Monday, March 27, 2017


 Here is a little 3x3 journal I made for the craft fair.  I tell ya, I had high hopes for this little gem because I made a lovely 6x6 one that I will post tomorrow in more detail and share a link.

However this little one is from a different site, and it's not nearly as nice, because it's so tiny and bulky.  The one positive is you can make if from a standard size piece of card stock instead of the 12 x 12 as is with the nice one I'll show you tomorrow.    I don't typically buy that big paper so I was really excited about this little project, but nevertheless lesson learned.  I tried to make it cute, but I had to reinforce the insides with shipping tape to keep it from ripping open.  Perhaps I could try again but with less paper.  The instructions called for 8 but maybe 4 would be enough.  Well just wanted to share that with you too.  I figure some little gal might like to play with it.   

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  1. It certainly looks very cute and lots of thought has gone into it PJ. Barbxx


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