Friday, August 23, 2019

Sketch #330~Beautiful Baubles, Delightful Decorations Stampin Up

 I just wanted to make one more card for the challenge at: 
I decided to make that Christmas card after all.  I love making them, and I'm way behind this year.  Yikes.  So I better get with the program. 
Any ways the stamp sets featured in this card are:
Stampin Up:  Beautiful Baubles 

Stampin Up:  Delightful Decorations

I think the two sets complimented each other well.  
I was inspired by some wrapping paper my daughter used last year for my Christmas gift.   I saved it.  I do things like that thinking I will have the perfect opportunity to use it.  AND..I did with this card.  It's the background paper and the stripe going down behind the ornaments.   I even took a picture of the two wrapping papers.   When my kids give a gift it's so special to me, even the wrapping makes me smile so I usually put in a box to save, but I decided to use some of this to make a card.  I will most likely give this card to my daughter.   I love the vibrant colors in the ornaments.  The next big decision was gold or silver for the ribbon, and since I have no silver ribbon, just string, I chose the gold so it would stand out a bit more.  I also die cut out a few spruce needles for a background.  

I also took a picture of my sunflower, which apparently is having an attitude problem today, and refuses to follow the sun.  haha.. It made me laugh just because it's the tallest one on the plant and it's complete turning it's back so as to not even look at the sun.  Makes me think of my Christian life sadly and how sometimes and especially over the past years since my nerve damage I refuse to do my Bible Study, so in almost the same way as my sunflower.. I was turning my back on the "Son"  I'm ashamed to admit it, but folks, that's the truth.   anyways.. chalking it up as lessons from a sunflower.   We are not going to be our best bloom when we turn our back on the Sun or in my case the SON.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on, and for taking time to read my blog.

Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping


  1. How fun making a card with leftover wrapping paper!

  2. Love this use of wrapping paper. Perfect for this lovely Christmas card. The sunflower was probably reacting to your focus on Christmas!! It's a bit sad to see summer flying away already :-) Thanks for joining us this week at Atlantic Hearts.

  3. I am loving the pops of colour and the detail on this card. Well done. Thanks for continuing to join us at AHSC.


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