Monday, December 30, 2019

#TGIFC244~Happy New Year, Cheers to That, Number of Years, Stampin Up

 I made this fun New Year's Card for the challenge at:

I love how sparkly this card turned out.  As you can see from the many pictures, I was trying to get creative so I could capture the way the light plays off of this card.  It's fantastic.  I think my favorite is the top one where I put it in my Christmas tree.  In fact I think next year I will decorate the tree with Christmas cards I make before sending them out.  What a festive Idea.   
The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up:  Cheers To That
Stampin Up:  Number of Years
and one solo stampin up : Happy New Year 

I added black card stock behind the numbers to give them some shadow, and then I pop dotted the numbers for dimension.  I cut out the little champagne  glasses and dropped on some glossy accents.  To make it appear like real liquid. By the way have you ever used a saber to open your champagne  It's sounds rather exciting. 

I'm also including a few pictures of the snowy weather we are having here today in WI.  

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sketch #348~Happy Birthday to You, Birthday Wit, Stampin Up

  Hello my friends.  It's been four days since my last post.  YIKES.   All I can say is that's probably a good thing.  My darling children were home for Christmas, and kept me busy, and we celebrated my daughter's birthday on Friday hence this lovely birthday card.  

I have to admit this is not the usual style I would make for her, but I wanted to try and match the sketch at: Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge

I made a square card, however, I flipped the corners where the pine cones are and chose to use a sentiment.  

The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up:  Happy Birthday To You
Stampin Up:  Birthday Wit

I added a lot of pearl paint to the cake to make it look like authentic frosting.  Then I added a line of beading along the cake plate base to fancy it up a little more.   Finished it off with some navy blue jewels for the center of the flowers.   I chose these colors for her because her wedding colors were navy, and I thought she would like it.   

However, on the inside that was the hit, my daughter is the queen of puns and quick wit,   So she loved that sentiment and she loves llama's so it all worked out.  I even stuck a wobbler on the llama so he wiggled.

I'm also including a picture of our kiddos.  At the ice rink down town on our Daughter's birthday. 
It was a lovely time.  I of course can't do anything but take pictures and laugh, but it was fun.  I'm so thankful to my kids for including me.  The night was magical. The sky was gorgeous and these young people are delightful.  

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas celebrating with family and friends.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Sketch #347~Star Of Light, Stampin Up

 I made this Star of Wonder card for the challenge at:

The stamp set used in this card is:
Stampin Up:  Star of Light

It's hard to see the color of the DSP, but it's a deep burgundy with gold accents.  I took two pictures again, one with light and the other by a window.   I added gold ribbon for the horizontal parts in the sketch.    My star was a bit too big for the center square, but I decided to layer the sentiment over the top of it.  I think it turned out ok.  I'm not a huge fan of gold but in this case it worked well with the burgundy color. 
I really love the sentiment on the inside of the card.

Now for the chewy boxes in the picture.  One might think HP is quite spoiled, however in each of those boxes were very little items.   Cracks me up they didn't pack it all together in the bigger box.  Which actually is a toy for our daughter and son-in-law's cat, Charlie.  
Any ways it was so cute when the fedex dropped off the box and HP went crazy barking, I'm sure they thought he is one pampered pooch and knows his boxes from Santa have arrived.  

I snapped a picture of him by the tree playing with one of his tennis balls.  He is such a cutie.  His sore paw is getting better each day and the fur is starting to grow back. 

Thank you for taking time during the busy Christmas season to visit my blog.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

SSC220 KEEP IT OPEN~ Star of Light, Stampin Up, Christmas Noel, Recollections

 I made this card for the challenge at:

The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up: Star of Light
Recollections:  Christmas Noel

Well folks, I made this card super fast, a young lady was talking on facebook that she don't receive many Christmas cards, so I told her I'd send her out one.  Well, sometimes life gets hectic.  My poor husband who never stays home from work was home with a migraine.  Without sharing to much let's just say we had to get the bucket quickly beside him.  So I made a batch of chicken soup, which then turned into chicken stew because I boiled it down to not much liquid, I was a bit distracted.  
Anyways Finally at 5 in the afternoon I put this card together so I could zoom it over to the post office before 5:30pm.  
I'm pleased with how it turned out, even though the Recollections stamps are a bit more difficult to work with and don't give a good crisp image.   I then added a lot of that wonderful puff paint to look like real snow.  
For some reason the inside picture looks completely different colored then the outside.  I can assure you the outside is the deep red plaid that the inside is too.  Just a horrible picture. 

