Sunday, August 7, 2016


Gosh, it amazes me how fast time is scooting by.  My daughter and her boyfriend have been with us for well over a month.  It is nice having the kiddos stay here, but they are in the search for their own apartment place now.  Kind of bittersweet, I've enjoyed having them right here, however they will be staying in town.  Our dog will miss all the action too. 

Today for SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) I have this sweet little circle card layout.  I think it worked fabulously with the circle embossing folder.  The other card uses the Happy Birthday embossing folder, and I love how it turned out.  Very simple stamping with both of these cards, but that little window card just makes me happy, it looks so neat.  

I was wondering if this font is hard for my blog viewers to read.  Please let me know in the comment section below.  I'm thinking about choosing a different one that is a bit bigger and bolder.

I've not had much time lately to capture any pictures of my side yard friends, been so busy keeping up with the kiddos here, and trying to make meals and such again.  It's good though for me.  I've also been trying to walk with my sticks more.  Praying that I will regain more and more strength and stamina in my legs.  The pain is awful, and after my walks I'm done for the day, but I'm remaining hopeful.  My cousin told me about a supplement that could help, so I've opted to try that for awhile.  I'm not a a fan of medication, hence the reason I don't take pain pills and such.  Probably sharing to much information.. but just wanted to be real with my blog followers and share a bit.   Any ways.  Looking forward to my hubby being home for a week of "staycation"  I think that is what people call it when they stay home for vacation.  haha.  I have a whole "honey to do" list for him.   I'm so excited because we might go to the zoo.  I haven't been there since this whole surgery and spinal injections went bad.  SO this is a mile stone for me.  I guess I can take my trekking poles with me so I'm happy.   Golly just think of the pictures I will be posting then  
Have a Blessed day.
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  1. I love the cards you made especially the one with the birthday sentiment! I know what you mean about the time going. My daughter and grand kids have been here over 2 years and it seems kike yesterday. They are looking for their own house so it will be quiet on the home front again. I purchased a scooter years ago to use as my MS got worse and started to keep me house bound. Definitely try and get out. A lot of places have scooters you can use/rent for the day. The zoo sounds exciting!! WE hope to go in the fall when it is cooler. Have a great staycation!

    1. Oh thank you so much. I like the Birthday one too. I'm so sorry to hear about your MS. The doctors actually did an MRI of my brain to see if that could be the problem with my legs. It's like a disconnect constantly between it all. They just don't want to admit though that my nerve damage is a direct result of my spinal injections.. any ways I'm so sorry for complaining. I know that MS is such a struggle, and the flare ups are terrible. Thank you for the advice on the scooters. I sure do appreciate it. I posted just today pictures of the zoo. I think the fall would probably be best, the animals weren't to active on Monday, just to hot for the little critters. Sure do appreciate your comments. Blessings to you as always. ☺


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