Monday, September 4, 2017

Retiform Technique with Best Birds and Avant Garden

Such happy news today for my blog.  I was blessed with two more followers.  I just want to say a Huge ↓
Image result for Thank you That was a great surprise.  I love my little blog family. 

Today I tried my hand at the retiform technique that I've heard a lot about lately.  Gosh it's a challenge.  It's like a collage of sorts that you stamp.  I'm  not very good at masking off areas, and I got more inky fingers then usual.  But I pressed on, and played around with a few different stamp sets before finally choosing these two:  Avant Garden and Best birds, both from stampin up.  I'm excited to try a few more images to see what I come up with.  No two cards will ever be the same that's for sure.😉
I also included a few pictures of HP.. that little rascal can't make his mind up today.  He wants to play outside but knows I'm in here so he barrels up the steps and presses against the screen looking in for me.  So stinking cute.  I come out and he leaps off the steps to fetch his ball.  He loves to play.
Thank you for stopping by.  I sure do appreciate your devotion to my blog.  It's a "labor of love"  helps to keep my mind busy on long lonesome days at home.
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping 

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  1. This technique turned out great! I will have to try it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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