Monday, September 17, 2018

FUSION Citrus, Birthday Wit, Party Pandas, Takeout Treats thinlits Stampin UP

 This card I made for my nephew's upcoming birthday.    So I found a challenge to play along with:
I opted to just do the sketch for today's card.  I used some DSP for the background and embossed the black horizontal stripe and added some cupcake washi tape to the top of it.  
My niece's b.d. is today so I made her a card too, but she had a request, NO stamps.  YIKES.. I had to hand draw her a unicorn you can see that here.   So I made them each little candy boxes, and used my new take out treats thinlits.  They fit in those boxes fabulously.  

The stamps featured in today's card are:
Stampin Up:  Birthday Wit
Stampin Up: Party Pandas
Stampin Up:  Takeout treats thinlits

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Sketch #282 Cauldron Bubble, Spooky Sweets, Stampin UP

Today I made another Halloween card.  I'm trying to stock up my Etsy Shop.   I really wanted to have a make and take class at my home, but it's under a bit of construction right now.  Oh the joy of owning an older home.  😉
So that's postponed, so my next best option is to try and make more cards to add in the shop and see if I can sell them.

I will be submitting this card  to the challenge at:
I used a couple stampin up sets:
Cauldron Bubble
Spooky Sweets
I even used the DSP and glitter ribbon, gosh that ribbon is fabulous.  So sparkly.  I used some washi tape behind the double circles, and witches hat.  I added a couple black enamel dots to the bats.  I took a picture and then realized it just looked very plain on the edges, so I gave it a quick sponge with black ink.  Much Better. 

I'm also including a picture of this lovely find on Saturday at the consignment shop in town, I wanted to see if I had sold a few items, well, by golly I did and then turned around and deposited it back because I had to purchase this lovely stampin up punch for $3.50.  Ya can't beat that deal. I don't have that size, and it works.  whoohoo❕

Oh one more little thing to add.  One of my Etsy customers from Hawaii left me a lovely note today.  Such a great way to start a Monday. ↓
 Aloha, Patty!

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my beautiful Aloha rubber stamp.... love it! And I am so very thankful for the beautiful card you enclosed and the recipe cards as well. You are so very kind and generous. I’ll never forget your kind deed. For some reason I can’t leave feedback until September 18th, but as soon as the system allows me to I most certainly give you fabulous feedback .... because you are fabulous!!!! Thanks again, Patty. Have a long, happy, healthy and creative colorful life my friend !!!!😘 

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

FMS354 Wonderland, Stampin UP

 I made this card for the challenge at:
I used my stampin up set called Wonderland.  I thought the three pine trees represented the vertical stripes perfectly.  I tried to mask the sentiment but it just didn't turn out so swell, so I made a banner instead to cover up my mistake.
I really wanted to add a bit more bling to this card, or dot the trees with a white gel pen to give it a snow affect, but I chose to leave it plain.  I think it looks lovely now.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

CTS #289~Cauldron Bubble Stampin Up

 Hello friends.  This card I made today for the challenge at: 

 I used my new stampin up set called cauldron bubble.  It's super cute.  Oh my gosh that little frog is just so happy looking I almost "croaked"  haha.  Of course I had to say that.   
I also really love the font of the sentiments.. so swirly sweet.   
And the inside is held together with the perfect web.  

I'm also including a picture of the latest batch of rocks I painted.  So much fun to hide these in the community.  I hope people appreciate them and smile, and of course re-hide.  

Update on our home:  almost all the basement windows are done.  I'm going to see if he can do one more. There are 6 total, however, I had one replaced a few years ago, and honestly  The contractor is doing a very nice job so far so I want to see if he will just re-do that one too.    Hubby is concerned for the budget.. So I don't know if we can squeeze that last one in.  I'll keep ya posted.  

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

HSSSC298 Cauldron Bubble Stampin UP

I made this card for the challenge at: 
I was most excited to play with my new stampin up set Cauldron Bubble.  I even ordered the paper that goes along with this set.  I'm not much of a Halloween card maker but I'm having fun with the cute stamp sets
this year.   However, I'm noticing my age when coloring, good
golly even with my cheater glasses I'm having some difficulty.  But nevertheless it's still fun.   
I must invest in some blender pens.  I have a few copic markers my friend Nancy gave me.  But I do think owning a few more would improve the quality of my cards.  

I hope you can still see the sketch in my card today.  After taking the picture I wish I would have used the green enamel dots instead of purple, but oh well perhaps next time.   
I'm also including a picture of the fingernail polish I purchased for my daughter.  It's glow in the dark.  It will be fantastic, she is quite the nail artist.  
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

TMS#470 ~So Santa Stampin Up

 What an eventful day.  I'm so excited because I made a wedding card per a request from a woman on FB.   I also made a WI rock for her too.   When she came to pick up her items, she purchased 3 more cards.  Gosh that made my day.  So happy someone likes my cards.   

This evening I made one more card, this time for the challenge at: Tuesday Morning Sketches
I used my new stampin up set called So Santa.. I'm such a traditional Christmas kind of gal, but this time I thought I'd order something out of the ordinary for me.  I'm so glad I did.  I get such a kick out of this santa.  In fact I do believe my santa got a bit sunburned on the beach, perhaps he forgot his sunscreen in the sleigh.😉  Apparently I went a bit heavy with the coloring.  
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Sketch #281~ Blended Seasons Stampin UP

 I want to give a big warm welcome to my newest blog follower.  This is  exciting❕  

 Image result for minion thank you
I'm so happy you decided to sign up and follow my blog.  💛

