Sunday, October 25, 2015


Brayer Background technique card

Hope everyone is having a super Sunday.  The background on the card above was done the old school way.   I have a stencil with stripes and so I inked up my brayer and rolled it over the stencil and then turned it to give it that checkered look.  It turned out ok, I haven't done it in awhile and practice is always best when using a brayer, at least that is what I told myself with this finished project.  .  The fun thing about stamping is it brings out your inner child creativity.. where colors don't have to  match and also leaves don't have to match the acorns . I mean seriously the oak leaf just didn't look as nice as this maple leaf does.. so I just went with it.

 Tomorrow I think I might post pictures of how I organize the cards I make, and how I organize the mailing list. because being a bit (a lot) OCD I do have a system for that too.. they're not just for Christmas cards..
What are some tips you use to stay organized with your cards?

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