Sunday, November 11, 2018

#tgifc185 Sketch Challenge~Star Of Light Stampin Up

 Sunday.. I miss going to church.  However, I am thinking of trying a little Baptist church in the neighborhood.  I will  always miss our home church where we use to live, but I can no longer make that drive, and then sit and drive home, it's a bit difficult.
   Sunday's I usually try and make a SCS post, but I thought even though this card does not have a scripture verse, it has great meaning.   It will do the job lovely.  

I will submit this card to the challenge at: TGIF
I used my new stampin up set called Star of Light.  What a delightful set, I love the sentiments, and I especially love the swirl behind the star.  That is just fabulous.  I think I will be using that a whole lot in many projects. 

I also included a picture of HP.. the little sweetheart knows he should be sleeping on his blankie, but he  keeps scooting off of it and then gives us this very innocent look that is so adorable, so you might say he is very spoiled and gets away with a lot.  

*Home project:   Contractor is suppose to be here tomorrow to finally get our heat ducts figured out.  It's been quite cold, and he's been stalling.  He also has to finish a few little things so the flooring guys can work on Tuesday.   Then Thursday he comes back to rip out the bathroom and kitchen floor.  Oh please pray this goes well.  I really just want this contractor out of our house.  The amount of stress dealing with him has been awful for both hubby and myself.  

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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

TMS #478~His Light Stampin UP

I will submit this card to the challenge at: 
I used a stampin up set called His Light to create this card.   I fell in love with this marvelous plaid paper.  I had a Santa theme running through my head before I realized I had not used my new stamp set.  So I pulled that out and went to work stamping.  I tried to pick up the gold in the plaid, but carrying it through the rest of the card design, as in the twine and the banners in the upper right hand corner.  I also used gold brads.   I would have embossed the sentiments, but being our home is in complete disarray I was unable to locate the storage box the powders are in.  Next time.

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*Home project:  The contractor showed up for an hours worth of work today.  GRRR.   Husband informed him of what needs to be done on Monday.  Just praying the man will get it done so the flooring people will be able to lay down the finished product in a couple areas.   Thank you for your continued prayers in the project. 

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

CTS #297 Here For you, Happy Healing, Stampin Up

 I made this card for our dear son-in-law  that was in an accident on Thursday.  We are so grateful and praise the LORD for keeping him safe.  He was rear-ended on the Hwy by someone who was texting.  The back end of his car  folding like the bellows of an accordion up to the  back window.  He had a full tank of gas, and the axle broke, and their were fluids leaking everywhere.  He was hit so hard that his car turned side ways and went into the ditch and was miraculous stopped before hitting trees.  Glory to GOD.  

I will submit this card to the challenge at: 
The stamp sets featured in today's card are:  
Stampin Up:  Here for You
Stampin Up: Happy Healing (1999)

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Color Dare #316 - Monochromatic "Green"Snow Is Glistening Stampin UP

 Did you ever have an idea that you thought would be fabulous, and when all is said and done, it is not nearly as nice as you thought it would be?   Well I give you my card for the challenge at: Color My Heart Color Dare
This is exactly what happened.  I had this lovely vision of using my new stamp set, and was quite challenged to make sure I kept this card Monochromatic with greens. I used white as my neutral color.  However no matter what I tried to"spruce" it up, I just couldn't get that.. "aww. Yes.. that's it" moment.   I even used washi tape (green) cut it out with my oval die, and thought that would help.  I found a green gem to stick in the middle of my snowflake tree topper, which I layered three times.. two in green and one in white. When I looked at it, I thought the tree looked so plain so I chose to have the sentiment (in green) go directly across it as a banner. That helped a little bit.  
Any ways.  I will have to make another card today to combat the feeling of not doing a good enough job on this one.

I'm also adding a picture of this little birdie on my deck.  While our home is in shambles it is comforting to watch the little birds and  know the One that watches them is also watching me.   I know many are praying for our home situation and I am so grateful.  Thank you.  
By the Way:  Contractor is not here right now.  He said he'd get our heat out to the porch today.   Well that has not happened.  He did manage to get our outlet in the wall finally, and in doing so with all his running in out he broke our storm door handle off. 
It's suppose to be dipping into the 20's so that means it will be quite cold in our home.  *sigh

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

FMS362~Christmas Cuties Stampin Up, Penny Black, Mimi's Christmas

 Well guess who is here?  The contractor, after 5 days he finally shows up.  GRRR.. at least he is here now and it's one more day of work to get this finished.   

I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: 
I found this big package of Christmas paper at Michael's, but I was not to fond of the paper I used today.  However, My daughter said to me, "Mom, just have it peeking out of the edges"  well by golly the little sweetheart was right, and it looks fabulous.  Otherwise it would have been way to overpowering for this particular card.
The stamp sets featured in today's card are:  
Stampin Up: Christmas Cuties
Penny Black: Mimi's Christmas

I stamped the image and then colored it in, but it seemed like it needed a bit more, so I dabbed on some glossy accents to accentuate the tree ornaments and used my white pearl paint on the trim of her dress and her hat.  I think it made the card come to life.  

