Saturday, May 27, 2017


 Today I made a card for the challenge at: Freshly Made Sketches               
It was the perfect opportunity to pull out my lawn Fawn 
๐Ÿ Fintastic Friends๐Ÿ  
stamp set.  I had a completely different vision in my mind on how this card was going to turn out, but the finished product is not to shabby.  I posted the second picture in hopes that with the flash you could see the glitter a bit better on all the shells and the fish.  There was a bit of fussy cutting to piece this together just the way I wanted.

My daughter and her boyfriend just came back from a Trip out to VA and NC  to see family.. and they brought me this lovely little jar full of ocean shore sand and shells.  So I was feeling inspired to let them know who much I appreciate them with this cute little card today.
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Friday, May 26, 2017


I made this card for the challenge at: The Paper Players 

I enjoy working with butterflies, just didn't know what direction I wanted to go with this card. So I got out my silver foil paper which is my new favorite thing to play with lately.. you'll see what I mean if you take a look at a few of my earlier posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰  I embossed this lovely daisy flower on it and then die cut out the different layers so I could add a sentiment.  The butter fly is a die that is one of my favorites.. because it's little and detailed.  I added a few embellishments for some sparkle and even used my wink of stella on the butterfly.
 I forgot until it was picture time how difficult it is to capture the beauty of a foil card, so many glares, and reflections. 
I also added a picture of my little feathered friend who came out for a visit.  A little sunshine for the day, so bright and cheery.  
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Challenge #224 Sketch~Old Car

Image may contain: car and outdoorI thought this lovely challenge at: Case Colours and Sketches would work lovely as a Father's day card. 
So I made this delightful card for my dad.  Who loves old cars and has passed that  love on to me.   Here's a picture of him with his old car.  One of many in his life time, but this one he keeps.  I grew up in Dad's garage, head under the hood, fixing and tinkering around on vehicles.  Pull them home and fix them up.  There wasn't a car dad couldn't fix.  Any ways this is where the "rubber meets the road"  on this card.. notice how  if you drop the "D" in card you get car.. haha.. perhaps that's why I like making car(d)s.  Seriously I just like working with my hands and creating things.  I did however lay a little rubber track on the bottom of this card and I fussy cut the car to be able to pop it up on silver foil paper.  I thought it gave it a real authentic look.  Like what you would see as a sign spinning at the local garage in town.  OH there goes my imagination again.  Any ways  Hope you like the card.   Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. 
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RRCB63~Color My World with Bold Blossom

 I'm going to play along again with Retro Rubber Challenge.  I enjoy bringing the old stamps out.  Sometimes I wonder if they are made with better quality.  Just seems to me that the new ones are going to not last quite as long.  Anyways this beauty is from stampin up 1997 and is called Bold Blossom.  The challenge is color.  We are to use  lime green, yellow, purple and blue.  So for some reason it made me think tropical.  I grabbed my aqua painter and some inks and came up with this lovely card.   Of course I tried it on a sample card that I also shared a picture of.  I really like the horizontal look better.. and how the lime green and black background makes everything pop so nicely.  I fussy cut out the flower and glued it down and added some glitter with my wink of stella pen.  Great colors to work with.     By the way.. 
which card do you like best?
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Winter Wonderland Challenge.. Favorite Christmas Color Combo.

Yippee.. I found a Christmas card challenge to play along with at: Winter Wonderland Challenge Blog where we are to use our favorite Christmas color combination.   Well, that was very easy for me, because I'm a super traditional gal.  I started off knowing  I wanted to use a navy background and thought snowflakes right away, so I embossed my foil sheet with snow, then I  went and colored a cute little mouse for the center but he just didn't look good on the card.. and neither did the snow flakes.. so I took a complete turn and went with red and green.. my favorite Christmas  combo colors and there you have it.  Of course after the picture I realized I forgot to add some extra sparkle.  I do have the silver sparkle twine.. but I forgot to use my wink of stella pen. DRATS.    
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Can you believe it's only Tuesday?    I'm on cat babysitting duty while my daughter and boyfriend are in Virginia.   This will be day 6, and the little darling is missing his owners.. so I spend time trying to play with Charlie even though I'm allergic to him.  I'm so amazed at how different he is then a dog.  I honestly think at times he might think I'm crazy.. Apparently he don't play fetch.. but he does chase a little light beam, around in circles.   
Then Yesterday was a big day for my son, he got the pins pulled out of his hand, so that was good.  The doctor had to fish around for them and well.. with out being too descriptive.. I just said made digging for slivers look very minor ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
I enjoy hanging out with the family.  I'm by myself all the time, well I have HP (my dog)~  but the husband works two jobs and is so busy since I can't work now.. gosh don't know where all this sharing come from.  I'm never quite sure on how much personal info I should add on my blog, plus don't want to be a big downer with my life..  .. REFOCUS>>>  The card.   Apparently since I didn't get to stamp yesterday, and I was up with pain early today, I got to work on this delightful card that I made for the Paper Craft Crew Challenge what an awesome sketch with so many possibilities.   I went with the Swan Lake set from stamping up.   I added some sparkle with the twine and wink of stella pen.  I also  really like the silver foil background, it seems to make everything pop. 
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Challenge # 223 - Colours

