Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Poppin' Box

                             The Poppin' Box
 Well here it is folks the fun box I was talking about.  It looks like your traditional  standard box, however when you pull it open, out pops the cube.  Such a neat surprise for the receiver.  The pictures don't do the colors justice, so please just imagine the bright lime green that it is.  I used stampin up stamps for all the images.  It was a bit tricky for me, but I tell ya the you tube video really helped out.  You can find it at: Part One and Part Two.  I hope you will give it a try.  Below you will see my video.  Sorry I don't have any high tech equipment to film something better, but I hope you get the "picture" of this cute card.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Here Comes the SUN

 I'm on a roll of making sunbeam cards now.  Do you ever get stuck in a rut where you start  mass producing the same technique just using different stamped images and inks?  I do.   So this card is one more example of the sunbeams.  If you scroll down my blog you'll see a few more.   

On this particular card I used  a variety of dies, images and paper.   I think it turned out sweet. I love that cute little cacti.   Speaking of which my sister posted on her blog: From Soils to Oils and Everything in Between  this cute little micro terrarium that you can grow your own little cacti.  Oh gosh I might have to try that.   They are so neat.

WELL> look at that squirrel,  we have a jumper.. and he stuck the landing perfectly on the bird feeder.. grrr.  What a mess he has made today.   My hubby will have to fix our little shield in hopes that will keep him off the feeders.  Nevertheless, still such a cutie and wanted to share some pictures.    

Tomorrow I post the "box"  I'm so excited about it.  I hope you will come back and see the pictures.  I've also made a video, now I just have to figure out how to get it on here so you can see it.  
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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Happy SCS (Scripture Card Sunday)
Today I used a huge stamp  that I received from a friend years ago.  It is the whole background.  Working with such a large stamp is always difficult for me, even though I have long fingers it's still a bit clumsy awkward.    As you can see I didn't even have all the ink covering the image, but for some reason I really like how it turned out.  Made it a bit more rustic looking.  The verse is an unknown origin.  I must have ordered it online once upon a time, and I have no idea where from.  However I learned a little trick using that sentiment, because it don't stick to my acrylic block at all, I use one little pop dot and it worked wonderfully and then popped that dot off when I was done, and  it is good as new. 

 YAYπŸ™‹-that's a High five from me to you.   I also added this cute little blessing that I came across.  Hope you like it as much as I do. πŸ’—
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Saturday, February 25, 2017


I made one more card for the challenge at: Christmas Card Throwdown.  I like this one a bit better, because it is bright and crisp looking. I used Stampin up and Mama Elephant stamps.  With a satin ribbon running along the side to break up the fact that the card was uneven.  I always have to find a fix for my mistakes.

Our rascal of a dog thought he should carry the pizza box.  Such a big helper.  haha.. with a hidden agenda.    Any ways we did offer him a piece of crust for the effort.  

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Friday, February 24, 2017

CCT04~Technique Gingerbread House

This card I made today took some handiwork.  I've not ever made a sunburst/starburst card before with paper strips.  I'm going to enter it in the technique challenge at: Christmas Card Throwdown     I'm kind of impressed how it turned out.  I had to google sunburst to see what I should do and then realized I only needed to cut a few rectangles into triangles (sort of)  lol  any ways being I'm not grand with a ruler or such I went to work, and then I layered the two brown pieces on top of red paper.  I then embossed some snowflakes and stamped my gingerbread house. 
 I used my watercolor pencils and some fun pearl paint for the roof.
    It is not to fancy, but for my first time with this technique,

 I'm happy with it.  

I also wanted to share a few pictures of this squirrel diving in for some corn.  He got himself a bit of a snow bath.   I think he poses for pictures now.   
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I got a new sign. 
  You might be wondering, "what for?"  hmm.. Well let me tell you it's really for my pretend card class that I always want to have.  Seriously I might have some issues.  Notice I said "some"  that covers enough ground but not enough to have me committed. πŸ˜‰  But isn't it darling?  and guess what it says on the backside?  Closed.. you guessed it!   How fun is that?
   Any ways onto the card which I made for the sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps Blog I diecut the little picture frame out with the sentiment surprise and used my stampin up Sweet Scoop set for the images.  I embossed the polka dot background and found my lovely hot pink ribbon to use on the bottom.  I  must add: I think polka dots are just happy.   You can't be sad with them.  
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Hello all.  I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I just was bombarded with computer troubles.  Grrrr.  Oh the frustration of trying to communicate the issue to high tech professionals.  I'm overwhelmed.  The issue is still not resolved. However I can blog, I just have to go to two different locations right now to retrieve my emails.  Any ways along with that came a bunch of leg and back pain. So I have spent much of my time on ice.   Please know I'm thinking of my little blog and my blogging buddies here.  So I will post 3x today to show you what I've been working on.  I can't wait for you to see the one magnificent box I was able to make.  IT is so much fun.  

