Saturday, October 31, 2015


Haunted Forest

H A P P Y    H A L L O W E E N
I had to try a new technique for this frightfully spooky card, and it turned out pretty amazing.. giving some depth to the forest. I see a few more of these cards in my future.  I really like how the trees just pop out. and the pumpkins are hidden...(but not)
I also had to make a quick and super simple card for my FIL.
below ↓ it is not my best work but nevertheless, I 
wanted to share it.  because I still think homemade is best.

Hope ya all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Thank you for stopping by my blog

Friday, October 30, 2015


The skeleton slide card I made for today is a 
super fun card to make and I'm sure anyone
would enjoy receiving it, especially kiddos.

It has a neat little slide system that as you 
can see below↓ reveals a secret message.

I think this would be a fun card to make for all 
occasions, but it just so happened that I found this cute 
tape and thought I need to use this on a Halloween card before
I forget I have it.  

Hope ya all have a Fabulous Friday.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Haunted House

Can you believe it?  one whole week passed by since I started my little blog.
Drum Roll Please..... I have 5 friends following me on this great card adventure. 

((( I feel Blessed.)))
*If you can think of anyway to help me increase my number of friends following
my blog please let me know.
I hope you enjoy this frightfully spooky Halloween card I designed, of course the googly  eyes on the spider make it a bit to cute to be that crazy scary.   The web embossing folder is such an easy technique for a a big splash,...
Have a Terrific Thursday ☺

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Sweet Spider

My goodness Halloween is fast approaching and even though I've been stamping cards and making sure to try and get them out to friends and family before the day arrives... I forgot that we need to purchase some treats for our little tricksters, in fact we didn't even get a pumpkin yet this year.. YIKES!  Time is running out, add that to my to do list for tomorrow.  
 I just want to share the following:
I went to Bible study this morning and was very convicted about how a person can become so self absorbed,  and our culture tends to make sure of it.. notice all the (I's)  iphone, ipod, ipad.. My documents My pictures.. etc me.. me.. me.. WOW~ very convicting.  

So what are some traditions you will share with your family this Halloween?  Do you dress up?  Bob for apples? Make caramel apples?  Decorate the house?  Carve Pumpkins? I'd love to get some feedback.  Have a Blessed Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Again with the Acorns 
WOW!! I almost forgot to post a card.  *Gasp.. haha.  Just a lot going on with doctors and Physical therapy and such, any ways, another fall card, well it is that time of the year so why not.  This card design is just super simple: a little washi tape and a few embossed lines around the edge and bam! It's done. Would so enjoy to hear your thoughts and ideas.  
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
     Hope ya all had a Terrific Tuesday.     

Monday, October 26, 2015


Yesterday I was talking about perhaps showing you a few pictures of how I organize my cards, well I got this crazy idea that I should try to video it instead.  haha.. Let me just tell you I have an extremely old camera, and I had to hold it the whole time while making this little clip (sure to be a hit)  I mean seriously I see this clip going viral instantly on youtube.. haha NOT!!  it's extremely dark and shaky, but ya know what ,, it's all good.  Trial and error, and proof that I'm just starting out here, and like my cards in the beginning.. everything gets better with time.  Well, I hope you appreciate my effort at least, and I'll go back to posting pictures tomorrow.. or wait maybe I'll get so good at this video thing I'll  post a demonstration on how I make some of my cards.. Just kidding.. I think pictures might be best at least until Santa or someone (myself) gets me a new camera ☺  
Hope you have a Marvelous Monday.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Brayer Background technique card

Hope everyone is having a super Sunday.  The background on the card above was done the old school way.   I have a stencil with stripes and so I inked up my brayer and rolled it over the stencil and then turned it to give it that checkered look.  It turned out ok, I haven't done it in awhile and practice is always best when using a brayer, at least that is what I told myself with this finished project.  .  The fun thing about stamping is it brings out your inner child creativity.. where colors don't have to  match and also leaves don't have to match the acorns . I mean seriously the oak leaf just didn't look as nice as this maple leaf does.. so I just went with it.

 Tomorrow I think I might post pictures of how I organize the cards I make, and how I organize the mailing list. because being a bit (a lot) OCD I do have a system for that too.. they're not just for Christmas cards..
What are some tips you use to stay organized with your cards?

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Had to share this cute and very festive little acorn card I made this afternoon.. I don't always use a background paper but I thought this just gave the card a whimsical look and worked well with the acorn theme. 



So this is one of the very few remaining chocolate chip muffins I was talking about a few days ago.  I had a request to go ahead and post a picture so there is the little bit of heavenly deliciousness ..
What's your favorite muffin recipe?
Hope you're all having a Super Saturday.


I had a difficult time today choosing the card to post here.. but mission accomplished and I think I chose well, for as you can see, my stamping theme changed and I decided to stamp Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas.     I think people tend to over look Thanksgiving, that's just my very humble opinion.   I know some families go all out for this day with a huge feast so much so that it becomes a stress factor of making sure you serve the perfect food on the perfect plates.. and so on.  Any ways.. I think thanksgiving should be about sincere gratitude for the blessing of family/friends
and of course the food and fellowship, a day to relax and  "count our blessings"  and talking about counting your blessings.. I found for myself lately that when I check out the pinterest board (which I do often) I find myself having a little pity party,  and my inside voice saying , "I can't stamp like that, or my cards don't look that spectacular."  I should just give up.. but then I remember.. count my blessings I feel like my cards are my out reach, my way of encouraging people, and sharing kind words so I press on Give God the Glory and try to do my best.  I wish I could afford to send everyone a Thanksgiving card this year.. but Trust that those who receive them will be blessed.
Do you think Thanksgiving Day is overlooked ?

Friday, October 23, 2015


Today is just one of those days where it's cloudy, cold, and just plain old gloomy. So I chose to post a card I did awhile ago for a friend.. It is so bright and colorful and in all honest a bit out of the norm. for me.  Even thought while making this card it was a  bit eccentric  but I am pleased with the outcome.. because the intended recipient told me how much she appreciated it, and that is always good to hear ☺ Especially since I was out of my stamping comfort zone. haha   I planned on staying with fall(ish) cards being that it's still Oct.  but today with the overcast I'm feeling the need for Christmas music and Christmas cards .. so that's on my agenda.
Now  about yesterday, I felt a little ambitious and was able to make some homemade chocolate chip muffins .. and golly gee I must say.. they turned out fabulously delicious,  perhaps I'll post a picture of those too, that is if the family and (I) don't eat them all gone first.
Is there a famous go to recipe that you or your family always enjoy?  you know the one that the kids request frequently.. the safe no fail kind of recipe.  Hope you will share your thoughts or recipes below. Thank you :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Happy Halloween Pumpkin Card.

My first blog post, and what better way to begin a blog, but during the onset of the Holiday seasons .
So many opportunities to bless others with a one of a kind homemade card.  

  I do however feel the majority of my posts will be cards, but I tend to enjoy all crafts from  cooking, baking to crocheting and cross stitch. so I might post a few of those items as well.  At any time you are interested in how I did something please feel free to ask in the comment section.
It's so interesting to me to see how much my stamping has changed throughout the years, I wish I had  a picture of some of my cards in those early stamping days.. YIKES!!! what was I thinking????  I still have a few cards here and there that I make and just chalk it up as a non-crafty kind of day.. wink wink... like I always say .. it's not a Hallmark it's Homemade.
Do you enjoy sending cards?  or do you think it is a lost art? 
  Do you enjoy receiving cards?
Please comment your thoughts.  
Thank you☺