Monday, December 21, 2015


Walking in a Winter Wonderland Snowman
 Well, Good evening folks, I didn't think I'd get a card made today.  I had to take myself out to the store, I sure do miss my little helper. (daughter)  I'm trying to become more independent, but the pain sent me straight home and to rest. 

Any ways, who wants to hear about that depressing stuff.. so onward and upward to the card.  This darling idea came off the pinterest boards, and I thought why not put my own little spin on the top note die by creating my  little snowman.. I think he turned out super cute.. of course I wanted to color in some pink cheeks, but I thought it might be a bit to much.   I do however like the little googly eyes, and the ribbon.  I am still so astonished at the carrot nose.. I cut it freehand..yippee.   showing off some talent there.  haha.   

Then I thought I'd get creative with my little old camera and snap a picture of the card under the tree.. and there you have it.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

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