Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello Blog Buddies☺
Today I have a few projects to share with you all.  
I also have a few little questions for you too.  
First let me start by saying please don't be upset with my poor grammar skills.  I just type what's on my mind and really pay no attention to the grammar.. so I ask you bear with me.  Thank You.   Also, I address you dear friends in the blog community as my "blog Buddies"  does that upset you?   Please know I mean it in a very endearing way.  

So onto the projects for today.  The first card today was so simple and turned out lovely.  I really can't believe how beautifully it all worked out.  That is just a single stamp that I had bought from the local craft store, I loved the sentiment, and I think it works well for this card.

Next are two Valentine's day cards.  I Like the one on the right best, just looks a bit more finished to me.  I used two punches to create that cute heart background

         To finish up today I made a cute candy box for  a "sweet" Valentine

Do you like the background in the pictures?  or 
Do you think I should just keep it simple white?
Thank you for stopping by. 
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☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺


  1. Great collection of cards and your wonderful box project.
    I like a solid background but I don't always have that luxury. Sometimes I have to use what is handy...and that might be patterned too!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing your likes too ☺


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