Monday, November 14, 2016

Mazel Tov ~Good Things

 ๐ŸŒปWell I don't think I can ever top my last card.  However, as grand as I thought it was, it did not get nominated for the challenge pick.  I congratulate all the winners.  They did a fabulous job.  I'm ok with the results.  Just reminds me of school how as a student you study so hard and still fail the quiz.  That's how this last challenge felt for me for some reason.  I pulled out all I had.  Perhaps it was too much. Anyways trying to come back from that slump is a bit difficult.๐Ÿน

I made this card for my hubby today.  We are not Jewish, but we have been saying this since we saw a movie where they used this phrase.  In the movie it says it means.. "good things"  looking it up however it is more of a wedding congratulations.. any ways.  just made it so my guy would smile, and he did.  We've had a rough few days and this was just what the doctor ordered, that and a pizza. ๐Ÿ• I had and interesting time trying to take pictures today, the sun was just not cooperating with me,  so I had to prop my card on top of my boards for picture taking in hopes the shadows wouldn't show. 

Speaking of pictures I captured a rather spooky picture of the moon the other night.  I don't know how that happened.
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☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping☺

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