Monday, January 30, 2017


I tried my best with the bokeh technique again.  I think I'm slowly .. slowwwly getting the hang of it.  I decided to play with the colors in the color challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog  You might have to look hard, but they're in there.  The base is white, with  a layer of dark gray behind it.. then the bokeh technique is how I worked in the few other colors of soft grays, and peach, I added a hint of green for some accent along with the arrow brads pointing toYOU.
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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hello friends, I'm happy to share my new little purchase.. It was a broken piece from Michael's but I tried to fix it up.  Originally I suppose it's for photos, however it works great for displaying cards, and I have a few cute decorative clothes pins for hanging my cards so that's fun.   My card today celebrates my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) tradition.  However, although once again I have selected a lovely quote and not a verse, but I think it has a powerful meaning.  The flowers are from stampin up Remarkable you set,  I love how bold they look.  I also added some sequins for sparkle.  What do you think of my new display?  
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Friday, January 27, 2017

HSS Sketch Challenge #256~Valentine

Well oh my goodness, here I am again, 3 posts in one day.  Guess you might say I'm in crafty card mode, or otherwise know as a bit of pain, so stamping is a great way to take my mind off that, or at least try to, plus it's always fun to show others what I'm working on.  So I'm going to put this card in the challenge at: Hand Stamped Sentiments
  The bottom half of my card I used washi tape for the 3 stripes, however my little trick for that is that I put the tape on white cardstock and then glue it to my card, because it seems that the white on the washi tape picks up whatever color is behind it, and I thought this just gave it a crisp look.  I also thought taking the picture with the flash gave it a whole different appearance, you can see the linen like paper.  I used 3 decorative brad hearts to bring some sparkle to the tree.  All the stamps in this project are from Stampin up.  This is my first time making a square card, I suppose I'll have to hand deliver this one because I don't have an envelope to fit it.  haha  Unless I custom make one.
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SSC144 SEEING STARS~On the Beach

I didn't plan on posting twice on my blog today, but after seeing the fun sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog I knew I wanted to play along, and the challenge ends soon.   So here is my card. Seeing stars on the Beach.  I used a stamp set from Lawn Fawn, and a background embossed with clouds seemed fitting for this beach scene.    I kind of got swept up in the sand/waves of it all and imagined a place far from WI.  haha.. that's my vacation on paper.   Thank so much for visiting my blog.  And as I mentioned in my previous post, any help in making my blog better would be appreciated, and advice on Google+ would be appreciated too. 
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Get Well Cards

I've been playing around  again with this collage creator on line.   It's free and it's fun.  It looks better with the more pictures you have, but today I'm only posting two.
 They are very different in style but common in that they are both for individuals who could use prayers right now.   The first "pretty in Pink" as I refer to her, is for a friend that just had shoulder surgery.  and the "more Masculine" one is for my Uncle who just underwent open heart surgery.  (4 bypasses)   Both are in recovery mode now and so I just humbly ask that you would keep them in your prayers for quick healing.  Thank you so very muchπŸ’Ÿ
Also, if you would like to know the stamp sets used in today's cards please just leave me a message in the comment section.  
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It seems like more and more people are having trouble following my blog.  πŸ˜’This is so frustrating as I'm always looking for ways to grow and share my cards with others.  So I'm thinking about trying Google+ and I am wondering if any of my blog buddies have been using this outreach? and how is it working?   Would you launch into trying it?  Are there downfalls?     Thank you so much for helping me out here.  I appreciate all the advice I can get when it comes to blogging, and speaking of blogs, my sister just started her first blog, please will you go check it out at: From Soil to Oils and Everything in-Between.  
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Snow Card #7

This will be my last inspiration snow card for the amazingly fun challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  I have enjoyed being part of the crew for this first challenge of the year. Thank you to everyone who played along.  It has been such a pleasure. πŸ’—

I included two cards today.  The stamps are from Stampin up and  are:  Let it snow 1997 and Best of Snow 2014  and the little letters in the snowflakes are from a stamp set I purchased from Michael's a few years ago.   
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Monday, January 23, 2017

MOJO481~Snow Card #6

Well according to the weathermen at the local tv station we are in for more snow. Makes wonderful inspiration for the challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog I'm so happy to be their guest designer, just wish I could help get more people to participate in this fun blog.  It challenges us to give a little love to our older stamps that tend to be forgotten.
I found this lovely sketch design at: Mojo Monday Blog and thought I would use that to incorporate my snow.  The background is embossed with snowflakes. and then I used stamps from stampin up:  A tree for all seasons 2000 and Whoosh snowman 1998.  I added some puffy pearl paint  around the tree for snow, and some sparkly stars in the corner to match the silver twine.  I hope you will be inspired to play along.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snow Card #5

