Wednesday, May 10, 2017


    I can always tell when I'm dealing with extra pain or stress, and without being a complete downer here on my blog, let me just say..WOW!  I end up making a bunch of cards.  I guess that's good for my blog.  (SMILE)   This here card I made for a friend who popped over to pick me up and take me back to her new home.   It was so exciting.  You see she lived in an older home for many years, like my home now.  So it was so fun to see her show me  her new place, with level floors and a bathroom that has a vanity, and a tub with no mold/mildew, and a finished basement.  I'm a bit jealous as I told her, and hopefully someday I'll have a nice home too, but any ways it was good to visit with her and see her swell home.  I'm truly happy for my friend.  I hope she likes the card. 
I also thought I would share a picture of chippy who packs his cheeks full of corn, leaving none for my squirrels.  I have a feeling Chippy is stashing it our basement again. *insert sigh.  
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Keep Smiling 😊Keep Stamping

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  1. I'm sure your friend will love this card! So sorry to hear that you are down. It is pretty cold here and rain coing in for the weekend - UGH!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!


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