Saturday, October 24, 2015


I had a difficult time today choosing the card to post here.. but mission accomplished and I think I chose well, for as you can see, my stamping theme changed and I decided to stamp Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas.     I think people tend to over look Thanksgiving, that's just my very humble opinion.   I know some families go all out for this day with a huge feast so much so that it becomes a stress factor of making sure you serve the perfect food on the perfect plates.. and so on.  Any ways.. I think thanksgiving should be about sincere gratitude for the blessing of family/friends
and of course the food and fellowship, a day to relax and  "count our blessings"  and talking about counting your blessings.. I found for myself lately that when I check out the pinterest board (which I do often) I find myself having a little pity party,  and my inside voice saying , "I can't stamp like that, or my cards don't look that spectacular."  I should just give up.. but then I remember.. count my blessings I feel like my cards are my out reach, my way of encouraging people, and sharing kind words so I press on Give God the Glory and try to do my best.  I wish I could afford to send everyone a Thanksgiving card this year.. but Trust that those who receive them will be blessed.
Do you think Thanksgiving Day is overlooked ?


  1. You have a beautiful gift of creativity! When I look at each of these cards I can see the picture that you are painting! You should never have a pity party because these are by far some of the most gorgeous and spectacular cards I have seen before. Please keep on making these cards because YOU have a gift and you should share that talent of yours!

    1. Thank you so much for such a sweet compliment, you truly touched my Heart ♥. I appreciate your kind words, it made my day. God Bless.


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