Monday, November 21, 2016


Do you ever just get in a stamping mode?  My desk turned into a paper mountain and scraps all over the floor, and I just kept plowing through it making these delightful cards. 🎄  I mean seriously inky fingers and smudges.. I really should keep a box of handy wipes near by.   These cards are an odd size because I wanted to make cards to fit the abundance of long envelopes  I have collected over the years from when we use to do family pictures.  So that is why I came up with the one sided card.  Just a front no inside.   I plan on mailing these anonymously to people in our phone book this Christmas season.  I hope it will brighten their day.   

Looks like I lost a blog follower today, makes my ðŸ’”heart sad,😢 but I understand there are so many amazing and creative blogs to follow.  I wish them wellness and happiness.   God Bless. 
But, it reminds me also how grateful I am to all of you who stick with me.  Thank you.
😊Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping😊

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