Thursday, November 3, 2016

NEW URL ADDRESS and Fall Cards

Well, you might all have known by now, that I changed my URL for my blog.  I had no idea the confusion this would cause me.  I have been noticing other bloggers match their blog name (title), so that is what I wanted to do too.  That way it would be one name for everything.   However, I entered a few challenges along the way and after I switched the URL. .it wouldn't let the judges get to my site.  grrrr~ so I kept the old URL to help redirect.  Not sure that worked but anyways I tried.  So now it looks like I have two blogs, but I don't.  The reason I started the victoryfirst blog was quite personal and I think I made 2 or 3 posts on it before discontinuing it, but it gave me a change to respond to other bloggers.  So in Oct. 2015 when I decided to start the card blog, I just went off of that old victoryfirst URL.. but after a year and a bit wiser I thought it best to change.  I hope I didn't lose any followers/friends in this process.   
Sorry for such a long story just wanted to keep ya updated.  

These are a few of the fall cards I've been working on for Thanksgiving.      
Thank you for spending time with me.  
☺Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

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