Saturday, June 4, 2016


Welcome~Thank you for stopping by my blog.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Here is the card package I finally finished it, and apparently I forgot to put a  card in there, but I  did fill it with some goodies for Father's day.  I think it turned out cute.  I love adding those cute little brads to the tires of the truck, just gives it a little character.
                                                                                                       This card was a bit messy, but I chose to post it anyways, I'm still in the process of learning less is more ☺  I liked the cute flip flops and I wanted to give the little plain flower brads a pop, but nothing was sticking, so I used a dab of fingernail polish and that worked.
                                                                                                            This last card is my favorite.  The background is a huge stamp that my friend gave me and I think it worked lovely.  I love how it gives the bold sentiment a perfect backdrop.  I used a few embellishments on here as well, and no problem they all stuck. 
                                                                                I'm so happy you stopped by, please come back soon. 
☺ Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺


  1. I love how your Father's Day Diaper Fold came out! The car and brads are adorable and the caution tape is great. I posted your blog so people could see what you made - great job as usual. The other cards are cute as well. I have that large stamp but haven't used it yet! Too much going on to do much stamping! School is out this week so maybe I'll get more time! Have a great weekend.

    1. OH Thank you so much. I might just fill it with candy bars for my dad, he has every tool imaginable, but I think the caution tape works well too. I hope you get a few moments to stamp.. I find it a great way to de-stress, unless of course like yesterday where my fingers where all inky and every card got smudged.. oh the joys of it all. I'm so glad you stop in. Thank you.


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