Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Sweet Spider

My goodness Halloween is fast approaching and even though I've been stamping cards and making sure to try and get them out to friends and family before the day arrives... I forgot that we need to purchase some treats for our little tricksters, in fact we didn't even get a pumpkin yet this year.. YIKES!  Time is running out, add that to my to do list for tomorrow.  
 I just want to share the following:
I went to Bible study this morning and was very convicted about how a person can become so self absorbed,  and our culture tends to make sure of it.. notice all the (I's)  iphone, ipod, ipad.. My documents My pictures.. etc me.. me.. me.. WOW~ very convicting.  

So what are some traditions you will share with your family this Halloween?  Do you dress up?  Bob for apples? Make caramel apples?  Decorate the house?  Carve Pumpkins? I'd love to get some feedback.  Have a Blessed Wednesday.

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