Friday, April 8, 2016


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Today I got my inspiration from a fellow blogger.  Please check out her marvelous card design at: Nanny's Pansy Patch  
I had to mix it up a little bit. I don't have an oval die or punch.. so I used circles.  I think it turned out swell.  What a great concept to use the stampin up set for a peak a boo background.  I of course had to add a few of the sequins to make it a little sparkly. 
                                                    Here is another picture with the flash on.  I finally figured how to turn it on.. at least for now again. →      

I thought I would share a few pics of the side yard.  I think I made eye contact with the robin.

 The little squirrel was sitting on his favorite twig which is only about 8 inches long and dead..but he so enjoys it there. 

 I finally got a picture of the junk yard cat.  There are quite a few (at times)  but this sly little cat quickly slid under the fence so I couldn't snap more pictures.  Lastly, right when we think it's spring we wake up to 3 more inches of snow.  *heavy sigh.  Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, oh and the card.  Please don't forget to stop by my friend's blog for more inspiration.  Thank you.

                                     Please stop back again soon.
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  1. I love how this card turned out with the circles - a very versatile stamp set. You did a great job! Thanks for the nice words! We are expecting snow tomorrow, and I really can't stand the thought! Where's Spring?

  2. I love your pretty card - so bright and cheerful -- it turned out great with the circles!

  3. A very pretty card indeed PJ. What an interesting lots of animals and birds you get visit your yard. Love the photos you share. Barbxx


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