Thursday, October 22, 2015


Happy Halloween Pumpkin Card.

My first blog post, and what better way to begin a blog, but during the onset of the Holiday seasons .
So many opportunities to bless others with a one of a kind homemade card.  

  I do however feel the majority of my posts will be cards, but I tend to enjoy all crafts from  cooking, baking to crocheting and cross stitch. so I might post a few of those items as well.  At any time you are interested in how I did something please feel free to ask in the comment section.
It's so interesting to me to see how much my stamping has changed throughout the years, I wish I had  a picture of some of my cards in those early stamping days.. YIKES!!! what was I thinking????  I still have a few cards here and there that I make and just chalk it up as a non-crafty kind of day.. wink wink... like I always say .. it's not a Hallmark it's Homemade.
Do you enjoy sending cards?  or do you think it is a lost art? 
  Do you enjoy receiving cards?
Please comment your thoughts.  
Thank you☺


  1. I enjoy getting cards but I have to say I'm not very good about returning the favor 😞

  2. I think we all have our "special" way of being a blessing to others, whether it's sending/receiving cards, baking, or just being supportive via technology.. a positive word goes along way.. thank you for commenting ☺


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