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sketch #289 Spirited Snowmen, Signs of Santa Stampin Up

 Trying to stay positive and make my cards is getting more difficult with this home project.  Our dog (HP) is at the end of his rope too with it all.   Ironically contractor man did not show up today, he said he "might" come in the afternoon, otherwise tomorrow.. so that means almost a week with a standstill.  GRRR!  
Well I found this cute background paper in my stash and it looked cheery so I went with that and also a winter/Christmas  card, because they just make me happy. 
The stamp set featured in this card today is from stampin up: Spirited Snowmen.  I think it's fabulous.  I also used the snowflake dies from a stampin up set called Signs of Santa. 

Hubby took me to go vote bright and early this morning, however, our usual voting spot has been moved.  They no longer allow voting in schools in our area.    I made sure to get my sticker when I was done because it always reminds me of our kiddos. When they were younger and we'd take them with us to vote, they were most excited about the stickers.   It's the little things💗

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Monday, November 5, 2018

November Sketch Challenge Star of LIght, Santa's Sleigh, Winter Woods, Wonder Land Stampin Up

 I got a wee bit carried away with the sketch challenge that I will be submitting this card too.  At  Christmas Card Throwdown
OK~  A lot carried away.  My horizontal line was going to be the snow with the addition of the mica flakes to make it look sparkly.  The darling deer was to represent the big circle and the gift the little circle.  Well the next thing you know I'm adding trees more snow hills a whole lot of snow flakes, and let's not forget toss in a moon to make it all dazzling and delightful.  Yikes. I just couldn't stop myself today.  I love Making Christmas cards.  

The stamp sets featured in today's card are:
Stamping Up: Star of Light
Stampin Up: Santa's Sleigh 
Stampin Up:  Winter Woods
Stampin Up:  Wonder Land
*Home remodel project, the contractor informed us he might be here on Wednesday, grrrr he is just milking this project along. Hasn't been here the last 3 days. So frustrating.  The flooring is suppose to be laid down starting on Nov. 20th.   On a positive note the dumpster is gone.  We might leave the original maple floors in the kitchen under the plywood.  We are not sure yet.  We just want this project done, still no heat in the porch, and the basement windows are not finished along with no outlet in the living room yet.   Oh boy the list is long and my patience is short.  

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Challenge #296 - The Double Candy Cane Season, So Santa, Stampin Up

 I made this  card for the challenge at: 
What a super fun double challenge using both the required colors and the sketch.  I however did not have those exact colors so I tried to match them up as best as possible, even once again requiring assistance from my husband.  He was so cute looking at the images I stamped in a variety of greens and finally we decided on the exact same one.  Love it when he helps me out. 
The stamp sets featured in today's card are: 
Stampin Up: Candy Cane Season
Stampin Up: So Santa

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Sketch #288 For All Things, Acorny Thank you, Vintage Leaves, Stampin Up

 Well, everyday a bit more frustration sets in with this contractor.  Today he lives at 1:30 after doing very little work, and informs me he won't be back until next Tuesday.  We have our little kitchen all wrapped in plastic and ready for the floors to be removed, but nope all on hold to when HE wants to do it.  Praying it gets done fast.    I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I never imagined it would be this horrible.    Any ways on a bright note,  these cute squirrels made me smile as they were wrestling over a mushroom.    I thought how appropriate to go with my card today, being they love nuts. and such, and also the fact that I'm grateful to be able to watch them play in the yard.   
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:

The stamp sets featured in today's card are:

Stampin Up: For All Things

Stampin Up: Acorny Thank you
Stampin Up: Vintage Leaves

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, and also for keeping our home repair project in your prayers, I sincerely appreciate that.  

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

CTS #295 Cupcake Party Birthday Backgrounds, Stampin Up

 Today I made this card for the challenge at:
I worked all day yesterday on a few cards for a customer from my etsy shop.   It was a joy to do so, because they are Christmas cards, my favorite to make, but it turns out she must have changed her mind.  Drats.   Oh well I will just add them to the collection I already have in the shop and hope for the best. 
So today I thought it is time for a challenge, and what a delightful sketch.

The two stamp sets featured in this card today are:
Stampin Up: Cupcake Party
Stampin Up: Birthday Backgrounds

I really painted on the clear wink of stella for the frosting on the cupcake, but no matter what angle I tried, it just doesn't show up well in the picture.  

Here are a few pictures of our floor in the bedroom.  YIKES❕  Always more surprises with this project.  Our patience is wearing as thin as our budget with this contractor.   Praying it gets done by Thanksgiving, that will be a miracle indeed.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

#tgifc183 Product Spotlight 1998 Stampin UP Lighthouse

 Happy Saturday afternoon.   I had such a lovely day yesterday, I felt a bit refreshed after all this house drama.  It was good to get out and get away.  We even went to a free zoo, however we didn't stay to long because I forgot my walking sticks, but it was still lovely, and I was able to sit and rest a bit too.  I will share a few pictures.   Surprisingly the animals were enjoying the cool temps, and quite active which was a lot of fun to watch.  

I made this card for the challenge at: TGIF   
I used an older stampin up set (1998) that I just bought called Lighthouse.   I really purchased it for the cute little boat (not on this card) and the seagull on the post, which is on the inside of this card.   
I pulled out my washi tape anchors and added it to the top and bottom and then tied it together with some lovely twine to match.   I really like that I embossed the background, just gives the card a bit of depth.  

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog.  I'm still not receiving email notifications from my blog.  *ugh.   But please know how much I appreciate you all, and I scroll down and look for new comments almost daily.  


🦁🐯Now for the pictures of my zoo trip yesterday🐻🐫

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping