Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sketch 264 Garden In Bloom, Happy Wishes, Painted Harvest, Stampin UP

 Today's card I  had made earlier this morning but I didn't get a chance to blog  about it until this evening.  WE had such a lovely day here that I wanted to be outside and see if I could try and help garden a bit more.  and I'm so proud to say we got a few things done.  My husband is such a big help to me.   I will share a couple pictures.  Of course HP had to be in the one.   That's the little path that takes us to the alley behind our house. 

Now for the card I used 3 stampin up sets:  Garden in Bloom for the flower, bumble bee, and butterfly, Happy wishes for the sentiment, and Painted Harvest for the background leaves.  It was all pretty much two step stamping.  I fussy cut out the big flowers after stamping them.   Now for the horizontal piece I used a straight piece of black cardstock, and then I punched out a white lace border to lay underneath it.  I added the white dashes with a gel pen, so it would resemble the sketch.   I added a few little embellishements to match the flower on the front.    I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:

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Friday, May 18, 2018

FMS337 & Challenge 58 Garden in Bloom, Watercolor Words, Stampin UP

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This afternoon I was so tired.  I've been dealing with a lot more of the right foot numbness because I've been trying to weed a small flower garden.  I use to have many flower beds, but now just a couple, and they cause great pain to get them in order.  Any ways I still enjoy getting my  hands dirty, just wish the pain would subside.  When I came in I still had flowers on my mind.   So I pulled out 2 stampin up sets to create this card.  Garden of bloom & watercolor words.  OH my gosh these are great sets.  I used a leaf embossing folder for the background.  At first I was going to sponge it green, but I thought perhaps that would take away from the flower, so I left it plain.    It's just really hard to see on the picture.  I was also inspired by the cute bubble bee buzzing around today so I added one on the card.  Then when we (HP & I) came in, I notice I had a bee in the kitchen window, so I just closed it until hubby got home so he could release it back to the great outdoors.  He was a big fella as you can see in the picture.
I am going to submit this card to the following challenges:
There the theme is "DRY EMBOSSING"

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CTS #272 Make Lemonade Lawn Fawn

I made this card
                                    for the challenge at: CAS(E) this Sketch

I used my lawn fawn make lemonade set. 
I just love this darling little set but I must say this card was a lot of fussy work, because you see the glasses have a smiley face as you can see on the picture I took of the inside of the card. 
 SO that meant for the outside all those little glasses had to be taped just perfectly so the little smiles didn't appear.  I tried with the faces but it was a bit overwhelming and distracting.  SO I got busy cutting down a piece of tape to fit in that tiny glass, then inking, removing the tape, and then stamping, repeating that a 
few times  will drive a gal a bit crazy, not to mention inky fingers.  Thank goodness for baby wipes at the desk today.  After the stamping came the coloring, I used markers and water color pencils.  When it was all done I thought the finishing touch would be the glossy accents and boy did that just give this card what it needed.
  It actually looks like lemonade in the glasses and pitcher. I also took a side picture so you can see it's raised ever so slightly.
  Gosh that's amazing fun stuff to add to cards.  

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I tried a new layout on my blog with my cards in the center.  Do you like it better?  It seems like a bit of wasted space to me, but perhaps it's better.  I'd love to hear what you think.  Thanks.
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

CAS Game #115 - Inspired by Nature~ Sharing Sweet Thoughts, Stampin UP

 Today's card was inspired by nature no doubt.  I absolutely love taking pictures and observing everything from leaves to bugs to birds.   However, I don't like bugs in my house, they have a lovely place outdoors to roam around in.   If you follow my blog, you'll notice I am always taking pictures of my side yard and the little critters that visit.  Today's last picture is of the beautiful yellow finch that pops in for a treat. 
Well, onto the card.  I used my stampin up set called Sharing sweet thoughts.   I decided to go very simple today and just use the twig, lady bugs, and the sentiment.  I think it turned our smashing.. The red really pops.
Nothing fancy.  But how cute are the trio of  ladybugs  "stick"-ing together?

