repeat MANY tries.  I used a combination of stampin up sets:  Hello Friend, and Southern Serenade.  Now the colors were the next big dilemma, and so began the stamping and trial and error.  Thank goodness for scrap papers.   Anyways, I gave it my best shot for the challenge.   I'm going to submit this card to:

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Challenge #285 - Garden in Bloom, Simple Shapes, Darling Dots, Stampin Up

I am chuffed to use one of my favorite stamp sets.  and also to use that word.  I hope I used it correctly.  I am so loving George Ezra's Music, and his words.  I mean he had me at shenanigans.  Nobody uses that word nearly enough and so when I saw one of his posts with it, I was very pleased (chuffed) haha. Well enough with that, and onto the card for today.  I will submit it to the challenge at:                    CAS Colours and Sketches         
The stamp sets featured in today's card are:  Stampin Up~ Garden in Bloom 2018
Stampin Up~Simple Shapes 2003 
Stamping Up~ Darling Dots (not sure the year)
The sentiment on the inside is from the dollar bins at Michael's Craft Store.
Here I thought I was "bee-ing" all creative choosing the bees, and then when I looked at the lovely designers cards, I realized it was already done.  I kind of laughed at myself thinking oh PJ, you are not so clever.   Well folks here is my take on it.  I also want to point out that I masked the bees in the circle then stamped, and instead of watercoloring up to the little bumbles, I chose to leave the white around it, I just thought it gave some added interest to the card.  I sure do love those sparkle enamel dots.  They are wonderful.
I'm also sharing a picture of the squirrel on my deck today.  My goodness his tail is long.  Perhaps because I usually see it curled up on their backs, but today he was rather relaxed enjoying his black walnut.  
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#TGIFC172~ Blended Seasons, Varied Vases, Stampin Up

 It's all trial and error with me  when I'm working with patterned paper.  I suppose I should have slanted the stripes to match the ribbon on the diagonal.  However, I already glued it all down and didn't want to rip it apart.  Then there is the inside of the card where the stripes again are going in the opposite direction. UGH.. well it looks better in person, that's all I can say.   
I used my new stampin up sets called Blended Seasons for the flowers, and Varied vases for the sentiment.  
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: 
Perhaps I just wanted to make a happy card, being my last one was a very sad  experience, as I had to make a sympathy card.  

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TMS #466~ Blended Seasons, What I love, Thoughts and Prayers, Stampin Up

 I made this card for a lovely couple we have known for many years.  Their precious 18 year old son was killed in a car accident, so very heartbreaking. 
Just really made me think of how fast and how fragile life is. 
Our deepest sympathies go out to the family during this difficult time.
I will submit this card to the challenge at: 

I used a few different stampin up sets to create this card.
Blended Seasons
What I Love
Thoughts and Prayers
The sentiment on the outside of the card is also a stampin up image,  I just don't have the whole set, so I'm not sure what that one is called.  
I used the basket weave embossing folder for the background. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Challenge 375~Blended Seasons Stampin Up

 I'm so thrilled to get a chance to play with my new stampin up set called Blended seasons.  I thought it worked lovely for the challenge I wanted to enter this card in.   
I flipped the sketch on the side. to make it work with the sentiment.  If you look very carefully you can see I took the optional challenge as to incorporate stripes.  I was so bummed because after water coloring the stamped images and cutting them out, I realized I forgot to carry my stripe theme through by dry embossing the gray background.  Drats!    So I tried to spruce up the bells a bit by adding clear wink of stella to the bows for some shimmer.   I also added a bit of silver twine.

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*So pleased to report that my pancreas blood work came back normal today.  So we are postponing my surgery.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sketch 277~A Little Wild Stampin UP

Well by golly after last night, disappointing myself, I figured when the the new sketch came out, I'd have to make a card right away😉   I still can't believe I didn't look at the minutes remaining for entering the cards.. and so by the time I had finished uploading the pictures and typing the blog, the time had ended.. Such is life.   So today when I saw the new sketch I was all Hip Hip hooray.. and wanted to play.  
I used washi tape for the background behind the little bear.   I stamped the images and then cut them out.  I did a bit of layering for the sentiment.   I love how the little bee is buzzing past the bear for the flower.  How cute.   The three little bees in the corner represent my embellishments.   
The stamp set featured in today's card is from:
Stampin Up~A Little Wild
I will submit this card to:
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sketch 276~Bokeh Dots, Bloomin' Love, Garden in Bloom, Best Birds, Stampin up, Simon Says You got this.

 My goodness it is late to be posting, but I really made quite the effort to make a card so I could submit it to the challenge at: 
Such a fabulous layout, and yet I struggled.  All because I was determined to use my new stampin up set called: Bokeh Dots.   
I love making the bokeh design with a homemade stencil, so I thought this stamp would be a delight.  Well, my goodness the frustration was setting in.  I just couldn't make it look nice no matter what ink color I chose, whether it was a juicy ink pad or a well loved one.  I just couldn't get a nice image. 
So I resorted to looking on Youtube for tips or something, not much in that department, but there were a few lovely cards I'd like to try in the future.  Any ways.. My first attempt was to make a floral scene for the oval, so I used one of my favorites  called Garden in Bloom.   Well after stamping and cutting and actually using a few other sets it was NOT at all what I was hoping for.  In fact the inside of the card is prettier then the outside.. UGH!!!  So I took a little break had a little bridge mix, and then back to stamping, and this time I used Best Birds from Stampin up, for the card I will submit to the challenge,   and by golly it all just came together wonderfully.   I used the branches for the horizontal line in the back, and I was able to finally get a bokeh design I liked.. and the bird took up just enough space on the oval, but didn't overpower it.  YAY❕  Finally a perfect example where less is more and I actually did it.  😊

I also thought I'd share a picture of my madness trying to get this image to stamp.↓
Btw-Both cards have scripture on them for my SCS post.  Whoohoo. 

