Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I've been sharing all the projects I've been working on for the craft fair in May.  I'm just so excited.  It's all I think about.    So today I told myself, "make a card, that's your number one passion."  So here is it.  I will have to mask the mistake I made on the bottom with a sweet little banner or something since I didn't apply even pressure the sentiment didn't show up in spots.  Gosh I think this is a beautiful set.  I will just have to learn to play with the images a bit better. 
 Here are a few more of the craft fair projects I'm working on↓

What are your thoughts on these projects?   I think I'll just make a few more of each item and then a ton of recipe cards, and greeting cards.

I also wanted to share one more sweet picture.  My daughter's boyfriend surprised her with a tandem bike. ๐Ÿšฒ They are so cute riding it together.  Now please don't forget it's WI.. so they froze, but they loved it.  Today they came suited up for the weather.  Hats, mittens. etc.  
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Sunday, March 19, 2017


 For my SCS~(Scripture Card Sunday)  post I have so much to share with you, but first, let me start by showing you this adorable little wooden mason jar that takes the place of my scripture verse card.  I thought the saying was very in tune with my SCS theme.. so hence here it is.  My sister painted this mason jar with her shabby chic colors, and then decorated it with some twine and a sticker, when she brought it over to show me I new I'd want to stamp it, and she was all up for the idea,  we both think it would make a lovely magnet.  So the pictures above is the stamped jar, and the bottom picture is how it started.  I think it turned out swell.  
So onto some super exciting news, I've always dreamed of being a stampin up demonstrator but I'm NO sales lady, so then the next best thought was  to sell my cards/projects, but seriously who would buy them?   I've been praying about it, a way to support my hobby ๐Ÿ˜‰ Because living on one income is difficult for us.  So, I've even started the process of opening an Etsy shop.  ( I'll fill you in on that later)  but out the blue, my sister's, sister in law decided she would like to buy some cards.  IT was absolutely so exciting.  

Here is the picture of the cards that I've made for her.  I had no idea what to charge, so I looked around a bit, and it ranges in prices.. so I stuck with the 2 -4 dollar range. 

 As you can see there was a wide variety, but it got me daydreaming even more about "really" doing something like this.  Selling my cards and trying to make some hobby cash.   Then another something fabulous happened, that I thought I'd never do...

 My dear sister got me signed up for a craft fair.   It was like confirmation to me on my prayers.  Oh my goodness my friends, I am so excited my head is spinning.    I just hope that I won't be in to much pain that day.  I tell myself to calm down it is a super small town we are going to travel to, but gosh it is so cool to think of all the possibilities.  I have a few pictures of some of the projects I started working on for the fair.  But, let me add first, I was like YAY>> I can bring my cute open sign then I thought I needed a few weeks back..remember it?  Then I thought I should make business cards, oh silly me, I'll probably sell very few things..but here is a sample of a few items I'm working on.  I even daisy duct taped a little cardboard box I had on had to look festive.  
 I then thought I should make little tea bag covers for selling. I want them to look a bit better, but it's a start.  I'll play around a bit to see what I can come up with, and you all will be the first to see.  So I'm relying on your expertise and ideas.. Please let me know what ya think?  Maybe even popcorn sleeves for selling?  Seed Packet sleeves? Any other ideas? 
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

PCC235~Sweet Treat Truck

 Another lovely 
sketch challenge at: The Paper Craft Crew.  I just knew I'd want to bring out that cute little Tasty trucks set from Stampin up.   I used some polka dot paper, and then embossed more dots, I even fussy cut out the awning and truck stripe on smaller polka dotted paper.  I used confetti washi tape, and a doily underneath the truck.  I stamped a bunch of cupcakes on the side panel and added a lollipop instead of a button.. to "stick" with the "sweet" treat theme.  It was fun working with this sketch.  

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


 The moon baby set from stampin up. makes an appearance on my blog today.  Oh what fun this set is.   I only have one other baby set, and it's not nearly as cute as this one.   However the one card with the little stuffed animals.. YIKES a "blue bunny"  I don't know what I was thinking.. perhaps icecream.. haha..   

 I added each of the cards individually too so you can see them close up.  Gosh this is a fun set to work (play) with. 
No automatic alt text available. I also added a picture of the bars my daughter requested that I make.  It's a family favorite.  You can't go wrong with sweetened condensed milk, coconut and chocolate chips.   Plus I got to try out my new pan. As you can see from the other picture. I was in need of a new one.   The old one was warped and the corners were coming apart, so it had some sharp edges, not fun when you wash by hand.

Image may contain: text

Any ways.. that's what's going on here.  I thought I'd share a little positive note ♪ for ya all today too.   Those are some great words.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Hope you come back soon.  
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ice cream BUS

 Oh the excitment~ my little stampin up order came in yesterday evening.  Hip hip hooray๐Ÿ™‹  So I made this card today.  A funny thing because I wanted a bright and cheerful ice cream truck.. well after it was all said and done it looks more like a school bus.. sigh..    But I still like it.   I also shared a picture of the cutting pads.  I've not ever bought a new set until now.  Omgosh look at the difference.  I'm so exciting to use them, yet I don't want to mess them up, they're so pretty.  My old ones are so bowed and rough looking.  Has that ever happened to you?  I have come across ways on youtube to straighten them in the oven.  Have you ever done something like that?  Now that I have my new set, I might try to straighten the old ones, and I'll let ya know how it goes.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.   Come back soon.

Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ˜ŠKeep Stamping

*Oh gosh after posting this card, I realized I forgot to add my cute little brads to the wheels of the ice cream truck.  grrrr... I suppose I will just add some sequins to spruce it up a bit.  Just wanted ya all to know that.   There's always next time for the brads. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

PCC234.~ Birthday

I've been in a card making frenzy lately.  I guess I can thank my pain level for that ๐Ÿ˜‰.  I always seem to do more stamping when the days are rough.  Any ways it's fun and a super great escape.   I also love challenges I've not ever come across before.  So, today I will submit this card to:  Paper Craft Crew Challenges.  It's my first time visiting this sight and what a lovely design layout they have.  
I used my owl punch along with a few different stampin up sets to create this cute little Birthday card.  I also used some washi tape for the background on top.  Oh gosh I just love googly eyes.. They make me smile.  Of course I had to find the perfect little puff ball to go with his party hat.  Over all I'm pretty happy with this card.    
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CAS(E) this Sketch #212~Pocket

 TaDa~  I made this cute little pocket card full of flowers for the challenge at: Case This Sketch

 Such a super fun, creative layout, and for some reason I just saw the perfect place for a pocket, which is from, Made 2 Last, the flowers are from springtime stems, and the sentiments  are from here for you. All  stampin up images.  I had to cut one little flower in half for the perfect pocket "patch"  I added a few pearls and sequins for some bling.  

I'm also sharing a picture of my daughter's nail art.  She does fabulous work designing and  painting on them.  Yes they are real, and yes it's all done by hand.  So proud of her.
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