Thursday, March 30, 2017


I just wanted to pop in with a quick post to show you a few of the projects I have been working on for the craft fair.  These darling little boxes are quick to make and I'll fill them with some treats.  I tried to do a variety for people to choose from.    What do you think I should make more of: these little boxes, recipe cards, or stick with the greeting cards?  
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 Sometimes do you ever make a project and it turns out way better then you expected?  Well here is this fabulous album I made.  I originally planned on putting it in the craft fair, but golly gee I'm so in love with it, I think I might keep it for myself.   I just have to decide how to decorate the inside. Should it be for pictures, favorite verses, or a prayer journal?   Any Suggestions?   Here are a few snapshots of the album.  I really love the spine of the little book, it looks so real.  I also like that there are pockets to store items in.  How super fantastic is that?

  If you are interested in making one of these super amazing albums for yourself check out this YouTubeVideo for a tutorial.  I hope you will give it a try.  I would love to see what you come up with.
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Monday, March 27, 2017


 Goodness Gracious... My last post for today.  Big exhale here, probably for you too my friends. 
 I just wanted to show you this spectacular card I made.  I fell in love with this stamp set at Michael's a few weeks back.  I didn't buy it originally so then I had to make a second trip back because I couldn't stop thinking of it.  My husband sure is good to cart me around.  He's like, "is there anything else why we are here.. how's your glue??"  aww.. isn't that sweet.    
The butterfly is a die that I had on hand and added to the flower. The lady bug I stamped came with this set, and I also added one of those clear dimensions to the flower center next to the butterfly, they come in all sizes.  I think it gives the card great depth.
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 Here is a little 3x3 journal I made for the craft fair.  I tell ya, I had high hopes for this little gem because I made a lovely 6x6 one that I will post tomorrow in more detail and share a link.

However this little one is from a different site, and it's not nearly as nice, because it's so tiny and bulky.  The one positive is you can make if from a standard size piece of card stock instead of the 12 x 12 as is with the nice one I'll show you tomorrow.    I don't typically buy that big paper so I was really excited about this little project, but nevertheless lesson learned.  I tried to make it cute, but I had to reinforce the insides with shipping tape to keep it from ripping open.  Perhaps I could try again but with less paper.  The instructions called for 8 but maybe 4 would be enough.  Well just wanted to share that with you too.  I figure some little gal might like to play with it.   

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 I tried out two of my new stamps set that I purchased from the craft fair. Border builders and painted garden.  I really like the border, I think it's darling.  I'm still working on a technique for the painted garden, but this is my first card with it, so we will see.  Not much out there on pinterest when the stamp sets are older. So I'm just going to have to get these creative juices flowing a bit to work something out.  I added a sweet dimensional sticker over the center of the flower.  My daughter found these for me.  They are from Michael's.  I took a closer picture so you could see it better.    I probably should of added some pearl drops to the butterflies too.. Well next time.
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I combined the frosted medallions and the, So very much.. stampin up sets for this card, and I think they worked lovely together.  I added two jewels to the center of my medallions to give it a bit of sparkle.   I wasn't sure if the Thank you would show up, but it worked lovely.  
 Very quick and easy card.  
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 Happy Birthday Avant style.  I really liked this card, until I went back and ruined it my making the center of the flower darker.  I didn't think you could see it very well in the first take of it, so I made sure to change that, I should of just left well enough alone.   Any ways.  I suppose it's not all so bad.  

I thought I would share this cute little photo.. It's exactly how I feel too.    I wonder how did that stampin up box get here.. wink wink.  

Hope it made you smile.  
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OH THE JOY.....  This just takes a gal to a cobblestone  street lined with boutiques  and diners, nothing says summer like sipping an ice tea outside with a friend, discussing life, and listening to the birds.   How super swell that would be.  I like to day dream of it anyways.  I don't go out to places anymore since I can't get around easily.. but let's stay happy so back to the card.  It was some intense coloring for me, but i did the best I could and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I even like the background paper.  I'm still trying to find a way to work with pattern paper.  

Also, look who showed up today.  Chippy is back.  He looks a wee bit small.  But I'm sure he'll grow fast with all the bird seed on the ground thanks to my squirrel finding a way to scale the pole to get to the feeder. . grrr .. Oh the fun.

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Beautiful You Stampin UP

 Oh Beautiful you stamp set, how I do love to play with you.  It's always so fun to dress this gal up in designer series paper.  It's like she just comes to life when ya do.  She's a swanky gal(that's a great word, and very underused, not sure if I used it correctly, but I like it.) haha  I thought the quote below fit the color scheme of my card perfectly so I added it here.  I don't think my hubby would fully agree with it.  However he is very supportive of my hobby.    
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I'm really enjoying the simplicity of this stamp set.  It's so elegant and yet so detailed.     I have convinced myself my next purchase should be the stampin up markers, because it would be very helpful instead of trying to put part of the stamp on an ink pad and then flip to do the petals a different color.. as you can see, it's not perfect.  
Here is  my Mr. Pumkin head, the sweet little fella has been with us since before Halloween, and he's just the funniest thing to dress up.  I made the mistake of putting him on the microwave, and now my little pumpkin head is getting soft, tis a sad day. 
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I think this flower set from stampin up makes a lovely spring/Easter card, so that's exactly what I did.  I used a bit of fabric tape on the banner with the sentiment.  Of course it's crooked, but I left it.  
I also wanted to share a picture of the stamps I bought at a craft show.  I didn't even know it was going on.  So I showed up about 30 minutes before closing and it was pretty picked over.  Probably a good thing because my legs can't go that long and also my wallet.  haha.. but these were all 2 -4 dollars each.. that's a great deal.  I can't wait to play around with them.  I think Stampin up has come along way in it's designs.  It makes us all look like artists now.   Thank you so much 
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 These are the cutest wooden mason jars EVER!   My sister painted them for me, and then I went to town stamping them.  I added a nice hefty magnet to the back so you can put them on the fridge.  I actually have them on the front door right now.  I might keep one for myself.   I think they are adorable.   Thank you for stopping by.
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Gosh, I can't believe a week has went by without posting anything.  I blame this rainy cold weather.  It's just dreary.  So very thankful for stamps.  I have been working like a bee on my items for the  little table at the craft fair.  In this post I'm showcasing my little Velcro boxes to hold 3x3 post it notes.  I matched the flower and the background paper to the color of the post it notes on the inside.

 Next up is a little bag for treats.  I will make a few of these and probably put hershey kisses in them.  I thought a few for Mother's day and some wedding theme ones too.

Lastly, is another post it note holder.   I personally don't like this one. It's cute, but I like the little box better.  It seems stronger.  
I will be posting a few times today, but I'll keep them short.  I just want to show you a few of the projects  I'm working on. 
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I've been sharing all the projects I've been working on for the craft fair in May.  I'm just so excited.  It's all I think about.    So today I told myself, "make a card, that's your number one passion."  So here is it.  I will have to mask the mistake I made on the bottom with a sweet little banner or something since I didn't apply even pressure the sentiment didn't show up in spots.  Gosh I think this is a beautiful set.  I will just have to learn to play with the images a bit better. 
 Here are a few more of the craft fair projects I'm working on↓

What are your thoughts on these projects?   I think I'll just make a few more of each item and then a ton of recipe cards, and greeting cards.

I also wanted to share one more sweet picture.  My daughter's boyfriend surprised her with a tandem bike. 🚲 They are so cute riding it together.  Now please don't forget it's WI.. so they froze, but they loved it.  Today they came suited up for the weather.  Hats, mittens. etc.  
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