I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:

I'm so excited to announce I received my stampin up catalog in the mail... it's top secret I guess until June 1st.  BUT oh boy I'm going to have to set up a "gofundme" account to purchase stamps.  haha.. I'm kidding of course.. just need to save my pennies.  The catalog is fabulous. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


 I'm so excited to find this sketch challenge to play along with at: LawnFawnatics
This is my first time submitting a card to this challenge.  

I decided to use my Blue skies from Lawn Fawn.  I thought it fit this sketch design perfectly.   You might have to look very hard but there is a circle behind the hot air balloon.   I paper pieced it together, and then added some clouds.  I also added clear wink of stella to the clouds, hence the second picture, I think you can see it a bit better.  Now the sentiment seemed a bit big for the card, and of course after the picture is taken, I realize I should have used the inside banner for that and left the sentiment for the inside.  Oh well, story of my card making life.  Always the photo after thought. 

 I also come to realize that I chose "Packer" colors for my card.  That's too funny.   I'm apparently 100% Wisconsin.    
Ya know I was thinking.. do you ever wonder if celebrities have hobbies?  Like is there some fancy movie star or musician that just loves to stamp as much as we do?  Or perhaps scrapbook?   I would love to see their work.  I suppose that's what they choose not to share with us.  haha.. they could all be secret stampers out there.  Oh my gosh I crack myself up.   Sorry for rambling.  
I hope you enjoyed the card.   I also hope you will take a look around at my other cards, projects and pictures.  I'd love to have you follow my blog.    Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. 
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HSSSC289~ Swan Lake, Stampin UP

 Today I started off by decorating my journals.  My GOODNESS.. the month is half over and I have not even decorated them.  YIKES.  So I included a couple pictures.  The stampin up one is from my dear friend Nancy.  I love it.  That is my appointment/ to do list one, and the other one is my Llama Mama journal from my daughter .. I fell in love with that one because she loves Llamas.. and then she surprised me with it.  I keep my Bible study journal scriptures in there.  

Well the day is just not productive if I don't make a card.  So I chose a challenge to play along with: 
I wanted to use a stamp set that I've not played with for awhile, so I chose Swan Lake from stampin up.   I also used a single stamp for the lovely banner background.   I stamped it in gray and I just love how it turned out.  Now as you can see the sentiment banner had to go on the top because it just seemed to crowded in the pond, and above the swan was so empty so it worked great there.    Then I finished off the inside.
You can't really tell but I used my clear wink of stella to high- light the entire swan.  She really does shimmer and sparkle now.

This bird today just cracked me up.  Look at  the way she was standing.  Oh my gosh the balancing act.  There must be a yoga pose named after her.  So along with downward facing dog.. we now have the "On one leg balancing bird"  reminds me of the tree pose, but instead of bringing the opposite leg in you lift it out.  As you can see I just have a field day with these kinds of things.  I suppose it comes from spending so much time alone.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ch# 19 Cows Blue skies, Critters on the farm and at the dog park, Lawn Fawn, What's Moo? Stampin up

I made a simple card today for the challenge at: 
where the theme is 🐄"COWS" 🐄
How super fun.  However I didn't have time to make a more detailed card in fear I'd run out of time and not get to the link before it closed.  Especially since I'm trying to make supper for the hubby and myself too.   
So this will have to do.  I refer to it as my comb over cow, because as you can see I gave him a little black splotch of hair above the one ear and it just reminds me of that.  I LOVE IT.. super cute.  In fact because my HP's 🐶fur is so long I like to comb it over to the side like that too.. I will have to take a picture before we take him to to the groomers for his spring shave.  I'll include a picture of him chilling out in front of the patio door today.  Aww.. He's a pal.  a little FURRY pal.  

Today's card features stamps from the following: 
Lawn Fawn~ Blue skies.. for the clouds
Lawn Fawn ~ Critters on the farm for the cow and hay
Lawn Fawn~ Critters at the dog park for the grass
Stampin up 1993 What's Moo set for the sentiment on the front, and the milk can inside.

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CTS #271 Fishin' In the Trees, Stampin Up

I made this card today for the challenge at:

I pulled out my old stampin up set called Fishin' from 1996 and made this little pond scene for a Father's day card.  I also used In the trees for the sentiment on the inside. 
I went a little heavy with the yellow inked sponge but I've decided to look at it as either a sunrise or sunset.   I really enjoy adding a little bit of something to the inside of my cards now.  It just makes them look more finished.  