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Friday, August 10, 2018

#GDP150~Little Elephant, Stampin UP

 Well I can't believe I didn't make a card yesterday.  YIKES.    Just so many thoughts/stress.  Any ways I tried to clear out my head and get in a happier frame of mind, so I went about my stamping today as usual.  That helped.   Although I think my next step after posting will be to clear off the stamping desk.  Insert another YIKES there, because my desk is one huge mess.  I can barely find the keyboard.   
Any ways for today's card I decided to play with my Stampin up's Little Elephant set and matching punch.   I tried to keep the colors all in the same family.   However, when I stamped the balloons I really wanted to add a pop of color, so I did.   But,  it just didn't look as nice, so after stamping them in the matching color I added a bit of glossy accents and that seemed to do the trick.  
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:
I'm super excited because my sister and her kids gave me a bunch of rocks to paint.  So that hubby and I can hide them around town at the different parks, school yards and trails.   It's a thing here in the Central WI area.  

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CTS #283~Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life

Today I made a card to play along with the challenge at: 
I used a couple of embossing folders to give some interest to the background of my card.   I sponged the one with ink to enhance the floral print,  so it would match the pink petals on the watering can and the flower that the mouse is holding.    I added a few emebellishments and finished if off with a bow.     I like the inside sentiment.   I mean surely you can't refer to your friends as weeds.. YIKES>.. then it's time to "weed out" that garden.  haha.. 

Anyways I also am including this video, where I attempted to do a special effect with my photo by adding bubbles to the spout of the watering can.  I hope you can see them in the video.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Week 309: SUNBEAM

 While making this card today, I was listening to the lovely voice of George Ezra  What a fantastic musician, writer, and guitarist.  His music is just so happy and it seemed to fit rather well with this card today.  I used a stamp set from Mama Elephant. 
I will be submitting this card to the challenge at: 

I really like the sentiments on this card. 
It looked a bit plain, so I added a hit of narrow gold ribbon to make it sparkle a little.  

I also was super surprised to find not one but two little butterflies on the pine tree in my yard and was able to get a few pictures. YAY❕

Monday, August 6, 2018

FUSION - Rustic Flowers, Southern Serenade, You've Got this Stampin UP

 Today I made this card using 2 stampin up sets:   You've Got this, for the flower and the sentiment, after stamping the flower I water colored it with my aqua painter and ink pads.  I then cut it out.   I used soft background colors to make it look a bit vintage.  The other set is called Southern Serenade I used that for the lace image and the edging, which after I stamped it I cut it out and placed it on top of the stamped lace.  I think it looks lovely, and gives a bit of definition to the two sides.
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Challenge #283 - The Double~ Enjoy LIfe, In the Trees Stampin Up, Simon Says You Got this.

   The card I made this evening I created so I could submit it to the challenge at:

I did not have those exact colors but I tried to stick as closely as possible with what I had on hand.  And Oh BOY, was it ever hard not coloring in those cute  outdoor light bulbs yellow.  I chose instead to use clear wink of stella for some sparkle, and then I added glossy accents to make them look real.   The little mouse image is a new item I just recently added to my stash.   It is from Great Impressions.  The other stamp sets featured in today's card are:  
Simon Says: You Got This
Stampin Up: Enjoy Life
Stampin Up: In the Trees
I used my aqua painter to dip into the inks, to try and get the desired match of the challenge. 

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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

I thought the cute hashtag  on my card today #blessed would work perfectly for my SCS.. not that it is a scripture verse.. but just a lovely reminder to count your blessings.   So I thought I would share one of our blessings.  It is our side yard.  I tried to capture a panoramic picture for ya all to see.  It was evening, so it's a bit dark, however, we feel blessed by our yard, especially since we live next to a junk yard, which is next to the train yard, and four lanes of traffic in the front.  This is a blessed oasis our side yard.

A Better sunnier Picture↓

Saturday, August 4, 2018

#HSSSC295~Waterfront, Lilypad Lake, High Tide, Stampin Up, You Got this Simon Says

 I got so wrapped up in making my a card today, I almost forgot to let HP out for a bathroom break.  We have to stay on a much tighter schedule being it's allergy season, and he just started his prednisone  this week, and will continue for the the next couple months.  Bless his heart, ever the patient pup.   (7 year old pup) haha..    Probably a bit TMI about the dog.. but I have to say I get so swept up in card making, hence it's a great distraction for me from pain, and being alone all the time.  
I will submit my card to the challenge at: 
I used 3 of my favorite stampin up sets: 
Lilypad Lake
High Tide
And also my new favorite sentiment pack from Simon Says: You got this.
I sponged the background in three colors, and then die cut out the water.  Of course the seam of the water is hidden nicely behind the bird and lilypad.   I debated quite a long time about adding the sun and the background birds, I ended up adding those first, but then the left hand side looked a bit to bare.  UGH.. it never ends with me.   Someday I'll get the less is more approach.   
Any ways I think overall not to shabby of a card.  

I also posted a picture of the silly little rocks I have painted to hide around town with hubby later this afternoon.  It's a "thing" this rock hiding craze, and I'm LOVING it.    I just need to find some more nice rocks to paint.

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