Monday, November 7, 2016


Here is the cute little Santa matchbox I made.  I think it turned out super cute. 

 This of course was a trial run, so there needs to be some adjusting as to make the little white dots line up perfectly, and also to center Santa's buckle on the belt.  But for a first time run through I am very pleased.  I made it originally to hold candy and then I thought well gosh you could make an ornament out of it by adding a little scene on the inside..that was bit tricky to get everything to stay put.  But I think it turned out cute.  Another idea would be to recycle the store bought Christmas cards I receive and put that in the box for a background.  I think that would look lovely as well.    I was thinking about offering this as a class project to a few of my friends in the area.  I've not ever done that before.  Perhaps starting out with a card would be easier. 

What are your thoughts.
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