Friday, March 23, 2018

Sketch #256~Remarkable You Stampin UP

 I made this card using my stampin up remarkable you set along with 2 little Easter stamps I had on hand.  I have to say I tried multiple times to mask this flower so I could stamp the leaves over the top. To give it a real authentic look.  Well folks,   I gave up and finally just cut out the leaves to add to the stem.   My gosh the struggle with this was real my friends.   I added a little gold glitter to the center of the flower, reminds me of pollen
I am so excited because today in the mail I received my new little stamp for the back of my cards.  It's a daisy.  My FAVORITE❕ so I colored it in and punched it out and also layered it with a scallop punch to showcase the new little addition.  It can be any color I like or no color at all.. just a yellow center.  
I'm going to submit my card to the challenge at:  

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

CAS Game #111 - Use Only One Third & Teal and White! Party Pandas & Birthday Wishes for you Stampin UP

  I made this simple birthday card using the stampin up Party Pandas and  Birthday Wishes for you set.  It was really fast and simple to make, the only thing I did different was re-coloring  a few of the letters to give them a darker look of teal.  I wanted to give it a little pop of character.           I'm going to submit this card to the following challenges:  

   AAA Cards 
                                  Always a fun one to enter in.

Then up next is:    

Challenge is "Teal and White"
This is my first time playing along with this challenge blog.
I thought the two complimented each other well. 
I'm also tacking on a picture of the Easter card I made.  I have to keep at those because well before ya know it Easter will be here.  Also adding a picture of my furry little friend enjoying his apple snack.  They usually prefer corn, but this one seems content with the apple.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

No Patterned Paper Card Challenge & Challenge #105 our 4th Birthday! Party Pandas Stampin UP

 Oh boy, I learned a new technique Called Polished Stone check it out here.   I went a bit crazy overboard with the colors.  I chose 3 but they are such happy colors I thought that they worked perfectly for a very Happy Birthday celebration card.  I used Stampin up's Party Panda for this festive card.   With that beautiful homemade polished stone background I wanted to keep the focal point simple and yet have it pop.  I used the Amazing You set for the sentiment on the inside of the card.  I'm really excited to try this technique for a Christmas card, or fall~oooh  it's going to be spectacular, and it's so simple I can even do it.  whoohoo❕  
 I'm going to submit this card to the following challenges: 
No Patterned Paper Card Challenge

Well my friends, if you follow my blog you will remember that my mom passed away this past January.  Two weeks before our daughter's wedding.  However My dad just dropped off a box yesterday.  Gosh it made me sad.. my mom had all the cards I made for her according to years.  My family has always called me "Jo" hence the name on the envelopes.  I looked at a few that never made it to the envelopes.. I honestly don't know what to do with them, just makes me sad, makes me wonder why does a person even make cards, in the end they are just recycled anyways.  But then out of the blue a friend messages me and says she is going to "FRAME" the card I sent her.  Oh that made me happy thinking people truly do appreciate the work we put into our cards.  My mom use to always tell me it was such a waste of time, and that why go through all that work, then the the sweetest thing happened.. dad brought the box..she kept them.  and one more little treasure.. in her last days, as sick as she was..I went to hospice and would visit, but would also pass out cards to other patients.. mom asked to see them, and she sat up on the side of her hospital bed and said they're very nice.  That's a HUGE compliment from her.  Sorry for a such a long post.  Just don't give up my fellow stamping friends.  People are blessed with the cards we send.
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WWC162 - Charlotte's Masculine "Anything Goes" Challenge~ Waterfront, In the Meadow, Beautiful Ride Stampin UP

 I made this card for my hubby.  I came across a challenge I have not ever entered before and thought I would pull out a few stamp sets to try and make it spectacular.  Everything was going inky fine until the sentiment.. ya see it?  ugh.  Always happens. I even practiced on a little scrap paper and everything.  *sigh.   The Three sets I used are all from stampin up:  Beautiful Ride, In the Meadow, and Waterfront.   Loads of coloring and masking and such to make this delightful card. I'm really happy how it turned out even with a crooked sentiment.  I did see something similar to this one I made, somewhere on the internet, but being I'm in the other craft room now, I didn't want to run back and forth to the computer to look and find it, so I tried to remember and then just let my imagination take over.   I really like how it turned out and will submit it to the challenge at: Watercooler Wednesday Challenge For Charlotte's Masculine "Anything Goes" Challenge
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RRCB82~Flashy Floral Stampin UP