 Well I finally kept to my schedule for today.  So I'm happy to post this here card for my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) Along with my own personal little challenge to keep posting such cards on Sunday I also came across a lovely challenge to play along with at: CAS Colours & Sketches Blog  where they are asking us to use the following colors:
  I'm happy to say I actually  had all three colors.  Yay!!  I should mention I had the colors in ink, not paper.. so I had to match up the best I could.  So happy to have had the inks though, In fact I used all three with this Lovely Lotus stamp from stampin up.  I stamped off my first and last image to lighten the color of the rich razzleberry and sweet sugarplum.  I did the same with the stem in Sahara sand.  Everything was going along marvelously until the smudges began..grrrr.. so hence the butterfly and the sequins.  I don't give up easily on a card that was turning out, so I just embellished it.  Not part of the plan, but as I've learned in life, nothing goes as planned in the first place.   Hence the lovely verse to remind me of such things.  I'm not a lone on this journey.   
I also wanted to include a cute picture of chippy as he finishes off another cob of corn that was for the squirrels.  
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Challenge 6~Dry Embossing~Teacher Appreciation

I just had to make one more card for Always Fun Challenges.  What a great opportunity to bring out another embossing folder that I haven't used in awhile.   This one here I paired up with 3 different stamp sets to get what I wanted.  I added three brads in the little circles on the notepad.. and even finished it off with an A+ grade.   
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Challenge 6~Dry Embossing~ Chick

I can't believe how this card turned out, and that's not in a WOW.. this is good.. it's more like the Oh my gosh what happened.  That's what I love about stamping.. ya just never know where it's going take a gal.  Well at least for this gal anyways.  So My idea of a lovely puppy scene turned into one with an adorable chicken instead.   I embossed the background with clouds and then sponged a bit of color on them.  I'm going to submit this card to: Always Fun Challenges  this is my first entry to this delightful blog.  I'm looking forward to playing along with future challenges too.  So exciting.. I just read their rules and we can enter 3 different cards, if we so choose.. Gosh might have to work on one more. 
(insert smile face here) 
  I took a closer picture of the little chicken because I heat embossed her,  and added some color after that.  I also used my wink of stella pen to high light the lines of the umbrella to make it look like it was glistening with rain.
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CAS Game #90 - Embossing ~Chicks

Oh my goodness I found the perfect challenge to play along 
with at: AAA Cards
Our challenge is to use embossing techniques on our cards, not only is the heat embossing a challenge for me, but the less is more concept.  So I really wanted to test myself, and golly gee it was difficult.. you see the cute little heat embossed chick.. well I embossed all three of them.. and wanted to add them ALL.  That's just what I do.  but I practiced self control here, and only added one.  *yay for me.   I dry embossed the background to make it look like chicken wire fencing.   I used a bronze shimmer paper for that technique, it makes the embossing really pop.  I used stampin up Painters Palette and Hey chick sets to make it look like the little artist chicken was a Picasso of greetings. 
I'm so glad you popped in to check out my card.  Hope you like it.
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On a sad note.. It appears I have lost a follower.. gosh that is sad when this happens.  I suppose I shouldn't be so concerned with the numbers, but I truly do think of you as my friends.

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Friday, May 19, 2017


 I decided to make a card for the star theme  challenge at the Male Room.  I thought the sentiment worked lovely with this stampin up moon baby set and of course the theme too.   I embossed the background with stars.. I then took some of that navy colored paper and stamped little white stars all over it, and that is how I got the umbrella and sleeper to match, I just cut them out and glued them to the sweet little boy I stamped on white card stock.  I die cut some nesting stars  and then scattered some tiny star brads on the card to finish it off.  OOPS  I cut the little rectangle to close on the bottom for the sentiment.. shucks.. well it's glued down now.
I also included a picture of the gum drop tree I gave my mom for Mother's day.  My mom is not an outdoor gardening kind of gal.. I don't know why I like it so much, in fact I'm always bringing the outdoors inside.. We have about 50 house plants,  since I can't garden anymore like I use too, I just keep plants in the home.  Any ways back to the gum drop tree.. I told her this is one that will bloom for her  all year, all she has to do is refill the gumdrops.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017


I made a few Thank you notes using a package of  store bought bordered cards for a $1.50.  I thought perhaps I could spruce them up a bit.  I'm pleased with how fast and easy this was.  I took a picture of each one so you could see the details.   They are smaller then the usual A2 card, but will still be able to go in the mail.. a little card with a lot of color.

