Friday, December 23, 2016

Snowmen Toilet Paper Rolls

Hello Friends, Today I have a different kind of project to showcase.  Here they are these cute snowmen toilet paper rolls.  My kids and I love googly eyes, we have even put them on a few of our plants in the house, things just have so much more personality with them.    I also attached a poem  I found on pinterest to the back which read, " Money is scarce and times are hard, so we're giving you this instead of a card, Something to use, something to share, so bottoms up, just 'cause we care." How funny is that saying to match those cute snowmen?   Wouldn't they look lovely sitting in the bathroom?

Updates:  We have our new HE Maytag washing machine in the basement now.  Thanks to hubby and our daughter's boyfriend. The new washing machine will take some getting use to, these high efficiency  appliances always do.   Our water leak is apparently from the roof damn, sigh.  Just hope it don't do anymore damage.   My mom has had a few complications with her dialysis and pneumonia, and everyday is a challenge for her. 
But like the song in the movie White Christmas 
We need to count our blessings.  

I also added a few pictures of the side yard.  
We are getting snow again. 

Thank you for visiting today. 
 I hope you will stop back again.


 😊Keep Smiling & Keep Stamping😊

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  1. I think these snowmen are soooo cute! I'll have to remember them next year! Great idea! I'm so glad you liked your mice note cards and holder. I fell in love with them and the Cookie Cutter Christmas stamps. Have a Happy New Year!


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