Monday, May 1, 2017


Here are a couple Mother's day cards I made. Nothing fancy, just plain and simple.  The orange one is for my mom and the green one is for my hubby's mom.  I used the remarkable you stamp from stampin up, with some patterned paper from the Michael's store, and a little square of glitter paper.    I think I will be giving them a few products from the craft fair since that didn't happen.
I knew I'd find a good use for it.   😉
Did you all notice the new tab I added to my little bar across the top?
   OH boy, I came across a new idea I thought would be fun to try and I immediately thought of my dear blog friend Nancy, I think it would be a fun idea to do with her grand daughters.. so here is it... drum roll please.. stamping on shrink dinks and then turning them into bracelets or key chains, back pack tags etc.  How super duper fun.  I really want to try this.  What do you think?
Thank you for spending your time with me here at my blog. 
Keep Smiling 😊 Keep Stamping

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  1. I love these cards - my favorite plain and fancy!! I remember doing shrinky dinks years ago and loved it! Great job! Thanks for bringing back good memories!


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