Monday, October 26, 2015


Yesterday I was talking about perhaps showing you a few pictures of how I organize my cards, well I got this crazy idea that I should try to video it instead.  haha.. Let me just tell you I have an extremely old camera, and I had to hold it the whole time while making this little clip (sure to be a hit)  I mean seriously I see this clip going viral instantly on youtube.. haha NOT!!  it's extremely dark and shaky, but ya know what ,, it's all good.  Trial and error, and proof that I'm just starting out here, and like my cards in the beginning.. everything gets better with time.  Well, I hope you appreciate my effort at least, and I'll go back to posting pictures tomorrow.. or wait maybe I'll get so good at this video thing I'll  post a demonstration on how I make some of my cards.. Just kidding.. I think pictures might be best at least until Santa or someone (myself) gets me a new camera ☺  
Hope you have a Marvelous Monday.  

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