Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ch# 19 Cows Blue skies, Critters on the farm and at the dog park, Lawn Fawn, What's Moo? Stampin up

I made a simple card today for the challenge at: 
where the theme is 🐄"COWS" 🐄
How super fun.  However I didn't have time to make a more detailed card in fear I'd run out of time and not get to the link before it closed.  Especially since I'm trying to make supper for the hubby and myself too.   
So this will have to do.  I refer to it as my comb over cow, because as you can see I gave him a little black splotch of hair above the one ear and it just reminds me of that.  I LOVE IT.. super cute.  In fact because my HP's 🐶fur is so long I like to comb it over to the side like that too.. I will have to take a picture before we take him to to the groomers for his spring shave.  I'll include a picture of him chilling out in front of the patio door today.  Aww.. He's a pal.  a little FURRY pal.  

Today's card features stamps from the following: 
Lawn Fawn~ Blue skies.. for the clouds
Lawn Fawn ~ Critters on the farm for the cow and hay
Lawn Fawn~ Critters at the dog park for the grass
Stampin up 1993 What's Moo set for the sentiment on the front, and the milk can inside.

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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

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