Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Puppy Love
Well, by golly friends, I made this little card last night and had high hopes in entering it in a last minute challenge I had found.. guess what?  I was so exhausted, my eyes were blurry and hurting so I rested, and then I didn't get it entered before the deadline.  I knew there was only like 4 hours left, so I was running short on time to begin with.  OH well, at least it turned out darling and who knows if it were not for that sketch I might not have come up with this cute lay out.   I like the four blocks on the side, I noticed others were doing a lot of 2016 and LOVE and I was going to try that too, but I don't have numbers or letters that are a nice size so I took a whole different approach.. and there ya have it.  I am pretty pleased because at first I was looking for stamps that would fit in those little square blocks, and then I realized it would look super cute if I only stamped part of the image.  MY goodness it worked.  *me delightfully surprised*  a little water coloring (I'm still trying to understand the whole blending thing) with my pencils,
 but I do think it turned out pretty cute.  

Do you have pets?  I'm a proud mama to one fur friend a hound.. and believe me you better love dogs if you have a Springer.. they are full on energy and loads of lve.  I think they are named that because they can spring to life in a second.

  →Please know I sure appreciate all the comments and I will be responding to them later today.  I haven't found a good ways to manage them except just scroll through.. please advise me if you know how to do this an easier way ☺

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  1. What a shame you were too late PJ. Anyway your doggie card is lovely. Barbxx

    1. Thank you Barb, I was a bit disappointed, but there will be more. It's not like my little card would win.. But I sure like to try☺


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