Monday, February 6, 2017

MOJO483~Summer Day

The sun is shining and it's a bit warmer out today.  The last I checked it was 23 degrees, so  even though it's not the hot humid weather that I enjoy I decided to  make a card in reflection of a nice summer day.  I used the awesome sketch challenge at: Mojo Monday for inspiration in the card layout.
The stamps I used today were from Lawn Fawn, Let's Play.  Indeed that's what the little critters are doing here on my card.  If you look closely you will see the sketch in my card.  I had to add the flowers at the base,  this is not what I had intended originally, but  silly me, I had a few inky finger marks on the bottom, so I had to cover that up.    I wanted to post both pictures, because one shows the clouds much better then the other, and you can see the depth of the images.  
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  1. What an adorable card - I love the little dog on the swing set! It reminds me that only six weeks to spring! Actually, it was almost 50 here today with the sun which I loved! But the cold weather will return soon!

  2. I love this card... stick a dog on it and i just *swoon*.LOL I know what you mean about inky smudges. You've hidden it well amongst the flowers. Can hardly see it! Thank you so much for your visit. I'm following you now and will be stopping by your sister's blog and follow her too. Have a lovely day.
    x Asha

  3. This is just darling. Love the sweet little scene you've created. Thanks for joining us for Mojo Monday!

  4. Such a darling image :) Thanks for popping by my blog. I am not much of a tea drinker actually - other than decaf green tea, camomile and a few herbal teas. Don't do caffine any more so decaf all the way! I actually live just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and all this snow is NOT normal for us!! It is a brave soul who ventures out driving around here as so many have never driven in the snow or don't have snow tires or both! NO issue for me as I am a skier and drive in the snow tons, but it's the others you have to watch out for! Not a lot of snow plowing equipment around either so your road can be snowy for weeks on end if we get snow and a cold snap - which we just did. The ice factor as horrible! However, I just love the brightness snow brings and the shoveling is always a good workout so all is good - mind you if I had to shovel every week it would be a different story I am sure LOL! Have a fabulous week.


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