Well Folks, I thought I'd give the tic tac toe Challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog  another try.  This time I  chose the top row across.
I pulled out my stampin up 1996 Flashy floral set that I'm not really fond of.  Ya know it got me thinking of how we stamp what we love and that shines through.  I have tried over the years to work with this set, but it's just one of those that I can't seem to master.  No matter what I do.  But nevertheless I don't want to get rid of it, just in case someday there is a "stamp breakthrough"  and I actually make something beautiful with it.  any ways my friends there it is  my very pink thank you with a hit of embossing on the side. 
A quick question.. Is anyone else experiencing log in and Log out problems with blogger?  If so do you know how to fix it?   It's always something with me and this blogger.  GRRRR. 
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SUO Challenge 196: Spring is About to Spring!~ Best Birds Stampin UP

 I made this card using 3 colors, old olive, rich razzleberry and calypso coral.  In fact I didn't even color in the branch because I wanted to stick with those 3 colors.   A very simple card, I think it qualifies as a spring card, at least with the cute  little buds and bird.  I Love hearing the birdies sing in the early morning, just makes my heart happy.  
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: SU Only Challenges where the challenge is "Spring"  What a delightful way to start the spring season.   I used stampin up's Best Birds set.  After stampin and coloring I fussy cut them all out.  Of course always stampin the sentiment crooked.. I think that's just my way of letting people know it's homemade 😉
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CTS #263~Basket Bunch Stampin UP

I'm so excited about my new little prayer request/contact form on the right hand side underneath HP's photo.   I'm looking forward to hearing from more people.

I made this card for the challenge at: CAS(E) This Sketch
I used my favorite little Easter set called Basket Bunch from stampin up.   I am so in love with that little bunny, he just has attitude and it shines through with each card ya make.   I also am a big fan of the washi tape that I used for the back ground.  I think it's a sweet Easter card.   I even stamped the inside too.  
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Challenge 359 - Green~ My First all out St.Patrick's Day Card

 Did ya all see the new addition to my blog?   It's the nifty little Prayer request/contact form on the right hand side column underneath the picture of HP.  I'm most excited about this because I like to send out cards anonymously and let people know that I have prayed for them.  So I'm hoping that if I add my blog address to the back of my cards they can come here and leave a direct request.
Well folks I'm still trying to deal with the craft room.  *sigh.. but I was able to make a couple cards, and this one here is with my new St. Patricks day set that I won randomly at a blog challenge.  So even though it's after St. Patrick's day I thought it would work lovely for the challenge at: Try Stampin On Tuesday where the optional theme is: GREEN
So I went all out with the green as you can see. 😉 I stamped the little fella and then colored and cut him out, I had to add the little smile because he didn't have one, and everyone needs to smile.  Just makes life better, even when it's not all daisies and delightful.
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Monday, March 19, 2018

Challenge #367 - OLC Stencils

I would like to extend a warm welcome to my new blog follower. Image result for minion thank you
It makes my day to see my little blog growing.
 I needed to make a quick thank you note today for a friend who purchased a few cards on my Etsy shop.   I sure so appreciate her support.   I came across the fun challenge at: 
I pulled out my little folder that holds a few stencils.  I don't have to many because I just can't seem to create anything nice with them.  However this little splotch I thought would be fabulous, and so I sponged it on the card stock, then tried to darken the edges with multiple colors, but it didn't look very nice, so then I started moving the stencil around a bit.. and WOW.. it made all the difference.  I love how it turned out.   I'll share a really lame attempt at a tropical card I tried to make with the stencils..too.  Let's just all say, "YIKES" together.  😉 hence NOT the entry card.
I also am sharing a picture of the little wooden mason jars. They each have a magnet on the back.  I will be adding them to my Etsy shop this evening.  I think I will sell them for $2.00 each.  Please stop by my shop later for details.  

