Friday, January 19, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #436

 Well dear  friends/followers of my blog, we had mom's funeral yesterday.   It was a long hard day, but we all held up good.  That was until we got to the cemetery and they had dug the wrong spot.  OMGOSH>>> can you believe it?   And then my poor dad had to go talk with the women who was in charge and not very helpful, my sister then went in to assist.  I was sitting in the car thinking oh gosh that's like sending two loaded guns in there.  So I went in.  I'm not a confrontational person, or take charge gal. BUT it must have been divine intervention.  I told dad to be with the funeral guests.. and my sister too.  I spoke with the women.. she said the site would not be ready until Saturday.. I told her that was unacceptable.  She proceeded to say they didn't have the equpiment to heat the ground faster then that.  I told her to find someone that could.  She then said it would cost a lot, I told her she'd be then one covering it since as she said, "it's our booboo"  omgosh.. talk about stress.. then says we have a storage shed we can put your mom there for now until we get the site ready.. NO WAY.. I asked the funeral director to take her back with him.. The angel of a man said of course.. and he got on the phone and started calling too, he found a company that is actually from where I live, and my husband knows them.. they stopped everything they were doing, and came down to work on the correct site.  Let me also just say this.. it was about 3:30pm.    They brought their heated jack hammers and tractor scoop down, and by 5:30 we were back at the cemetery.  They were so professional.  We used the vault they had there, and then a tractor came and transported mom up to her final resting spot and lowered her in.  I had not ever witnessed this part of the funeral before, but as we were standing in the dark with tractor lights and sounds.. it was somewhat peaceful.. Between the grandsons and husbands we had enough pall bearers.. and my sister played Amazing Grace.    Gosh talk about stress.   But God had a plan (of course) and it all worked out in the end.   We went back to the house with dad and had pizza.. and spent sometime with him to make sure he was doing good.  Here is my mom's memory card.  Sorry it's not the best picture. I took it with my lap top. 

Now for the card I made.  I honestly thought perhaps I've lost my creative juices.  I just couldn't seem to get in a groove.  I knew I wanted to try and make a Valentine card with this sketch at: 
But goodness gracious it was more difficult then I thought it would be.   Lots of pattern paper and perhaps that's what threw me for a loop, I don't work to well with it.  Very little stamping just the heart and sentiment.  I cut out the heart and colored it in carefully adding clear wink of stella, and adding some pearl drops to the flowers and also to the flower strip I punched out.   I thought the heart brads in the corner were a nice finishing touch.
Thank you for stopping by for a visit. 
One week until my daughter's wedding.
Please keep our family in your prayers.  
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping


  1. PJ, I so like this card. The color palate you've used is fun - a nice red and white is always a lovely combination. Good use of the sketch. Thank you for sharing your card with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

    I am truly sorry for the stress you had to encounter during your Mother's funeral. It is emotional enough to lose a parent without having to deal with errors such as that. My heart goes out to you now and in the days to come as everyone adapts to the loss.

  2. After what you went through I can't believe you actually were able to make this adorable card! I agree there are so many beautiful papers out there it is hard to chose. You did a great job on this challenge. AS far as your Mom's funeral, I can't believe that you and your family had to go through ths. This part of the funeral is always the hardest,let alone the wrong resting place. It sounds as if your funeral director is a wonderful person. Please try and get some rest this week for the wedding. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  3. First of all, I'm so sorry the loss of your mother, but the added stress of the unimaginable mistake they made would have done me in. I'm glad you had the diplomacy to stand your ground and see to it that things were made right. I hope the upcoming wedding of your daughter will add joy to your life and help heal your heart.

    Your card is just stunning and I love those fun Valentine papers! The floral border of flowers is the perfect way to break up all those pretty papers! Thanks for playing along with the Tuesday Morning Sketch challenge!

  4. This sketch might have been a little difficult but you sure rocked it!! Love the use of the daisy border punch and the way you did the inside of the card to match the outside. So glad you could join us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

    So sorry for the loss of your Mom. Glad everything got resolved in the same day that sure had to be stressful!

  5. I agree with all of the above regarding your gorgeous card!! I'm so sorry for your loss, I read your printed pieces for her and I know it is all so true and you are a believer but being a motherless daughter I also know the empty spot you will forever feel for your mama. I wish you the peace that passes understanding (Phil 4:7) during this time and all the times to come when you're missing her. Creating is such good therapy thank you so much for joining us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches. :)

  6. PJ I saw this post and came back to say how sorry I am about the loss of your Mom. The added stress of the burial I am sure did not help, but you seem to have handled it all really well. Your card is beautiful. I hope your Daughters wedding goes well. Claire xx


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