Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cut, Fold, Tuck Die Cards

Hello Dear friends.  I can't even begin to tell you how super duper excited I am, but I will try.  First I went on a small road trip yesterday with my daughter to visit my son.  This is sometimes difficult because driving is hard on my legs, but it went well, just a lot of swelling and heaviness in the legs, but worth every bit of it to be with my kiddos. We all had a great time, and plus I was able to quick whip up a couple belated Valentine Treat Bags and give them to him and his girlfriend💗
Then when I got home after a long day, much to my surprise I was BLESSED with 4 new followers.  OMGOSH so  very exciting.🙋.  That was awesome. Thank you so very much!!!!  Also, I was thrilled to read all the sweet comments. I wish I could send everyone a card.   Perhaps I should think about setting a goal for reaching 100 followers and then give a random free stamp set to someone.   I just want ya all to know how much I appreciate you. 

The amazing news continues...  My friend sent me a spellbinders cut, fold, tuck die.  I've not ever used something like this, so I had much to learn and that is what my 4 cards feature today.  I think with each card I was getting a bit better with it.  I will post my first card, (the Thank you note to my friend for the lovely gift) and then the rest of my card takes... haha  kind of like filming.. take 1 take 2 etc.   Let me know which card is your favorite.  I have a hard time working with pattern paper as it is, but I tried on a couple of the cards to incorporate that. 
Sorry for the lengthy blog, but just wanted to share.  Again thank you to my new followers.  I'm so glad you have come to join me on my stamping journey. 
Keep Smiling 😊 Keep Stamping 


  1. Great job with the die for varied and beautiful cards.

  2. This looks like a great die - I think all the cards look great! So glad you had a good trip with your daughter to see yor son. It's nice to get out and get a change especially when the winter is around. I'm sure they loved their goodies!


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