Saturday, January 30, 2016


 Welcome back Friends, Fellow Stampers, and Blog Buddies☺

Makes my heart happy to extend a warm welcome to another new member>Thank you for following my blog♥  

My daughter brought to my attention  that my blog was growing each day  in followers according to the calendar date, so for the past few days, for example: on the 26th of Jan.  I had 26 on the 27th day you guessed it 27.  How extremely cool is that?   What a way to start the year, my gosh just think if it went like this all the way to the end of the year.  What an amazing Blessing.. I truly couldn't believe it when #29 joined last evening.. My heart did a leap for joy.  Now today I'm looking for #30.. who will be 30.. haha.. I sound like an auctioneer.  anyways I just wanted to share that sweet story with ya all
I have 3 cards today.   The first one features the "lone" pine tree.  I like the layout of this card, however you'll notice the little brads are uneven.. gives it a bit of character.   Can't go wrong with character. 

Next we have the little camper, I tried to practice coloring again.  I had a cute sentiment that said "getting Hitched"  but didn't have a need to use that yet.. so pulled out the cool digs.   A few things about this card. At first glance I was going to turn it into a Packer camper in support of the football team, but I opted to be more neutral, so everybody could appreciate it.  also I must add how much I truly enjoy that little brad.  I think it ties it all together nicely.

And lastly we have the old fashioned wood stove.  I like the background. I used an embossing folder to give it that weaved basket look.  My Big Grandma had a wood burning stove like this and when I was a child I use to love to lift the plates to look in on the fire.  I remember fondly how cozy and peaceful it always felt in her home.  Another thing at Big Grandma's home was the "party line" phone, omgosh, being a city kid I had no idea people had to share a phone line, you'd pick it up and someone was already talking on the other end, and being a child, you know it.  I listened in a time or two.  Until the grown ups caught me, they put an end to my little eavesdropping and in a not pleasant way.  Lesson learned, but memory stored.  haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and walking down memory lane with me.  
Do you buy stamps for memory sake?
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

*After a night's rest and some time pondering my blog,  I wanted to add this little note:  Please know that I don't think of you as numbers on my blog, even if I have only one person following I am humbled and grateful that you care enough to let me show you my cards.  THANK YOU.
I wanted to clear that up, since I noticed someone decided to un-follow me, and that's perfectly ok.  I just don't want my friends thinking I think of them as nothing more then a "blog number" because that is not true.  I shall do my best to talk only of cards and things.. no more "statistics" 
Hugs and Stamping Smiles to you all☺


  1. You have been busy PJ. I love all three cards. I think the camper is my favourite. I love the bright colour. Barbxx

    1. Yes indeed Barb, very busy, the hubby was out of town all day, so lonely long days are good for stamping. I am so happy you like the camper one. It is a bright cheery one.

  2. Great cards PJ. I love the little trailer, and the old wood burning stove is adorable. We had one similar to that in our old cabin....many years ago.....we did learn to cook on it too ( by my Grandmother was the teacher even though it was our cabin)

    Oh yes, I remember the "party" line phones too.....LOL I had forgotten all about them.

    1. Krisha, Thank you for the kind words. I can't even imagine learning to cook on one. I struggle with my gas stove here.. haha. ☺


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