Hello friends, today I didn't get a chance to stamp my SCS  (Scripture Card Sunday) card.  I got busy trying to put the house back in order.  It takes me such a long time now putting up and taking down Christmas decorations.  Gasp!  right.. Yes my friends I still had the house all festive and it's almost a month later.   Now the home looks so empty and needless to say I spent time on ice resting and hoping the pain would ease up.   I imagine tomorrow will be a nice stamping day, along with visiting a few blogs to help stir up some interest in the super fun snow challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenger Blog.  I would so love to see your beautifully designed cards on their blog.  So please link up.   
The card I made today only uses one stamp and it's from Michael's in the dollar bins I believe it's at least a year old maybe 2.   I tried researching it online and couldn't find an accurate date.   I then also used an embossing folder and sponged white ink on the snowflakes.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

#GDP070~Snow Card #4

 Today is snow card #4  I chose bright blue to enhance the white stamped images so well.  I hope you will join the snow challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog. I'm having such a blast being their guest designer.  It is truly fun to bring out our older stamps and make new designs with them, and it's helpful to have a sketch challenge to work with such as the one at: Global Design Project.   As you can see I switched things up a bit for the sketch, but I think you can still see the idea.  

As for the stamps they are stampin up: 1999 Winter Wilma, 1996 Best Borders, and 1998 Whoosh snowman. I used a ribbon to add some sparkle, and a few punched snowflakes with pearls to give it some pizzazz.  
I also included another snowy picture of my yard for inspiration.   I hope you scroll down and check out a few more of my cards.  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.  
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let It Snow Card #3

 Today marks card #3 for some snow inspiration.  In hopes that you will play along at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  It's so fun to bring out those older stamps and ink them up for a super snow challenge.  The sets I used today are from Stampin up and include: Let it snow 1997,

Woosh Snowman 1998, and Lovely as a tree.  I know this one is older even though I think it's still available.  I suppose because it's a classic.  I always think I should order one more set just to have on hand.  Kind of like when you find the right shoes or purse.. a gal wants back up.  haha.. 

I've also included another snowy picture from our yard.   
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

❄Let it Snow❄

As promised here is another card for some inspiration, in hoping that you will play along with the  snow challenge at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  This was actually my favorite of the cards I made, but my family chose the Window Card I posted yesterday and submitted that one as the design card.  I like this one because I added the little snow drifts to the birdie house, and had a stack of snowballs read to go, just in case a passer by might want to purchase a few.  The stamp sets I used were:  Stampin up, Season of Friendship I think it's from 2012  I had a hard time finding the date.  If you know please message me in the comments, because I want to write it on the box.  I also used the Bird house mini from stampin up 1996 and snow angels from 1999~ wishing I had the whole set to this one.   
I'm hoping to see your works of art in the card gallery at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog, be sure to link up.  The team there is so supportive and is sure to comment on your cards.  Everybody loves that.   

For further inspiration a little help from WI .. my snowy yard.  

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#rrcb54~Guest Designer~Snowy View From my Window

 Oh my goodness

  The time has finally come, and I can show you the card I made as the guest designer at: Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  I am absolutely so grateful for this awesome opportunity to be able to share my card with you all.  I went to work(play) right away trying to come up with a card that would fit the challenge, and as you can imagine it was a lot of fun.

I used the window die to give the appearance of looking out into the winter wonderland of SNW with and avalanche of snow hanging off the roof line, which is quite common here in WI.  Sometimes the drifts off the roof can meet those SNW banks on the ground. I also added a cup of hot cocoa to warm things up while glancing at the cute SNW-man.  Did you notice a few of the flakes were plastered to the window pane?  I imagine that is so, because like our old house, there is poor insulation.. hence they stay put.  haha.. any ways I thought I should also capture a picture with the card on my actually window sill. So very clever.    As you can see there is  some SNW in the background, but just wait until later this week when I share a few more  SNW cards, and pictures of the yard. 
 We got a lot more of that fluffy wet white stuff.
  On this card I used a snowflake embossing folder for the background, and the window die.  The stamp sets are from stampin up and include: Snow Angels 1999 for the cup of cocoa.  so sad because I don't have the whole set, just that little mug, 1997 Let it snow for the sentiment.  1998 Woosh Snowman set for the snowflakes and Best of SNW 2014.  
I hope you like my card and that you will play along with the amazing team at Retro Rubber, it's truly a delightful blog, with amazing challenges.. and seriously don't we all have some older stamps that need a little love, now is the perfect time to bring them out, and let them shine.  Please won't you join us in the Challenge.  
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Make sure to stop back this week because I will feature 5 more days of snow cards for inspiration.  I look forward to seeing what YOU come up with.

