Saturday, January 6, 2018

Winter Chills Card Challenge

I made this card for the challenge at: Cards In Envy where the theme is "Winter Chills"   I thought how appropriate since it's been below zero for the past week here in Wisconsin. These little feathered friends have snuggled up together on a branch to stay warm.  

I also want to let ya know that for some reason again my blog is having issues receiving comments.😞  I get them delivered in my emails, but not in my blog comment section.  UGH!!! always something with my blogger.  GRRRR.    I have so much going on right now, that I'm just hoping this fixes itself.  I'm so overwhelmed with many things.  My mom's health, the wedding, and apparently now my health again.  *sigh.  Praying for peace and strength.
Please KNOW  I really appreciate you taking time to comment, and like I said I'm receiving them by email.  So THANK YOU.
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

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  1. What a cute card with these red birds in the trees!! Thanks for joining us at Cards in Envy.


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