However, for now it's just a plain and simple little birthday card.  Not much to describe about it, except it was so not what I planned on doing. (that's always the case with me)  Just went with the direction the card was going.. It's like it had it's own plan.  

 I also wanted to share a few pictures of the side yard.  The snow was almost melted and then "today" happened.. snowing, sleeting, thunder.. yup that's right blizzard like conditions this morning.  Thunder is a bit unusual, Not the snow.  We have at least 2 months if not 3 for snow yet.  I've seen it snow many times in May.  *insert heavy sigh there.   Perhaps my little side yard friends knew it was coming, so they were scurrying about to prepare for the blizzard.  
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Monday, February 20, 2017


I made this card for the sketch challenge at: Sunday Stamps.  I wanted to use this little jar for quite some time. I've had it for ages, there is no name for it, I don't even remember where I bought it.  However,   I think the little strawberries are "sweet"  hence the sentiment.   A little sparkly ribbon and 2 berry red brads make it complete.

I also wanted to share a picture of this cute little squirrel trying to climb the bird feeder pole.   You see I posted early today the beautiful birds that were out feasting on the seed, and I guess this little guy thought he wanted some of the feed too.  He was so cute hanging on for dear life as he tried to climb it and then slide right back down.   I have to give him credit for being so persistent.  
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I stumbled across another challenge and I just knew I would have to play along with the folks at: The Male Room  how awesome to have a place to showcase our more masculine cards, and it's all about wheels.  I used the train image from Jim Holtz, because well we live next to a train yard and it just seemed appropriate, never mind that we also live on a street with 4 lanes of traffic out front.  I still went 

for the rails and the big iron beauties..  I thought I'd share a few pictures my son took of them.   He has always had a great admiration for trains.  

And as promised yesterday I wanted to share a few snapshots I took of my feathered friends that visited the side yard.  

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

SCS ~Spring

It's time for my inspirational ✟ SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) post.    I went with some spring like colors today, and used my tulip embossing folder, because it's just glorious outside🌞.  The sun is shining and the temps are warm.  Well warm for February in WI.   So I just felt like a sweet spring card was in need.  I used stampin up, Garden whimsy and Banner blessings sets together for this delightful little image.  I also fussy cut the elements out, but I think doing so gave it much better dimension.
So I might of mentioned back in Dec. our hand me down wash machine broke, well we were blessed to purchase a new one, and after much convincing, I got my hubby on board for the drier also, which we just purchased yesterday because it was on sale for 400 dollars.  I'm excited to say that after 25 years (this May) of Marriage I have my very first ever washing machine and drier set.  it's fabulous.   They sure do brighten up my dreary basement.  πŸ’‘

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 I can't wait to post tomorrow, because I have a card already done, and furthermore,  I got some awesome pictures of my side yard friends 🐦I want to share with ya all.  YAY!!! 
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cut, Fold, Tuck Die Cards

Hello Dear friends.  I can't even begin to tell you how super duper excited I am, but I will try.  First I went on a small road trip yesterday with my daughter to visit my son.  This is sometimes difficult because driving is hard on my legs, but it went well, just a lot of swelling and heaviness in the legs, but worth every bit of it to be with my kiddos. We all had a great time, and plus I was able to quick whip up a couple belated Valentine Treat Bags and give them to him and his girlfriendπŸ’—
Then when I got home after a long day, much to my surprise I was BLESSED with 4 new followers.  OMGOSH so  very exciting.πŸ™‹.  That was awesome. Thank you so very much!!!!  Also, I was thrilled to read all the sweet comments. I wish I could send everyone a card.   Perhaps I should think about setting a goal for reaching 100 followers and then give a random free stamp set to someone.   I just want ya all to know how much I appreciate you. 

The amazing news continues...  My friend sent me a spellbinders cut, fold, tuck die.  I've not ever used something like this, so I had much to learn and that is what my 4 cards feature today.  I think with each card I was getting a bit better with it.  I will post my first card, (the Thank you note to my friend for the lovely gift) and then the rest of my card takes... haha  kind of like filming.. take 1 take 2 etc.   Let me know which card is your favorite.  I have a hard time working with pattern paper as it is, but I tried on a couple of the cards to incorporate that. 
Sorry for the lengthy blog, but just wanted to share.  Again thank you to my new followers.  I'm so glad you have come to join me on my stamping journey. 
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Challenge #229 - Clean and Simple & Cards In Envy ~Be my Valentine

I wanted to make one more card for the clean and simple challenge at: Addicted to Stamps and More  but it also tied in well with the challenge at: Cards in Envy Be my Valentine. (my first time entering in their challenge)  I just couldn't resist this cute little hedgehog couple greeting one another with "hedgehugs" it just speaks to my heartπŸ’— as if to say, You're my Valentine.    I used the Gorgeous Grunge and Love you lots from stampin up, the sentiment is from lawn fawn.