By the way did you notice the reoccurring theme throughout my post?  besides the poor grammar.. (haha)   it would be the word SNW

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

SCS ~Fabulous You

I'm so excited to share with you my first attempt at paper piecing.  I used my new stampin up set.  Fabulous You.  I couldn't wait to order this one.  For some reason it reminds me of old movies.  I love how the woman have dresses and hats it's just so "classy"   so today I paired it up with a verse for my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday)  I'm not sure what translation this verse is. I use mostly NIV or ESV, but nevertheless, I thought it was fitting for this card.  I enjoy the bright bold yellow color too.  I am convienced that I need to put on my wish list more die shapes, to create my cards, it just gives them such a finished look.  
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Friday, January 13, 2017

MOJO479~Lovely Lotus

I enjoy pulling out a few of my older stamps.  It seems like stamps are as automobiles are, you drive it off the lot and it's already outdated and used.  However when you have a new sketch design like the one at: Mojo Monday Blog you want to bring out the old and mix it with the new.  That's exactly what I did with this card.   I used the stampin up lotus blossom set along with the sentiment from Frosted medallion.  I used some washi tape on the side to match the color of the flower. 
I think the Lotus looks lovely in this color.  What are your thoughts?  

I've also added a picture of our πŸΆ dog HP, he found a new place to sit.  My footstool, and of course while we were watching TV he thought the best way to get our attention with his ball would be at eye level.  He's such a cutie.  
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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Boy oh boy this was a colour challenge indeed at Global Design Project but I figured I'd give it a shot.  With colors like delightful dijon and silver, and a color of our own choice to add to it, hmmm... why not hit this colorful combo out of the park with purple. 
  I used some glittery silver twine and a lovely accent star in the corner to represent my silver selection.  While the base of the card incorporated the delightful dijon.  The stamp is from a set called Love You Lots from Stampin up.   I find the elephant symbolic, πŸ˜(haha)🐘 because I won't soon forget this color combo challenge.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Today I made this card for the challenge at Global Design Project where we are to CASE the designer Jess Williams. 
I chose the airplane from stampin up, because this week my daughter had her first flight ever.  They are now back home safely.  But the experience will last for a lifetime.  She is still suffering from ringing and pain in the ears, hopefully that will subside soon.   It was so impressive to watch the groundsmen usher the jet to the proper location.  I think a person forgets all the behind the scene people that are working so hard to assure us safe travels. 

   So onto my card. I used the world embossing folder from stampin up along with the stampin up, sky is the limit set.  I added a bit of ribbon and a little pearl accent in the middle of the propeller.  It was a lot of fun to make this card. 

I also added a few pictures of the airplane and the updated flying schedules.  On my previous posts you will find other pictures, my daughter took while flying.  Please check them out and leave a comment.  

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 Today I made a card for the winter frost color challenge at:  Sunday Stamps.  This was quite difficult for me, since I don't really use "cool" colors often and also I don't have a variety of paper or ink in this color scheme.  So I made do with what I had.  I also tied this into my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) post.   Even though it's not a verse I thought it would be fitting for the day since it talks about faith.  My stamps are from stampin up.   

I also forgot to share one of my fun gifts for Christmas.   A lovely pair of glasses that make all the twinkle lights look like reindeer.  I added some pictures to show ya.  They are so much fun.
  I'm such a kid at heart πŸ’—
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Friday, January 6, 2017

MOJO478~Winter Scene

 I really wanted to play with my new stampin up  Merry Tags framelit dies.  They just came in a few days ago.  So exciting to get a new product.  I didn't order the bundle, because of our budget, but I sure am loving the possibilities even without the stamps.  So I'm going to enter this card in the sketch challenge at: Mojo Monday Blog.

 I ran the little die through the big shot a few times with different colored paper so I could make each element the appropriate color.  Then just snipped off the top so it wouldn't  look to much like a Christmas ornament and more like a snowy winter scene.   And speaking of snow, I had a few visitors in the side yard again today even though it's about 5 below zero.  

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

MOJO478~Valentine's Day Take 2

There are certain occasions and Holidays I just can't seem to master for stamping.  Valentine's day is one of them.  Perhaps because I don't really have many stamps in favor of this holiday or perhaps I just don't feel the "love"  while making them.  I think my favorite of all cards to make is Christmas.  Any ways, I gave it my best shot using the sketch challenge at: Mojo Monday as a template for my design layout.  Then I just went all out and overboard with embossing and washi tape and such.  I mixed a few stamp sets together for this loveliness, I mean nothing says, valentine's day like hearts everywhere.  (haha) πŸ’šπŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’˜

It's a bit cold here again in WI.. as in below zero the past few days. This is so not my favorite time of the year.. but I took a picture of the little beauty that Jack Frost left on my window.. and the close up is amazing and wanted to share it with ya all.

How pretty spectacular is that?  It's so feathery looking, and yet frigid at the same time. 

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