It's like one degree here, and HP thinks he can just sit outside after taking care of business.  Every time I'd call him to get him back inside, he'd turn his back like, "one minute please"  that little rascal.  Hence the picture of him.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my ramblings.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sketch #346~Star of Light, God's Peace, Varied Vases, Stampin Up

 Well well well, the third time finally is the charm for this card.   I tell ya this sketch gave me quite the challenge.  I really wanted to use my moose stamp set and matching punch, but it just didn't seem to have the "aha" look I was going for.   I also was forgetting the little vertical lines in the sketch.   So I had to sneak in some washi tape.  But today finally I put down the moose set and said to myself, "try something else"  and there it is folks the top card with candles, the one I will be submitting to the challenge at:

The stamp sets featured in this card are:

Stampin Up:  Star of Light
Stampin Up:  God's Peace
Stampin Up:  Varied Vases

I used red and green sparkly washi tape for the top and bottom.  Apparently I never learn I can't take good pictures with sparkly stuff, but I sure do like it.   I then added pearl paint to the candles to make it look like real wax and gold glitter paint to the center of the poinsettia.  

I did include the moose cards, so you can see them.   I'll still send them out, because I'm in  need of making more cards and time is running out, Hopefully someone will appreciate them on my list. 

I am also including the 4 snow globe cards.  I made them for the kiddos.  The Non-traditional card in purple, with the silver reindeer is for my son's girlfriend.   The Little red house is for my daughter and son-in-law, because of their lovely home.  And the cute city scene with the Christmas taxi is for my son, who drives for the city he lives in.  The Giant snowman in the one globe, I sent to a dear friend.  

For those of you curious about HP, I was able to get him his prednisone so the little paw is healing.  It's not nice that steroid.  He is so thirsty and needs to be let out a LOT more.  However, on the plus side, he is healing.   SO praise the LORD for that.  

Thank you for all the love and prayers for the little puppers.  

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

FUSION - Christmas~Bella & Friends, Song in your Heart, Let it Snow, Loads of Love, Stampin Up

 I made this card for my dad.   I even got a little creative and stuck it in the tree to snap a picture.  Hence the reason I also included that snapshot too.  

I will submit this card to the challenge at:

The stamp sets featured in this card are:

Stampin Up:  Bella & Friends
Stampin Up: Song In Your Heart
Stampin Up: Let It Snow
Stampin Up: Loads of Love

I made the truck look like it was Hubby and I with our pup, HP riding along to get the Christmas tree from the forest.  
I love that little scene in the lantern so that is what I tried to recreate.   

I'm also including a few more pictures of our side yard.  We had a couple inches of snow again today, with freezing drizzle.  

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sketch #345 Christmas Gleaming, Stampin Up

 I made this card for the challenge at:

The stamp set featured in this card is
Stampin Up:  Christmas Gleaming

Only one stamp set.  haha..  I'm laughing at myself because yesterday I made a cute little gingerbread card and used 5 different sets to create that card.  

However, I did run into some issues.  Usually when the cutting blade is dull, it tears or rips the edges of the cardstock, well, goodness gracious that paper I purchased from a local craft store, is so soft that I couldn't get a straight edge no matter what I did.  I even used a trick my friend told me about.  Using a finger nail file to smooth off the edges.   It helped some.  But you can still see the blue paper does not have nice straight edges.  GRRR.  
Any ways a lovely Blue Christmas card  is what I had intended.

I'm also including a picture of the boxes I 've been working on for Christmas.  I will be adding treats and tags and giving as gifts.

Up next, our precious little hound, HP, also now known as "sore paw"  is not feeling well, and the vet experience Friday night and Saturday was NOT good.   We wanted to get him in quickly so chose a different vet.  Well, folks we will be going back to our favorite.  Even though he only works 2x a week.   He just knows a lot about Hunter.   In fact these woman were so googly eyed over him that I feel they didn't really pay attention to that sore paw(you can see in the picture)  Perhaps it's because English Springer Spaniels aren't a common dog in our area, I don't know, but this I know, I don't want him to suffer, the medicine she gave him, he threw up, and then when the cream she instructed us to put on his paw was applied, he pulled back and whimpered.. so it must have hurt.  (sigh)  Just want the little guy well. 

Well folks thanks for listening and stopping by.

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Week 357: GINGERBREAD, Nothing Sweeter, Star of Light, Santa's Sleigh, Scentsational Season, So Santa, Stampin Up

 Aw, will ya take a look at that cute little gingerbread man?   I think he is adorable.  
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:
The picture is a little dark, most likely because I made the card this evening and my house does not offer the best lighting for picture taking.   It's best to do it during the daylight.  

The stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up:  Nothing Sweeter
Stampin Up: Star of Light
Stampin Up: Santa's Sleigh
Stampin Up: Scentsational Season
Stampin Up: So Santa

Quite a few stamp sets but they all worked well together.  I love how the Chef hat from, "so santa" fits the gingerbread boy so well from Scentsational Season.   I also love the magical look of the stars from Star of light for the background.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
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*NOTE:  On waking up this morning I knew I had to take a better picture in the daylight, so I added the two  lighter pictures so you could see the card details better.