 I'm actually writing this before I have my card ready for the challenge today.  With that being said though I did make 30+ little thank you note cards.   They are very simple but I wanted to make sure my customers know how much I appreciate them.  I don't have a highly lucrative etsy shop.. But I LOVE it.  In fact a woman came over today and bought 4 of my cards.  That made my day. 😊 I even ordered myself some business cards.  I will take a picture when they come in.  I had some old ones, but it didn't give enough information, and yet to much info. as in I included my phone number.  Oh well, chalked up as lessons learned.   The actually reason I'm writing this first before the card making is so I don't forget to mention.. I have been searching for a stampin up set called Thoughtful Branches with the matching framelits.  OH MY word, I came across this set and fell in love with it.   I must have had my eyes closed when I looked through that catalog, I'm thinking it was a couple years ago already.  So I tried searching on ebay, and lost the bidding war, perhaps it's not meant to be.  However, I will keep looking 😉 
This card features some lovely paper I bought at "dollar" section at Target.  It was really three dollars, but it's pretty nice paper.   I used the stampin up set called blended seasons.  After stamping the leaves I cut them out, and tried to place them nicely in the oval, it looked a bit plain to me so I added a few die cut leaves to the side. 
I will be submitting this card to the challenge at: 
I hope you get a change to submit a card.  They have fabulous sketches.
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Sunday, September 9, 2018

SSC187 BERRY BEAUTIFUL Happy Wishes Stampin Up, SCS

I made this card today for the challenge at: Sunday Stamps 
I used tranquil tide for the main stamped image.  Then colored in the flowers with real red, and melon mambo. I thought  the colors matched up pretty well with the shades in the challenge. 
I used stampin up's Happy wishes for the sentiments, except for the inside.   I'm not sure where I got that set from, but I thought it fit in lovely with my SCS post for the day. 

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

CTS #288~School Bus Messages Simon Says, School Set, Stampin Up

  I always enjoy making cards, and especially for all the many different challenge blogs, it's such a wonderful community of stampers, and the encouragement is amazing.  However, I spent an hour or more this morning making the unicorn card below.   My niece asked me to make her a birthday card, that had a unicorn on it, and per her request she wanted me to draw it and not use any stamps.  Well, I actually didn't have any unicorn stamps, so I had to draw it, and I'm no artist, but I found one that looked simple enough for me to try and sketch out.  So it began, and let me further add that I had a lovely eraser on top of my pencil, now I have no eraser left, so that gives you an idea of how many mistakes I made with that card.  😉  After the initial sketch, I then used a permanent black marker to make the lines darker so I could begin the coloring.  Then I just layered it on some card stock and added a  few embellishments that I thought she would like.

So after that I brought out a few of my stamp sets to play with so I could make a card for the challenge at:
I thought this sketch would work fabulously with my new bus stamp.   I embossed the background card stock so it would resemble a piece of notebook paper.  Then I stamped that cute bus, did a bit of coloring and fussy cutting and placed him on the card.   Oh I can just imagine some darling forest critters driving the bus, perhaps next time.   I have to say the most exciting thing about this card for me is the bumper sentiment.  Oh my gosh, the sentiment on the inside of the card was intended to be on the front, but it seemed a bit big and overpowering, so I looked for a narrow one that would fit in the bumper and there it is folks, and what's more is it actually lined up pretty good in there with no inky mistakes. HOLY SMOKES that made my day. 
Stamp sets featured in today's card:
Simon Says: School Bus Messages
Stampin Up: School Set 

I'm also adding a picture of my HP.. he's have a sad day, because he had to have a sock put on his paw to keep him from licking it.   He gets sores from all the licking during allergy season.  He's not happy with me, however he's still such a sweetheart.  

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Friday, September 7, 2018

PP408 ~Simon Says, School bus Messages, Labels to Love, Takeout Treats, Basket Bunch, It's a celebration, Enjoy life, Merry Everything, Stampin Up

It was a lot of fun to make these delightful lunch box note cards.  I actually have a  similar set of them in my etsy shop  However this time I wanted to try to do more of a Holiday theme to make the day extra special.  I was only able to get 8 done because I am running out of time for the challenge, but I will get the rest complete.   I started with the first day of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick's and Easter.   I guess that takes ya right through the school year, so perhaps I will just add a couple generic ones. (no holiday)  as in Alice in Wonderland "happy un-birthday"  haha.. 



 Thank you for stopping by for a visit.                                                 
    I will submit my card to the challenge at: The Paper Players

 Stamps featured in today's cards:
Simon Says: School Bus Messages
Stampin Up: Labels to Love
Stampin Up: Takeout Treats
Stampin Up: Basket Bunch
Stampin Up: It's a Celebration
Stampin Up: Enjoy Life
Stampin Up Merry Everything


Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Week #529 with Oddball Art Co. Spooky Sweets, Takeout Treats Stampin UP

  Ya all know how much I love a sketch challenge.  Well I found a new one, at least new to me.  So I will submit my card to: 
How fabulous is that?   I even had a die similar to the shape.  Which is a bonus from the get go.  I thought I'd do a Halloween card so I could add it to my Etsy shop.  I think I do indeed have another stamp set to add to the shop as well as the matching punch.   
Now back to my bright lime green card, I love orange for Halloween but also the bright green and purple.  It is so fun.   If you look closely you can see I scallop cut the edges of the black piece of paper before laying the polka dot ribbon on it.  Then I snipped a piece of the ribbon to add to the top of the layers too.  I pop dotted the bats and gave them each a black jewel in the center.   Piercing that silver brad through all those layers posed some difficulties but I succeeded.  YAY, missed the tag completely, but oh well, can't win them all, so I just pop dotted that in place too.   Up next I made a matching little take out box to go with the card, how charming to fill with candy corn and peanuts.

THe stamp sets featured in today's card are:
Stampin Up: Spooky Sweets
Stampin Up: Takeout Treats 

I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.  
I look forward to becoming friends.

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