It is a beautiful day here in WI.   The lilacs are starting to bloom.  That is fabulous.   I was able to catch this happy little bird snacking on some leaves in the trees. 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

#TGIFC159 PCOS/Anxiety Ribbon of Courage, Grateful Bunch Stampin UP

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Now onto the card.  I made this card to be submitted to the challenge at: TGIF
Honestly when I saw this sketch I thought it would be perfect to make into a dressed up back pocket on a pair of jeans.  However I think I've done something like that and wanted to try something new.  So I pulled out my ribbon of courage stampin up set.  Then I chose a color that represents the awareness for PCOS & Anxiety.  Both of which I struggle with.  It's suppose to be teal, but that is as close as I could come with my inks on hand.  I used the sentiment and tiny flowers from that same set for the inside of the card.  For the butterflies on the front I used my Grateful Bunch stampin up set.  I just thought it needed a little background.  
I hope you all had a lovely Mother's day.   I'm so thankful to my kiddos for showing up and surprising me.  We had a lovely lasagna dinner with garlic cheese toast, and salad, and for dessert I made a white cake.  Then we just hung out together,  went to the store, and then  I went to the park to watch my son bike.  It was a good day. 
Image may contain: flower, plant and natureImage may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, tree and outdoor
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I hope you will take a look at my other cards, projects and pictures.  Especially my last post.  So proud of that little card, because I only had like 40 minutes to make it, and well folks, by the time I got it done, and tried to upload the picture, crop it, and then post it, guess what?  I missed the link sign up by like a minute. UGH!!!  and it was one of my better less is more cards.  Not that I'm bragging it's just that is so hard for me, but this one came together so nicely.  I hope you will check it out here.  I left the link in the blog, figuring if someone reads my blog they will understand then what I was going for with this card. 

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping. 

Week 299: MARINE

This morning I had to hurry up fast and make this cute little card for the challenge at: Casology

Well gosh, I didn't make it.  The link has closed before I got a chance to submit the card.  Nevertheless I still am posting it on my blog because I think it turned out cute.  

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

Saturday, May 12, 2018

TMR#85, Jim Holtz Old Car, Lawn Fawn Happy Birthday, Number Of Years Stampin up

Image may contain: car and outdoor I made this card for my dad.   His birthday is not until June 14th (Flag Day) but when I came across the challenge at: The Male Room  

It was a perfect match.  My dad LOVES cars.  In fact  he has passed that love down to his kids.  I  will share a picture of one of his old cars.  He drove this one  up to our house a few years ago.  This is a 53 chevy bel-air and the very car that I learned to drive 3 on the tree with.  A very fond memory. 

Now onto the card I made for him.   
 For the car I used a Jim Holtz stamp.  I stamped it multiple times in gray so as to make a background paper.  I then just did some layering and fussy cutting to make the one car pop up a bit more.  
I used the Happy Birthday sentiment from lawn fawn.   The inside of the card is a stampin up set called Number of years.  I die cut out the numbers and stamped the sentiment.  I think it turned out pretty nifty.  By the way I did try the car in more of a tan/light brown color to match dad's car, but it just didn't look as nice.  So I stuck with gray.  
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #452~ Lawn Fawn Dad and Me

 One more card for today.   I made this card for my dad.  He LOVES puns, in fact I do too, but, I'm no competition for him, however,  my daughter on the other hand is a pro, and can keep up with him and even sometimes renders him speechless.  It's so funny.   Any ways this Lawn Fawn set called Dad and Me is perfect.    Plus I love moose.  

I colored and die cut out my images and layered them on the square. It took some time to get it all crammed on that little space but I managed it.   Then I found this cute chair in my button stash.  Such a perfect touch for this card.  It just seems to say, sit back and relax dad.  I even tied a little twine behind chair.  The moose are so cute, and the papa with his hat just makes me smile.  
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:
Ma and Pa Duck came back today.   They sure are enjoying HP's pool.   I don't think he is as thrilled with it.  
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