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

RRCB82~Two Step Stampin UP Easter Egg

 I made this card today for my etsy shop.  I had a request for Easter cards.  I then realized that the stampin up set I was using was an older one which made me think of
This particular stampin up set is from 2000 and is a two step Easter egg set.  I honestly didn't know what to choose on the tic tac toe board..but I finally headed in the direction of the far right column.  Embossing, green, and vellum.   First off let me say I'm never quite sure how to play, because should I just stick with all green or may I use other colors.  Well folks I chose to incorporate a rainbow of colors but made sure green was on the card both the outside and inside, and much to my surprise I had a super small piece of vellum in my paper stash.  I never use the stuff because I'm not sure how to work with it well, and then glue it down is also another problem, hence the ribbon today to cover up the adhesive.  For embossing I used the polka dots folder for the background. 
I also made a few other cards for my shop today.  So I thought I'd share them here on my blog along with the beautiful flowers I got today.  I love daisies, however the sign said that these are mums, but they look like daisies to me, and they just make me happy.  Now I have to figure out how to take care of them.   I also wanted to mention that the one card below is a dogwood flower and it has such a neat Easter meaning..because the flowers look like a cross.  My Dear Aunt Ann had these metal dogwood flowers above her organ keyboard.  I'm now the owner of these and keep them in my Bible Study room.  I think these cards will also work well for my SCS post.   

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Has anyone else noticed a little less activity on their blogs lately?  Perhaps it's the nice weather, or Perhaps it's just my blog.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Challenge # 263 - Sketch~Basket Bunch Stampin UP

 Introducing the  first card today that I made in my new stamp room.  Exciting news right?  Well it's not all daisies.. I can't even believe I'm going to say this, but I'm not happy in here.  I guess I had a system on the porch.  All jammed in there with my supplies at my finger tips and big old teacher desk.  Let me just say it's really giving me pains in my neck/back, I won't go into detail about my condition, but the uneven floors in our home has been a problem for me since surgery.  Our porch is the only level place in the house.. hence my craft room / bible study room was out there until I got this bright idea to turn our daughter's room into the "new stamp room"  Oh boy.  I don't think it will stay here folks.  Hubby might try to move the table a bit to see if it will help, but being it's a small room we don't have many options.  At least I know I can always have his help and move my supplies back out to the porch.   Sorry for the long story.  *sigh.   I'll give it a couple more days in here to see if the pain goes away.  Any ways thankful to have a home and a place to move my crafts back too.  

Onto the card now.  I made a simple little Easter card for the challenge at:  CAS Colours & Sketches

Using the basket bunch from stampin up and some washi tape.  It came together rather easily, even while dealing with the new room. 😉.  A little bit of coloring for Mr. Rabbit and that's all there was to it.  
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Challenge # 190 Things with Tails~Hedgehugs & We Must Celebrate Stampin UP

 The sun is shining and it looks glorious outside.  However, there is a cold wind and so I enjoy the sun from the windows.  I also enjoy watching our squirrel friends play in the yard, deck and apparently now on top of our A/C unit outside.  Those little rascals.  No wonder HP gets so excited.. he just wants to run outside and play too.  I thought I'd share a couple pictures of the little fellas.  We have about 5-7 squirrels that make our yard  their home.  So when they decide to come down from the nest or in some cases out of the snowmobile shed next door.. the yard comes a live with excitement.

I made this card today for the challenge at: Cardz 4 Guyz 
Where the challenge is "Things with Tails" 
Ironically I couldn't include HP in this challenge, since he no longer has a tail.   It was docked when he was just a puppy, before we got him.   
So back to the card,  I  chose Hedgehugs  for the tree stumps, and We Must celebrate for the little critters and the mushrooms.  Both sets are from stampin up.   I also used a lawn fawn die to cut the grass.  haha.. cut the grass. That cracks me up.   My background paper is a gift from a friend and I thought it would work lovely here, it's also what the grass is too, I didn't want to many green shades.  I even embossed the little log behind the scenes, but it doesn't really show up so well.  I think the card turned out rather cute.  
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