I also can now show you the cute little bird cages with my stamped birdies on the inside.   It was a gift for my sister's birthday. So I didn't want to post it until she got it.  I layered the bottom with flowers that were pink,black, gray, and white. I then stamped the birds and fussy cut them out. Of course adding a googly eye just brings everything to life.  I tied a little ribbon around the base as to "tie" it all together nicely.  I hope she liked them.  I also encourage you to go check out her blog: From Soils to Oils and Everything in Between  I am  sure she would appreciate the drop in visit, and comments. 

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RRCB56 They Say It's Your Birthday & Challenge #229 - Clean and Simple

I pulled out an oldie but goldie  for the Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.  This time it's all about Birthdays over there, and I thought the 2000 smiley stampin up set worked lovely, along with the 2001 musical note from stampin up.   I embellished each note with a gold sequin to give it some zippity doo dah.  I also used a die cut from lawn fawn for the sentiment.  I also want to submit this card to another challenge at: Addicted to Stamps and More where we are to design clean and simple cards.  I see some white space there.  So I'm pretty happy face myself with this project.    
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MOJO484~Patriotic Congrats

I am so excited about this card because I made it for a friend who just became a US citizen.  I thought what better way to congratulate her then to make a patriotic card.  I used the sketch challenge at: Mojo Monday for the design layout.  I used all stampin up stamps, along with some washi tape, and brads.   
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


πŸ’Happy Valentine's DayπŸ’  I wanted to share  a few pictures with you all.  This is the chocolate raspberry heart cake I made for my hubby, along with the card ( you probably recognize from my earlier posts)  but it was intended for him always.  Represents are family tree filled with LOVE.  Then of course I had to get him something with snoopy on it, so there is the box of chocolates.   In the next picture is the little bags I made from envelopes  and decorated with washi tape and twine.   This was a gift for my daughter and her boyfriend.  They were filled with caramel chocolate hearts.  I wish my son and his girlfrirend lived closer, They would be getting them too. πŸ’‘  The last picture is  of the red hots my daughter gave me.  They are one of my favorite candies. πŸ’˜.  I hope you all had a day filled with family, friends, Valentine cards, and Loads of LOVEπŸ’— 

I am so Happy to announceπŸ™‹ I  have a new blog follower.    Thank you so much for joining the group.  That made my day!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Hand Stamped 5

I just wanted to share a few of  the greeting cards that  I made recently.  I was all over the place stamping, trying new techniques and designs.  Sometimes I redo a few and make it better and other times.. I say, "it is what it is"  not perfect or hallmark, but for sure homemade.  Does that ever happen to you?    My desk looks like a mess and my mind races as to what to stamp next.  It's a good way to take your mind off your troubles.
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One more Valentine.  I thought I was done with them, but ...  I came across the sketch challenge at Mojo Monday and thought it would be the perfect looking Valentine card. So there you have it.  A ton of patterned paper and two different stamped hearts along with a trio of brads make this card complete.  Oh,  and a bit of washi tape too. Finished.  However, I did forget to exchange out my "everyday" clothes pin I use for hanging the card with the cute heart pin.  Drats.  Well if you scroll down a bit you'll see it I'm sure.  I try to be festive with those tiny clothes pins. haha..  It's the least I can do to make my cards look their best.  
Now, who should I send this out too?  It will be late, but better a late Valentine then NO Valentine.  right?   
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Anything Goes - Challenge Weeks #268-269~SCS ~Love

 I am so excited to find a blog that shares my excitement and love for scripture.  So I thought what better way then  to submit my SCS (Scripture Card Sunday) project to the challenge at: Word Art Wednesday  I was unable to print the scripture for the day. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but I did find a verse that spoke of Love.  In fact it's the stamp I used in all my Valentine's this year.  I wanted the vines/flowers to look like they were climbing on the embossed brick wall, to which I sponged some brown on to give it some depth.  I also popped up the heart for a wee bit more dimension.  I added some ribbon for texture.    
Hope you like the card.  
I think it turned out lovely.

I am so excited to share that I, along with a few others have gotten the  Top Cup badge adward to add to my blog for my Bokeh Card.. Hope you can check it out.  I'm so excited to be able to share my love for stamping, and that people actually like my cards. It's so rewarding.  Thank you.  
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