Thursday, March 17, 2016


 So glad you stopped by my blog.

Today I"m sharing with you the 4 cards I made the past couple days while trying to get over this fever.   The cards are all kind of simple with little stamping.  I think they turned out lovely.  

I also wanted to share something.  I try not to talk about it to much, first because it's difficult and second this is my happy place.    But I did mention that I've been dealing with this fever the past few days.. here's the thing.  the 5 days I had the fever, I never once had any leg pain, and I thought that God had healed me.  well, it all came back on Wednesday, apparently the fever broke. I still believe in miracles, and I still believe I could be healed.  I also think it was a small miracle because you see I don't sleep the whole night through.. I'm up a LOT.. because staying in one position is very painful, so it's a lot of tossing and turning, sitting out in the chair, back and forth nonsense.. any ways I do believe that while my body was fighting this fever.. it allowed my legs to "chill" out so I could actually rest.. so that's my miracle I wanted to share with you all    I will keep on believing for complete healing but in the mean time I'm thankful for the break I had with no pain, even with a fever.   Ok.. now onto the squirrels. 

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  1. Your cards are lovely PJ and what cute photos of your squirrel visitor too. I'm glad you had some relief from the pain. Barbxx


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