Welcome to my home.. I'm not one of those gals that is blessed with a super duper craft room, but I'm pleased with mine, and wanted to share it with you.  Not that it's anything fancy, but it's home and where I spend a lot of time.  I'm also the kind of gal that likes to see where others do their stamping/crafting. 
So where do I start.. The beginning.  When we bought our very old home it had cedar siding and a front porch.  Now I loved the look of it, except for the dormer,  I always disliked that thing, just because it's a space we can't use and so I'm like why have it? Apparently  the people before us closed up the windows that were once there, and took out the screens on the porch also.  Well times changed a lot since this old home was built, it was on a quiet street once upon a time, now it sits on an extremely busy road that was turned into 4 lanes to help with traffic flow, and it looks like our home is on a hill, but actually it's because the city starting digging down to make room for the train overpass that's next to us.   So when we resided the home and put in new windows, we enclosed the porch, no sense in sitting out there, just makes a gal dizzy as the cars whizz by and the noise from that and the trains can be a bit much at times.   So  without further ado.. I will show you my craft room/office/Bible Study/Book room.. otherwise know as the Porch.. the Playpen.  

First up is the other side of my craft room to show you the whole porch.  I even got a picture of my sweet little HP taking a snooze in his kennel, probably not the best choice to keep him by all my books since they get a lot of dog dander and dust now, but it could be the paper crafting too, this space is only 6 and 1/2 feet across.. and is the width of the house.  It's small, but it works for us.  
Next up I just turned around and took a picture of my craft room.  There it is folks, with the scuffed up floor and all.  I cannot roll my chair on carpet anymore since my injury, my legs aren't strong enough, so we took out the carpet and the floor was ruined.. grrrr.. someday we will fix it.    I feel very blessed to have so many stamp sets and inks.  Mind you I don't have anything fancy to hold my fabulous items, but I make do with shoe boxes and baskets.  

Everything has a place.  But everything is not always in that place.
 I had to clean off my desk before I took this picture.  And boy was that a challenge.  It's usually full of crafting supplies, paper pieces and ink.   This desk is one in a million.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  It's HUGE.  I have long arms, but I can't even reach the back of it.  I bought it at a garage sale for twenty dollars.  Can you believe that?   It has two side tables that pull out like old time school teachers use to have, and I love that feature.   It's where my stamp and scrub sits on the one to the right of me.   A lot of dove tailing in the drawers, which I can barely pull out, they don't make things like this anymore.. kind of matches our house with its logs and beams in the basement.   

  🎨 I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures of my craft room.🎨


  1. I love your creative den!! One doesn't have to have a big craft room to be creative and by the looks of your projects you are doing an excellent job!! My craft room is the smallest bedroom I originally used for my sewing room and then when I went into scrapbooking/crafts it became a combination of both. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing your crafty space! It is fun to see what different people do with the space they have. You cards look really great too!


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