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I thought I'd try again with this awesome sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog
But, this time not with a Christmas card.  So I got out some playful spring colors in my card stash and the Special Reason set from stampin up and went to work to create this delightful little card.  OH I almost forgot that cute little butterfly is a die from the Sunshine wishes set.   It's fabulous.  I just used a marker to add the little  antennae.. after all that's how they find their way and it also help to locate each other, so I couldn't forget that important part.  
The flower centers have a bit of pearl paint and a dab of gold glimmer to give it some extra sparkle.

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Monday, May 15, 2017


I made quite the little country kitchen in honor of Big Grandma's house, and I thought it would work perfectly for the challenge at: Global Design Project Blog 
I used an older stampin up set from 1995 for the old wood burning oven.  My Big Grandma had one in her home and as a child I use to love to lift the cast iron lids on top to watch the fire burning.   She also had a party line phone, but that's a topic for a whole different day.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  I remember the bacon grease / lard always in a pan on the back burner, waiting to be used for some delicious meal.   Now as far as I can remember Big Grandma didn't have portraits hanging in the kitchen, but I thought it looked cozy with the floral wallpaper, to have some grandbaby pictures there.  I also added some delightful wainscoting with trim by using my embossing folder.   I actually used 3 different stamping up sets for this card.  Can you guess which ones?   I did a bit of water coloring, and as you can see  it is still a work in progress for me, but a dear friend sent me a link to watch on techniques so hopefully someday I'll get it. I hope you like my take on this fun challenge.
Perhaps I should post Big Grandma's Mayonnaise Cake recipe.  Let me know if you would like that?
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Sunday, May 14, 2017


No automatic alt text available.

I am so thankful for my dear kids.. I truly feel blessed  to be their Mom.    Happy Mother's Day to you all๐Ÿ’œ

Saturday, May 13, 2017

FUSION - Navy Patterns~Father's Day

 I found another challenge blog to play along with.  This is so exciting because it's new to me.   You will find it here at: Fusion Card Challenge
I took the sketch on a horizontal tilt because the  background embossed paper looked better this way.   I chose to work with a couple colors from the picture as well, the dark blue and beige, resembling water and land. I then pulled out some of my older stampin up stamps and began making this lovely Father's day card.  I fussy cut the anchor to give it something extra in the corner.  I scattered a few tiny gold brads around the world.  (smile).
I also included a picture of these delightful feathered friends feasting at my bird feeder.  Such a lovely picture of spring, and a reminder to hubby the feeder needs to be refilled.  (wink)
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Friday, May 12, 2017

Tuesday Morning Sketches #402~Buttercups and Butterflies

I'm stilling playing with the new stamp set I won called Buttercups and Butterflies.   I stamped the buttercup image on the background paper to match it perfectly.  I then fussy cut around that and three of the butterflies to give them some dimension.   I think this is a lovely sentiment.    I used my gold glimmer pen to highlight the middle of the flower, and added some over sized pearls to the butterflies.  I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: Tuesday Morning Sketches

I also added a picture of our ash tree, it just starting to bud a bit, who knew they would look like tiny bananas.. makes me smile.
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

CTS #221~Life is Tough

Yay.. The stamp set I won came in the mail today and that means I had to play with it, so why not try it out with a challenge at: Case This Sketch
I embossed the bottom layer of my card and then added some patterned paper I picked up from the walmart store.  I then layered my other two pieces of paper and stamped the images.  I fussy cut out the one butterfly and gave him some dimension.  I then added a little pearl for some bling.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture outside so you can see the shadow of the raised butterfly.. It turned out lovely.  The stamp set is from Stamplorations and is called Buttercups and Butterflies.  I really am naive when it comes to all the different rubber stamp companies out there.  I've Always been a huge Stampin up fan since the beginning, but then started adding a few Lawn Fawn  stamps and dies, and really like them as well, then Sweet n Sassy has lovely items.. oh boy the list goes on and on.  However I stick with stampin up inks, and all my papers are from Michael's or Walmart.  Just can't afford the good stuff yet. 

Image may contain: dogImage may contain: dog
Wanted to include the before and after pictures of my sweet little pup.   Spring time is shave time for this Springer.  So here he is sporting his new spring coat. 
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