Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 301: THRILL~Not So Seriously, Stampin up

 I made this card today using my newly acquired, consignment shop, stampin up set called  Not so seriously.  I actually bought it because of the dogs.   BUT today I thought I'd try out the other images in the set.  This spunky little gal. The sentiment cracks me up, because don't ya just love it when that happens?  How thrilling 😉  I mean you buy something for a dear friend, only to find out that gosh  you now need one too.  However, that don't happen to often for me since not to many of my friends stamp.  BUT I imagine buying some lovely ink or card stock for them and realizing.. Oh boy.. I'm loving it.  lol  
Any ways I colored in Ms. Spunky with fabulous shades of purple and a splash of yellow sunshine for her hair.. those rosey red lips are what makes her pop off the card, or perhaps it's those earrings?  I get such a kick out of her.
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at:

So believe me I had to look up the word thrill in google just to make sure I didn't misinterpret it.  So here is what it says:
  1. 1.
    a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.
    "the thrill of jumping out of an airplane"
  1. 1.
    cause (someone) to have a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.
    "his kiss thrilled and excited her"

  2. 2.
    (of an emotion or sensation) pass with a nervous tremor.
    "the shock of alarm thrilled through her"
  So after checking the list twice.  I think the sentiment on my card fits pretty nicely.. after all there is excitement in finding the perfect gift and then also pleasure (happiness) in realizing you want it too.  So that in itself is "thrilling"  
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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.
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  1. LoL!!!!
    Your Super CAS Card made me laugh. Awesome take on the cue word and i love how the sentiment continues to the inside of the card. Matching the border with the color of the image is a nice touch and your signature style. I love how to you as kept the colors monochromatic to add to the CAS look. Thanks for playing with us at CASology this week. Hugs Bharati

  2. So cute! :) I love the simplicity of your design! I totally know what you mean about buying something for a friend and realizing I need it for myself too! ;)
    Thanks so much for playing along with us over at CASology!


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